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Chapter 333: Chapter 333 The Instructors Terrifying Speed

Chapter 333 The Instructors Terrifying Speed

In the movement technique room, Zhao Lei was constantly bobbing and weaving, showing off his speed.

He was confident in his speed; in his eyes, none of the other students who passed the trial this year could surpass him in speed!

Zhao Leis speed was stunning and outstanding, stronger than his peers, according to Liu Qing, who was watching from the sidelines.

However, his speed was much slower than Lu Yus.

Moreover, Lu Yu wasnt specialized in movement techniques and instead mainly relied on his pair of dragon claws with high attack power.

Zhao Lei was inferior to Lu Yu in the area in which he was most skilled.

How could his overall strength be better than Lu Yus

Liu Qing had mixed feelings, as, in his opinion, Lu Yus potential was greater and stronger.

However, the world wasnt dependent on strong individuals.

Short-lived geniuses would fall into desolation without any support.

On the path of cultivation, spending astronomical amounts of cash were normal.

Typically, the greater ones expenditure, the greater his strength.

Without a constant source of funding, it would be difficult to tread the path of cultivation.

It was also for this reason that Clanorth University attached more importance to these three geniuses.

Even though Lu Yu was powerful, he was from an ordinary family and had few assets.

Maybe his strength had increased by a large margin due to some coincidences, but it wasnt representative of his future.

Based on the intensity of the upper houses cultivation, these expenses werent something an ordinary family could afford.

Lu Yu would fall behind slowly because he didnt have the money and would be forced to do missions or even odd jobs.

Liu Qing couldnt help but sigh.

He felt it was a great pity, but since it was the plan of the universitys higher-ups, he had to follow it.

But, Lu Yu was still a piece of good material.

If he could be a stepping stone for these three geniuses, they would be able to go further in life.

At the thought of this, Liu Qing was relieved and determined to cultivate this young man before him properly.

At that moment, Zhao Lei had just completed his performance.

He panted heavily as he walked to Liu Qings side.

“Sir, my performance must have surprised you, right”

He revealed a confident smile.

Liu Qing answered with a bitter smile and nodded his head with incredible difficulty.

“Your performance is decent, and something about it attracts me.

Your speed should be the fastest among this batch of new students.”

Zhao Lei had a haughty expression after hearing that.

“Thats for sure.

No one can compare to me in speed, and this is a publicly acknowledged fact.”

“Well, if thats the case, Ill make it clear.

I plan to give you some pointers before the martial arts tournament to speed up your training.”

Hearing this, Zhao Lei widened the smug smile on his face.

“Sir, you have a good eye by suggesting that you train me after knowing I have an extraordinary future.”

Zhao Leis words made it appear as if Liu Qing was here to suck up a future big shot, which made Liu Qing uncomfortable.

This arrogant brat had just moved into the upper house, yet he was already fantasizing about his future.

What a joke!

However, for the sake of the Sharpening Plan, he could only brush that aside.

“Everyone has a future, but some people have a good one while others have a bad one.

Who can say for sure what will happen”

“Lets cut the crap and start training now.

I will suggest improvements on some of the movements you made, and your speed will reach a new level after heeding my guidance.

“Teacher, my speed is the fastest among the new students.

I dont think theres anything wrong with my movements with the results I just showed.”

Zhao Lei said so with confidence.

Liu Qing felt a burst of anger in his heart when he heard Zhao Leis words.

The arrogance of this guy showed that he never suffered any blows along the way!

“Since you dont believe me and bragged about being the number one newcomer, I guess I dont mind showing a little something to you.”

Zhao Lei immediately panicked.

“Sir, I dont have any ill intentions.

I just dont understand…”

Liu Qing had already stood in front of the shooting machine.

He took the remote control and turned on all the machines in the first row.

There were ten shooting machines in a row, and there were ten rows in total.

Liu Qing proceeded to turn on 50 machines, and all 50 machines began shooting out small balls at the same time!

Zhao Lei was dumbfounded after seeing this.

Activating 50 units at once was just outrageous!

Zhao Leis limit was no more than 15 machines.

If he activated anymore, he would be unable to dodge all these balls.

However, Liu Qing activated more than twice his limit!

Immediately, these launchers began to shoot out small balls, catapulting them toward Liu Qing.

Liu Qings figure turned into an afterimage and began to move at a crazy speed.

It was impossible to see him clearly with the naked eye, and Zhao Lei saw nothing but afterimages flickering about.

Liu Qings speed left Zhao Lei dumbfounded.

This was ludicrous!

His mouth widened, and he was shell-shocked.

All 50 launchers were activated, and the small balls rushed over like a rain of bullets.

Liu Qing, of course, dodged all of them!

This speed far exceeded Zhao Lei by many times!

A cold sweat broke out on Zhao Leis forehead as he finally realized the gap between him and the instructor.

He finally understood he had no right to be arrogant before Liu Qing.

“Teacher, from now on, I will heed whatever you say! I will have no objections and no nonsense!”

The arrogant Zhao Lei was defeated.

He had to learn something from this instructor to shine in the martial arts tournament in a month.

Liu Qing stopped in his tracks and turned around to look at Zhao Lei.

“From now on, if you refute my words again, dont blame me for getting rude!”

Zhao Lei quickly lowered his head.

“I definitely wont do it again!”

The two of them began to train hard.

On the other end of the training camp, a skinny figure stood in front of a meditation room.

A young girl stood there, and her long, straight black hair fell to her waist.

She wore a short white t-shirt, a black skirt, and a pair of knee-high socks wrapped around her thighs.

Her appearance attracted the gaze of countless passersby.

She looked at the metal door in front of her with a cold and indifferent face as she took out her student ID for verification.

The next moment, the room opened, and she walked in.

After entering the meditation room, she sat in the center of the room cross-legged and began to switch the holographic scenes.

Finally, she settled on a vast grassland.

The room simulated the environment she wanted, and it was as if she had teleported to a large grassland.

She closed her eyes tightly, feeling the breeze and the fresh smell of the grass.

From the moment she closed her eyes, her spiritual energy spread as she felt natures charm.

She sat on the grass and meditated, but her brows began to furrow slowly.

She was an esper and relied on her telekinesis in battle.

Thus, spiritual energy was the source of her strength.

Her strength would also increase as her spiritual power grew stronger.

However, her spiritual power had not improved over this period, which distressed her.

As one of the three geniuses, she was anxious about her stagnating strength.

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