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Chapter 327: Chapter 327 Enhanced Light Dragon Claw Skill

Chapter 327 Enhanced Light Dragon Claw Skill

The instructor took out a key and opened the door to the operating theater.

The two of them passed through a passageway that sterilized them.

The inner door opened, and the two entered the operation theater.

After entering the operating theater, Lu Yu couldnt help but look around curiously.

“There is no staff here, not even doctors or nurses!”

The instructor smiled and turned on the lights.

The bright light instantly illuminated the entire operating theater.

“This operating theater has been empty all this time.”

Lu Yu frowned slightly.

“What if someone got into an accident and needed immediate first aid Wouldnt we be wasting time if theres no one here”

The instructor revealed a meaningful smile.

“Just because there is no one does not mean that the surgery cant be performed.”

Lu Yu was stunned by his answer.

“Do you hear what youre saying”

The instructor smiled awkwardly.

“It seems I didnt make myself clear enough.

Please look at the operating table.”

At that moment, four mechanical arms suddenly extended out from under the operating table and fixed themselves midair.

These four arms were not simple mechanical arms, as most had two joints.

These four arms were like pythons, equipped with many joints and flexible beyond imagination.

“Look at the ground; theres an array formation there.”

Lu Yu took a closer look and found that there was indeed an array formation glowing.

“This array will allow the best doctors in the upper house to control the mechanical arm to complete the surgery remotely!”

Lu Yu pursed his lips, as this was the first time he had seen such a fusion of both types of technologies.

The combination of array formations and machinery allowed doctors to operate remotely.

A high-level array master could indeed control the array from a long distance, but he didnt expect that these two technologies could be combined.

“Thats not the only special part of this operating theater.

This operating table can automatically complete simple surgeries on its own.

Even if there is no doctor at the other end, these four arms can complete their tasks.”

Lu Yu nodded.

“This operating room is extraordinary, beyond what I had expected out of an operating theater.”

“Of course, even the military cant handle an operating theater of this level.”

“Every function in this operating theater is difficult for even the best doctors!”

“The array formations under the operating table are for remote control and area-wide healing.

It can allow the injured patient to recover during the surgery and reduce the damage.”

“This area of effect healing is different from the ones you see outside.

It is a precise healing method that specializes in healing the smallest wounds!”

“The military cant even handle one of these two formations!”

“Not to mention there are the four flexible and accurate mechanical arms on the operating table that they cannot operate.”

After the instructor finished speaking, he couldnt help but show a proud expression.

Having such an operating theater was the pride of Clanorth University!

They were the only ones capable of constructing an operating theater of this caliber.

Lu Yu nodded his head repeatedly.

“What a unique operating theater.

The upper house is indeed a special place.”

The instructor patted Lu Yus shoulder.

“Train well here, and youll definitely grow strong in the future.”

“I will.”

The two walked out of the operating theater, and the instructor said, “You can go and cultivate, and I wont disturb you any longer.”

After saying that, he walked off in a particular direction.

Lu Yu thought for a moment, then walked toward a meditation room.

He had evolved a few dragon claws in a row during this short time, and he felt that it was time for him to dive deep into the characteristics of his new dragon claws.

The Light Dragon Claw, in particular, was the one that needed to be analyzed the most!

He stood before the meditation room, took out his student ID to verify it, and opened the door.

Lu Yu walked in and found that it was a completely sealed room.

As soon as he entered, he saw a complicated array formation on the floor.

Lu Yu walked in, and the formation began to emit a faint light.

Lu Yu sat cross-legged in the middle of the room.

He relaxed his shoulders, adjusted his breathing, and then closed his eyes.

The next moment, Lu Yu felt the floor around him turn into a patch of grass with a whoosh; he was surrounded by a vast grassland and a blue sky.

Lu Yu opened his eyes and looked at the scene in disbelief.

He had no idea this array formation could alter his surroundings!

Moreover, this was different from holographic projection.

This was the real thing, and Lu Yu could smell the grass beneath him.

Lu Yu closed his eyes, and the scene in front of him changed when he opened them again.

He was originally in a grassland but now sitting on the bridge.

The sky darkened, and scattered stars dotted the sky.

Lu Yu looked at the calm lake before him and began to relax and cultivate.

His claws gradually turned into his Light Dragon Claws.

This pair of dragon claws instantly lit up the surroundings.

The three characteristics of his Light Dragon Claw, healing, absorption, and exorcism—seemed unable to be used.

This made Lu Yu a little embarrassed, as he wanted to test the power of his Light Dragon Claws.

If he were to attack normally with them, it would be meaningless.

Lu Yu lowered his head and thought for a moment, suddenly remembering that he had unlocked a skill, Dragons Might!

Lu Yu remembered the effects of Dragons Might.

[ Dragons Might ] (passive)

[ Releasing Dragons might within a 500-meter radius can intimidate weak creatures, preventing them from approaching.

It also exerts pressure on weaker cultivators, inducing them with fear.


Lu Yu hadnt used this skill for a long time, so he decided to train it well.

After all, this was a dragon-type skill.

If he cultivated it well, it would be of great use eventually.

Since Lu Yu didnt know how to meditate, he might as well cultivate his Dragon Might here…

Lu Yus eyes turned slightly angry, and the air rippled around him.

Air currents surged, causing the lake to form waves.

It was as if a layer of aura had appeared around Lu Yu, and anyone would be under a strong weight of oppression in this range!

Lu Yu hadnt used this skill more than three times.

After all, this skill was only effective against weaker enemies, and if he encountered a slightly stronger enemy, this skill would be useless.

But even so, Lu Yu needed to train it.

All in all, the range of this skill was extensive.

Moreover, it would come in handy if some weaklings thought they were his match, as he couldnt be bothered to fight them.

After training it repeatedly, he slowly got familiar with his Dragons Might skill.

His aura was constantly growing, and this invisible pressure caused larger waves in the lake.

Gradually, this power enveloped Lu Yus entire body and surrounded him with a thin layer of light.

The light gradually grew stronger, illuminating his surroundings.

This light layer encircled Lu Yu, causing waves in the surrounding lake.

Suddenly, Lu Yus eyes widened, and this layer of light was released outward with Lu Yu as the center!

Wherever the circle of light touched, his surroundings had an intense reaction.

The water waves crashed, and the grass in the field was uprooted.

A notification appeared in Lu Yus ears.

[ The Dragons Might skill combined with Light Dragon Claw.


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