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Chapter 330 Chapter 330 Becoming A Stepping Stone

Chapter 330 Becoming A Stepping Stone

A young girl was sitting in the deans office of the upper house.

Many people from the outside world might be puzzled about what qualifications a little girl has to become the dean of a top university in the country.

Those who knew her well, however, knew she was the only person at Clanorth University with the qualifications and strength to hold this position!

Her name was Jiang Lengyue, and her strength had caused countless people to submit.

She had relied on her own strength to sit in this position!

Although many were confused about her strength, those who knew her were confident about her abilities as the dean of Clanorth Universitys upper house!

After passing through a corridor, she came to a meeting room.

There were dozens of upper houses core instructors sitting there, and they were the main pillars of the university.

When they saw Jiang Lengyue walking in, the instructors all stood up immediately to express their respect.

She walked in with light steps and said softly, “All of you, sit down.”

The instructors then slowly sat down and began to concentrate on the meeting.

Jiang Lengyue came to the main seat and sat down.

She then tossed a document onto the table.

“Theres a solid newcomer in this years test.”

An assistant at the side used a projector to play the scene of Lu Yus trial.

After the instructors finished, they all nodded in agreement.

“Hes quite strong.

To be able to destroy the test robot to this extent, he is indeed talented.”

“This result seems even more outstanding than the other three geniuses.”

“Not bad indeed, a promising talent.”

“His future strength is going to be interesting!”

“We should give him the best cultivation resources and help him grow quickly.”

“Thats right.

Its best to get a top instructor to give him special guidance and help him quickly get through his bottleneck period.”

“I think so too.

We shouldnt be stingy with our resources regarding geniuses like him.

We should use our resources whenever we can.”

“Its easy to train a genius like him in the upper house.

The key is whether hes willing to accept our guidance or not.”

“How would anyone reject the upper houses guidance I think the main issue isnt whether hes willing or not, but how we should develop a plan to grow him quickly.”

Everyone turned to Jiang Lengyue, waiting for her decision.

“The outside world now ranks him with those three and calls them the four great geniuses,” she said after a moment of thought.

“Although his performance was outstanding, he has a fundamental problem distinguishing him from the other three.”

Everyone was curious as they looked at Jiang Lengyue.

“His problem is that he doesnt come from a substantial background.

Hes from a small city, and his family is ordinary.

He doesnt have many resources to back him up.”

“If we invest our resources in him, its very likely that theyll go down the drain in the future.

Usually, people like him dont have big ambitions, and its difficult for them to achieve great things in the future.

Even if theyre powerful now, its only for a short time.”

“Therefore, I came up with the Sharpening Plan!”

All the instructors got serious and started to take notes.

“This so-called Sharpening Plan is simple.

It is to let this young man named Lu Yu become a stepping stone for the other three geniuses.

He will become a difficult obstacle on the path of the other three geniuses.

We will allow the three geniuses to progress and grow stronger by using Lu Yu as a stepping stone!”

Upon hearing this, the instructors had mixed feelings.

Some agreed, while others did not.

After all, Lu Yu was from the lower house, while the other three were from other universities.

Although they had joined the upper house and would be part of it, some instructors didnt treat them as students of Clanorth University.

“Then how should we carry out this plan”

“Since we want Lu Yu to be their stepping stone, we must make the three geniuses surpass and defeat him!”

“We dont know how fast this Lu Yu will grow, and its hard to say.”

All the instructors were discussing spiritedly, thinking about how to execute this plan.

Jiang Lengyue spoke in a carefree manner, “Its simple.

Ill choose three capable instructors among you to help those three geniuses in secret.

They will be able to grow quickly and step on Lu Yu to reach an even higher peak this way!”

“I know you may have some objections, but Ive already decided.

Theres no way to change it!”

“I know you guys think that the three geniuses are from other universities, but since theyre here in the upper house, theyll be one of us from now on.

Do you understand ”


All the instructors replied obediently.

Even if they disagreed with her, they didnt dare say it out loud.

After that, Jiang Lengyue took out a name list.

After taking a look, she decided, “Tian Ye, Liu Qing, and Zhao Yikang.

The three of you will secretly guide the three prodigies and improve their strength as soon as possible.

Let them use Lu Yu to sharpen their skills during the martial arts tournament.”

“You have to understand that these three have been steamrolling their opponents all the way here.

They never met any opponents of the same age, so we need to create some pressure.”

“Ill work hard to complete this plan.”

“I hope the three can go further and become stronger.”

The three instructors stood up and replied.

Jiang Lengyue nodded in satisfaction.

“Very good.

Then execute it immediately! The three prodigies should be in the upper house by now!”


The three of them responded and walked out of the meeting room.

At the same time, in the training camp of the upper house, in a certain gravity room.

A bare-chested muscular man was training under several tons of pressure.

He was covered in sweat, and white smoke was permeating out of his wheat-colored skin!

In front of him were three hanging sandbags.

Every time he swung his fists, he had to clench his teeth and use all his strength.

Under this tremendous pressure, every movement of his required a great deal of strength, even if it was to pick up a water bottle or a piece of clothing.

It was also in such an environment that his strength rapidly improved, allowing his muscles to grow quickly!

This training environment was many times better than the gyms outside!

It was soon time for him to rest.

He turned off enhanced gravity, and his body felt relaxed and light.

He sat on a chair next to him and took a sip of water, taking out his phone to play a video.

The video was of Lu Yus trial.

“How interesting that the lower house has such a strong person.

This exceeded my expectations, as I expected the lower house to produce nothing but garbage this year.”

“It seems I need to work harder in my training!”

“To reach the peak of martial strength and become a dragon among men, I, Cai Hao, have to do my best to complete each training session!”

He jumped up with hot-bloodedness to grab a scarf and tie it around his brow!

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