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Chapter 331: Chapter 331 Late Nights Guidance

Chapter 331 Late Nights Guidance

Cai Hao was wearing a headscarf in the gravity room, and his fighting spirit was burning intensely!

Following that, he increased the gravity in the gravity room again, continuing to exert pressure on his entire body and making every step he took even more difficult.

He trudged forward with great difficulty, came to the sandbag, and began to swing his fists with all his might!

With every punch he threw, a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead and dripped down.

“I must double my efforts for the martial arts tournament in a month.

I cant let those two surpass me, and I cant let this guy from the lower house steal my limelight!”

He clenched his teeth and said while swinging his fist.

Just like that, he cultivated into the middle of the night before gradually stopping.

When he stopped swinging his fist, he looked around and found that the floor of the area he was standing on had been completely soaked with his sweat.

In his eyes, every drop of sweat showed him working hard to become stronger!

“Cancel gravity.”

After saying that, the gravity in the gravity room disappeared, and the huge pressure on his body was lifted.

The moment the gravity disappeared, he felt his body become as light as a feather!

After a long period of gravity training, he had already adapted to the high pressure.

This strong contrast and the sudden disappearance of the pressure made him feel like he was floating.

Feeling the lightness of his body, he couldnt help but jump twice on the spot to relax his muscles.

Then, he sat down on a nearby chair and took out the food he had prepared in advance.

It was a few pieces of half-cooked steak.

After a whole day of hard training, he was starving.

He picked up the steak with both hands and began to eat.

After finishing the few large pieces of steak, he looked at the time and realized it was already midnight.

It was time to go back and rest.

“Its so late.

I should go back.”

He had just gotten up when the doorbell suddenly rang.

He frowned slightly.

It was already so late at night; would someone else want to use the gravity room to cultivate

“Damn, theres actually someone who works even harder than me!”

As he thought about this, he went to the door and opened it.

However, the person standing at the entrance wasnt a student but a man in a white uniform.

When he saw Cai Hao open the door, he immediately smiled.

“And you are” Cai Hao asked.

“Im Tian Ye, an instructor of the upper house.”

Cai Haos face turned solemn when he heard that.

He looked at him seriously and asked, “Hello, sir.

Is there something you need from me”

Tian Ye chuckled and continued, “Youre a very talented student worth nurturing.”

“So, Im here to pass on some of my experiences.

How about it”

Upon hearing this, Cai Hao laughed excitedly.

“Really Great! Your decision is absolutely correct.

Now that I have an expert to guide me, my strength will advance by leaps and bounds!”

He didnt care what kind of instructor Tian Ye was.

He only knew that anyone who could be an instructor in the upper house was worth paying attention to!

Any random instructor here would be dozens of times stronger than him!

There was no need for him to care about the instructors specialty with such a huge gap between them.

Even if the weakest instructor in the upper house were to guide him, he would still benefit greatly.

“Nice to meet you, Teacher Tian.

Please come in!”

He bowed, then made room for Tian Ye to walk in.

The two walked into the gravity chamber, and Tian Ye turned to look at Cai Hao.

“Can you endure training this late at night”

Cai Hao nodded immediately.

“Of course, I can.

I wont object to anything if youre here to teach me, and Ill practice whenever you want me to!”

Tian Ye nodded slightly and looked at him with approval.

“Not bad; your attitude is good.”

“Up the gravity to the maximum!” He spoke in a low voice.


As soon as he said that, a massive pressure came crashing down on Cai Haos entire body!


Cai Hao could not withstand the pressure and fell to the ground.

He was lying on his stomach, sticking close to the ground.

He wanted to raise his head, but he only managed to do so stiffly.

He was immediately pressed back down by the powerful gravity, pressing his face tightly against the ground.

He squinted and saw Tian Yes figure, and he was still standing in the same place without any reaction.

This gave Cai Hao a false sense that the gravity field was only pressing on him alone!

The powerful pressure made it impossible for Cai Hao to get up.

He lay on the ground, and even breathing became difficult.

“Next, watch my movements carefully.

Your strength is still too weak!”

Tian Yes words made Cai Hao feel a little ashamed.

The gap between his abilities and his teacher was too vast!

At that moment, Tian Ye took off his white uniform, revealing his well-built muscles.

He was well-proportioned and stylish, just like a model.

He raised his arm like a normal person, as if the enhanced gravity werent there.

However, Cai Hao could feel the pressure on his body, and it was as if a truck was pressing down on him.

“Teacher, youre amazing.

Ill study and train harder from now on!”

At that moment, Tian Ye was walking toward the sandbag.

“Watch carefully.

Ill teach you how to attack and deal the strongest damage you can muster!”

Under the pressure of gravity, his pace was slightly slower, but he quickly arrived in front of the sandbag.

He clenched his fist and exerted his strength.

His entire arm shot out like a cannonball and hit the sandbag.

Bang! Bang!

Muffled bangs sounded, and Cai Hao widened his eyes in shock while lying on the ground.

The instructors punch had pierced through the sandbag!

The sand poured from the sandbag was not ordinary sand but rather hard diamond fragments.

Looking at the broken pieces of diamond, Cai Hao couldnt help but gulp.

If the gravity field hadnt activated, he would have been sent flying by the mere impact of this punch hitting the sandbag.

“Did you see that The way I punched just now.”

“I saw it, ” Cai Hao answered quickly.

“Teachers punching posture is much more efficient than mine in many details.”

Im going to teach you some cultivation methods.

If you cultivate according to my methods, your attributes will increase quickly, and youll far surpass the other students in the same batch.”

Upon hearing this, Cai Haos eyes lit up immediately.

“Really Can I also surpass Lu Yu”

Tian Ye turned back to look at him and said indifferently, “I believe you can do it, as Lu Yu is just a stepping stone for you.

Your strength and background will make your future much brighter than his!”

Cai Hao grinned happily and was relieved to hear his teachers words.

“Lu Yu, just you wait.

You stole the limelight during the trial, and Ill make you pay for it at the martial arts tournament!”

“Now, I have the strongest trump card.

No one will know Ive already started one-on-one training with an instructor!”

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