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Chapter 328: Chapter 328 Holy Dragons Might

Chapter 328 Holy Dragons Might

In the process of cultivating his Dragons Might, Lu Yu accidentally discovered that the Dragons Might skill could be combined with his Light Dragon Claws!

Lu Yus heart started to beat faster as he started to get excited.

He had yet to test the strength of his Light Dragon Claws, but they wouldnt be weak.

In terms of power, the Light Dragon Claws were definitely much stronger than the other four elemental dragon claws.

As a result, Lu Yu was overjoyed when his Dragons Might responded with his Light Dragon Claws.

At that moment, Lu Yu was seated in his meditation room, facing a peaceful lake before him, an artificially generated scene.

He was surrounded by a powerful aura that glowed faintly.

As Lu Yu scrunched his brows, this aura burst out and poured out in all directions.

The calm lake in front of Lu Yu was suddenly turbulent.

Lu Yu looked at the lake before him and was happy with the results.

This was just the pressure generated by nothing but his mental aura, and it produced such substantial energy and could have a significant impact on his surroundings.

If he used Dragons Might to intimidate his enemies, Lu Yu was unsure what effect it would have.

Following that, the systems notification appeared in front of Lu Yu.

[ Congratulations on the successful combination of Dragons Might.

It transformed into Holy Dragons Might.


[ Holy Dragons Might: Intimidate enemies within a 200-meter radius, causing mental damage ]

The range of this upgraded version of his Dragons Might skill was reduced by 300 meters!

Lu Yu could already imagine how powerful this skill was.

After all, it combined with his Light Dragon Claws and was enhanced.

As a result, the coverage area was reduced, but the power of this skill was greatly enhanced!

There was no way to test it out in this meditation room.

Lu Yu stood up and said to the empty room, “End the meditation.”

The artificial environment around him disappeared, and Lu Yu exited the meditation room.

After pushing open the door, Lu Yu planned to find a combat room and test it out.

Soon, he arrived in front of the combat room he needed.

The combat room was similar to the other rooms, just a cube-shaped building with white walls.

At the main entrance, Lu Yu took out his student ID and verified his identity, then pushed the door open and walked in.

After entering, Lu Yu could still see an array formation on the ground.

This array was a teleportation array, and it was used to teleport ferocious beasts here for actual combat.

At the entrance, a panel was set up.

On it, the students could choose whichever ferocious beasts they wanted to face in actual combat.

Lu Yu walked to the interface.

After looking through it, he finally chose an A-Level ferocious beast, the Flame-Clawed Tiger!

This tiger was the king of all beasts.

It was domineering and naturally had a powerful aura about it, and it could intimidate weaker beasts to the extent that they would freeze in place.

Therefore, Lu Yu chose the Flame-Clawed Tiger to test his Holy Dragons might, which was a good choice.

After confirming his choice, the interface started a five-second countdown, allowing Lu Yu to make preparations.

The countdown ended, and a ball of light appeared in the center of the formation.

A strong red-furred Tiger walked out of the ball of light.

The Flame-Clawed Tiger that appeared in front of him carried a terrifying aura.

It glared at Lu Yu ferociously, and faint flames were constantly burning on its sharp claws.

It opened its bloody maw and roared at Lu Yu!

An angry roar sounded.

If an ordinary human were to stand here, they would have wet their pants.

However, Lu Yus expression was calm as he looked at the Flame-Clawed Tiger.

At that moment, the Flame-Clawed Tiger pounced at Lu Yu, reaching out its flaming claws to grab him.

Lu Yu quickly dodged, easily avoiding the Flame-Clawed Tigers attack.

After its attack was dodged, the Flame-Clawed Tiger was enraged and started to growl, sounding like the engine of a sports car.

It seemed to be able to tell that Lu Yus strength was stronger, and it started to prowl around.

Lu Yu looked down at it and saw its anger rising.

Lu Yu began to prepare to activate his Dragons Might.

Lu Yus surroundings were enveloped in a layer of light, portraying Lu Yu in an imposing and heroic appearance.


Lu Yu reached out his right hand and pointed to the Flame-Clawed Tiger.

The layer of light surrounding his body then exploded and struck the Flame-Clawed Tiger!

A huge wave of pressure rushed over, and the Flame-Clawed Tiger was suffocated by it.

The blood pressure in its torso increased, and its adrenaline surged.

Its angry eyes instantly turned into fear!

Right now, it only had one thought: to turn around and run away.

It wanted to escape!

However, in this sealed room, it had no way to escape.

This pressure continued to press down on the Flame-Clawed Tiger, causing it to retreat and distance itself from Lu Yu.

The next moment, its heart, beating faster because of fear, stopped.

The Flame-Clawed Tiger fell to the ground with a plop and began to convulse violently.

Blood began pouring out of its eyes, ears, and nose.

It couldnt bear the pressure and died!

Lu Yu looked down at the Flame-Clawed Tigers corpse and nodded with satisfaction.

This upgraded Dragons might wasnt half-bad.

An A-Level beast was intimidated to death.

A-Level represented its talent, not the strength of the Flame-Clawed Tiger.

Even so, this was still a powerful skill.

The original Dragons Might could only scare enemies with a massive difference in strength, which was why Lu Yu had never used this skill much.

It wasnt that he didnt want to use it, but that he didnt have any use for it.

The upgraded Dragons Might was much more potent than before and could even cause physical effects on reasonably strong enemies.

Lu Yu nodded his head in satisfaction and knew this new skill was good, determined to cultivate it more.

He returned to the interface and was about to summon a few more ferocious beasts when a bell suddenly rang, interrupting him.

Lu Yu frowned slightly.

Usually, a bell ringing meant someone was ringing the doorbell outside, and it might be something urgent or something that needed to be communicated personally.

Lu Yu turned around and opened the door to the combat room.

There was indeed someone standing at the door, and it was he who had pressed the doorbell.

Lu Yu sized up the person in front of him.

He wore a tiger skin vest with black pants and had strong muscles, just like a boxer.

Standing behind him were two girls who were dressed in very unconventional clothes.

The girls looked at the man with a hint of admiration.

The mans face had an arrogant expression.

“Give me this room; I want to use it.”

“Im using it now.

You can head to another room.”

Upon hearing this, the man was immediately unhappy.

“Cut the crap.

The weak must give up cultivation resources to the strong; as such is the rule of this world!”

He seemed confident, thinking he was strong and Lu Yu was weak.

To him, Lu Yu had to give in to his request.

Lu Yu found it funny.

“You didnt watch the trial this morning You dont know who I am, do you”

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