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Chapter 329: Chapter 329 The Power Of The Enhanced Dragons Might

Chapter 329 The Power Of The Enhanced Dragons Might

Lu Yus question stunned the brawny man for a moment.

The more he looked at Lu Yu, the more familiar Lu Yu looked.

“The last trial in the morning.

Dont tell me you dont know about it”

Lu Yu stared at him, causing him to panic.

He finally recognized that the person before him was the one who had destroyed the robot in the morning!

He gulped audibly and got nervous.

“Brother, there are three of us.

Why dont you do a good deed and help us out There are other cultivation rooms that are available.”

He didnt want to turn around and leave dejectedly.

A man would do anything to gain respect in front of women.

The two girls behind him were still looking at him expectantly.

All the training camps combat rooms had been occupied, and they wanted to use one for training.

Lu Yu was speechless.

“Why should I give in just because you have more people You said it yourself; the weak should give the strong their resources.

So you cut the crap!”

“Brother, I can pay you.

Ill pay, okay”

“If you still disagree, youre being too unreasonable!”

With that, he stood on the door frame, blocking it so Lu Yu couldnt close it.

He felt someone like Lu Yu wouldnt be bothered to argue as long as he pestered him.

After all, they would rather cultivate than engage in mundane banter.

Moreover, they would be warned by the university if they were to fight and attack rashly.

Lu Yu looked at the scoundrel before him, and a flame of anger rose inside him.

He was pissed that this man was wasting his time!

Those who could come to Clanorth University were all from well-to-do families.

Thus, some had developed the air of spoiled brats and assumed themselves to be first in everything.

What Lu Yu did not expect was that there was such a self-righteous brat in the upper house and that he was using such a shameless method.

However, this allowed Lu Yu to test his Holy Dragons Might.

Its boring to test it against the beasts, and its more interesting to try it on real people!

Lu Yu looked at the muscular man in front of him and said, “Ill give you one last chance.

Leave this place, and Ill pretend nothing happened!”

The man shook his head and laughed.

“Im not leaving.

Hit me if you dare, and Ill immediately report you for breaking the order of the training camp!”

Lu Yu laughed coldly.

“It seems like youre planning to play the scoundrel to the very end!”

He placed his hands on his hips and shook his legs unhappily.

At that moment, Lu Yus body was enveloped in a layer of light, and a faint pressure was slowly building up.

Lu Yu activated his skill, Holy Dragons Might.

The muscular man who was blocking the door suddenly froze.

The smug smile on his face gradually disappeared.

His breathing started to turn rapid, and a cold sweat appeared on his forehead.

He looked at Lu Yu, and his entire body tensed up.

The aura released from Lu Yus body scared him so much that he had to retreat.

He had never encountered such a terrifying aura in his life.

Even the war veterans who had killed countless enemies on the battlefield didnt possess such a dangerous aura!

He stepped back, so skittish that his whole body was trembling.

The two girls behind him were also scared and didnt even dare to breathe!


Lu Yus aura suddenly burst out, and a pressure wave rushed out.

The muscular man fell on his butt after taking the pressure head-on.

His whole body began to twitch, and the smell of urine appeared.

It appeared that he was so scared that he peed his pants.

Lu Yu reached out and pulled the door handle, closing the door without hesitation.

The two girls standing behind the man no longer stood frozen in place, and their bodies immediately buckled, collapsing on the ground.

In that instant, the three were so frightened by the strong pressure that Lu Yu emitted that they lost their ability to move.

As for the muscular man, he had lost consciousness.

After a few minutes, the muscular man finally woke up.

He quickly sat up and found a large blood stain on his nose!

He looked at the metal door in front of him with his eyes wide open, full of fear!

He quickly got up and ran in the opposite direction.

Todays terrifying experience would become his trauma for the rest of his life!

“Dammit, dammit! Why do I have to ring his door”

As he ran, he cried and complained.

Lu Yu had already returned to the combat room and continued to summon more ferocious beasts for his training.

Lu Yu was pleasantly surprised by the test, as he did not expect the Holy Dragons Might to be so effective.

Those who could pass the upper houses test were all strong individuals, so the effect of his Holy Dragons Might was beyond his expectations.

Lu Yu continued to train, as he needed to use more of this Holy Dragons Might before he could master it.

The most pressing matter was his Light Dragon Claws, which were Lu Yus newly evolved dragon claws.

Lu Yu had no actual combat experience with them, so he needed to practice more and get used to his new claws.

The training camp was bustling with activity while something was happening in a luxurious office in a white villa far away from the upper house.

The invigilator quickly walked to an office door and knocked on it.

Very quickly, an ethereal-sounding voice was heard.

“Come in.”

He pushed the door open and walked in, quickly walking up to a desk.

The chair that was originally facing away from the desk turned around, revealing a little girl sitting on it.

She wasnt tall, only about 1.6 meters in height.

She wore a black gothic dress with two ponytails and a round, white, and smooth face.

“Arent you the invigilator of the trial Why are you in such a hurry” She asked in a cold tone.

“Dean, theres an extraordinary genius in this years trial!”

She turned her chair and said disapprovingly, “There are geniuses every year.

Whats so strange about that”

“Dean, this persons strength far surpasses that of ordinary geniuses.

He might be ways ahead of the other three geniuses!”

The girls eyes suddenly lit up, and she said, “If hes really way better than those three, then hes indeed a rare genius!”

“But are you sure you didnt see it wrongly” She looked at the instructor.


Ive brought the video so you can watch it.”

As he spoke, he took out his phone, played a video, and showed it to the dean.

The girl sat up straight and looked at it carefully.

Her eyes widened slightly when she saw Lu Yu melt the robot with one claw.

“This performance is half-decent.

Whats his background”

“Um, he doesnt have any background, and hes just a young man from a small city with an ordinary family.”

“I see.

Ill attend the instructors meeting, and we need to focus on this matter later!”

She said it with certainty.

Hearing this, the invigilator was relieved, as he didnt want to let go of such a genius.

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