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Chapter 332: Chapter 332 Lightning Speed

Chapter 332 Lightning Speed

The morning arrived, and the light warmed up the cold air.

Cai Hao walked out of a gravity room.

When he walked out, he was limping and had a pained expression on his face.

It seemed that a whole night of training had burdened him greatly.

He was exhausted, and his muscles were dreadfully sore, making even walking difficult.

Even though his body was in pain, he still had a happy smile on his face.

When he considered how much stronger he had become, the pain in his body seemed insignificant.

At this moment, he was confident that, with the guidance of his teacher, his strength would advance by leaps and bounds within this month!

Although Lu Yus performance in the trial was outstanding, Cai Hao believed that he would be able to crush Lu Yu after a month!

Cai Hao returned to his residence to rest.

At the same time, he kept replaying the training he had done the night before in his mind.

At the same time, a slender figure was walking quickly in the training camp, seemingly trying to choose a suitable cultivation room.

He was nearly 1.9 meters tall.

He was wearing tight-fitting purple sportswear and a pair of dazzling golden shoes.

As he was walking, a person passed by and greeted him.

“Brother Zhao Lei, youre here early.”

The passerby revealed a flattering smile.

Zhao Lei, the young man in front of them, was the genius from Lightning Thunder University!

He had made a name for himself early on, so he was easily recognized.

He only glanced at the passerby and coldly replied, “Youre not qualified to talk to me.”

With that, he strode off quickly.

The passerbys expression was a little awkward.

Zhao Leis response to him was as if he was humiliating him.

Of course, he could not compare to Zhao Lei in terms of strength.

However, Zhao Leis cold and arrogant attitude made him uncomfortable.

Those who understood Zhao Lei knew his personality was like that.

He looked down on those of the same age who were weaker than him.

He was even reluctant to admit the difference in strength between him and those who were stronger than him!

As he walked, he took out his phone and played a video.

It was the video of Lu Yus trial.

“He just happened to have an attack that generated a high enough temperature that melted the robot,” he muttered coldly to himself.

“Is there a need to alarm so many people when his attacks arent even as sophisticated as mine”

In the video, Lu Yus actions were swift and fierce, and he was pretty shocked.

As he was a person who specialized in speed, he had a deep understanding of the robots speed.

Naturally, he knew the level of speed that Lu Yu displayed.

Although he knew his speed wasnt as quick as Lu Yus, he consoled himself by telling himself that Lu Yu was just lucky!

How could his strength be inferior to this kids

As he thought of this, he arrived at the entrance of the movement technique room.

Zhao Lei took out his student ID, and after verifying it, he entered the room.

The movement technique room had a simple layout.

There were a few machines that could quickly shoot small balls, and by dodging these small balls, one could train their movement technique.

This was the most basic form of movement training.

In this room, holographic projections could generate all kinds of enemies to attack the cultivator.

The room could also generate illusions of mechanisms and traps to train the cultivators reaction—for example, swinging hammers, earth spikes, spears, darts, etc.

These were all holographic projections and only used for training.

After Zhao Lei entered, he started a machine that began shooting small balls at him.

He turned on five of these machines from the very start!

The small balls flew toward Zhao Lei.

He looked at the trajectory of the balls as if they were in slow motion and knew he could easily dodge them.

The small ball came at him, and he dodged all of them.

Each time he moved, his body would produce bursts of purple lightning with crackling sounds.

His speed came from his control of the lightning element.

The balls shot out increasingly faster, and Zhao Leis figure started blurring.

From afar, it looked as if several figures were flickering about.

Soon, the first round of training was over, and he took a short break before starting the second round.

This time, he chose to simulate ten people attacking him simultaneously.

He trained by dodging these simulated attackers to increase his speed.

He didnt know how long he trained, but he finally stopped when he was touched by one of the holographic people.

He sat on a chair by the wall and began to rest.

Just then, the doorbell rang.

Zhao Lei had just sat down when he heard the doorbell ringing non-stop and was immediately upset.

“Whos the one ringing the doorbell outside Dont they know that I, Zhao Lei, am training inside”

He muttered unhappily as he stood up and walked toward the door.

When he opened the door and saw the person standing there, he was stunned for a split second before the irritated expression on his face vanished.

Although he didnt know who the person was, he could recognize the instructors uniform.

“Hello, you are…”

Zhao Lei restrained himself and suppressed his arrogance, greeting the instructor respectfully.

Standing before Zhao Lei was Liu Qing, who was in charge of Zhao Leis Sharpening Plan.

“My name is Liu Qing, and Im an instructor from the upper house.

Im here to see the talents of this new batch of students.

You wouldnt mind letting me watch your training, would you”

Zhao Lei quickly nodded.

“Of course not.

Feel free to take a look, and please come in.

Come on in…”

He quickly stepped aside to give Liu Qing some space.

Liu Qing walked in and sat down on the chair beside him.

“You can start your training, and Ill stay here to watch.”

Zhao Leis heart began to beat faster.

He didnt expect an instructor to tutor him before officially enrolling at Clanorth University!

The narcissistic him naturally assumed that the instructor had come only for him.

“Look closely; my speed is lightning fast.”

Liu Qing smiled faintly.

“Start your performance.”

Zhao Lei started ten machines that started shooting countless small balls at him.

Zhao Lei exploded with astonishing speed as lightning arcs surged around his body.

The flashes of lightning were dazzling, illuminating the entire room with a purple light.

At that moment, Zhao Leis face revealed a proud expression.

He expected that after he displayed his speed, the instructor would be amazed and give in to his requests.

However, in Liu Qings opinion, his speed was slower than Lu Yus.

The thing was, Lu Yus main focus wasnt on movement techniques or pure speed.

Speed was secondary to Lu Yu, but it was the main focus of Zhao Leis cultivation.

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