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Chapter 325: Chapter 325 The Beginning Of A Month Of Training

Chapter 325 The Beginning Of A Month Of Training

After confirming that Lu Yu was Wang Mengs friend, Wang Songs expression immediately changed.

He revealed a flattering smile and looked at Wang Meng.

“Brother, I had just a bad choice of words, so please dont take it to heart.

Well still be good friends in the future, right Its just that we havent seen each other for a few years, and this would never affect our friendship.”

He could tell that Lu Yu was cold to strangers, and it was impossible for him to get close to Lu Yu.

Since he was old friends with Wang Meng, he immediately set his sights on him.

Wang Meng sighed helplessly.

This guy didnt even know how to act as if he meant it.

When he became Lu Yus underling, he was beaten until he surrendered.

Wang Song and he hadnt seen each other in years but pretended to be overjoyed.

There was no way he would believe his words!

“By the way, did you pass the trial”

Wang Mengs sudden question stumped Wang Song.

The flattering smile on his face instantly froze, and he didnt know what to answer.

He lowered his head slightly and said with disappointment, “I almost passed with just one point short.

If Im given another chance next year, Ill definitely pass!”

Wang Meng couldnt help but smile.

“If thats the case, you can go ahead and return home.

The two of us will have to stay here to continue our cultivation.”

Hearing this, Wang Song panicked.

“Huh Are you guys going to stay in the upper house immediately Arent you going back to deal with some other things”

Wang Meng smiled and nodded.

“Thats right, so youd better not stay.

The upper house is strictly guarded against outsiders.”

Wang Song gulped audibly and realized he wouldnt have the chance to continue meeting up with Wang Meng over the next year.

Wouldnt this mean all his acting was in vain

He nodded dejectedly.

“Ill take my leave first, then.

Im still not strong enough to stay here.”

He turned around, raised his head, and let out a long sigh.

He promptly left after that.

Looking at his back, Wang Meng couldnt help but laugh.

“What an interesting fellow.

I havent seen him for so many years, and hes acted as if we were best friends.

What a fake friend.”

Lu Yu shrugged his shoulders.

“If we believed his act, he would be swimming in opportunities.

So, of course, he definitely had to give it a try.”

Wang Meng looked at Lu Yu and smiled, “Boss, does it mean that we have officially joined the upper house now”

“Thats right.

Since we passed the trial and have our results, they will be entered into the universitys system immediately.

Our student ID card will immediately change from the lower to the upper house.”

Switching from the lower house to the upper house was a smooth process.

After all, the upper and lower houses were at the same university.

“Thats great! From now on, were members of the upper house!”

Wang Meng shouted excitedly, attracting many peoples attention.

The two of them walked and planned to go back for a rest.

As they walked, Lu Yu received a text message on his phone.

He quickly took out his phone and saw that it was an official message from the upper house administration.

Wang Meng, next to him, also took out his phone and saw the same message.

The content of the message was straightforward.

It was to congratulate the students on joining the upper house and give notice that they would be heading to a month-long training camp.

“This month-long training camp sounds good, being the upper houses exclusive training camp.

The effects of our cultivation there should be great.”

Wang Meng spoke passionately.

He was constantly ecstatic because he had finally joined the legendary upper house!

“Lets go and take a look and see whats up with this training camp.”

The two opened the map and followed the route to the training ground.

After walking for about ten minutes, they saw the training camp ahead.

The training camp encompassed a large area and was surrounded by walls.

This proved that not all upper house students could enter as they pleased.

At the main entrance, Lu Yu and Wang Meng went to the guard and showed their student IDs.

After verifying them, the guard let them in.

The two passed through the iron gates and entered the training camp.

Inside were dozens of small buildings evenly distributed, each as big as a standard garage; there were also bigger buildings used as training grounds.

The two walked along a path and looked at the surrounding buildings.

“Damn, these cultivation rooms look pretty good and have all kinds of functions!”

Wang Meng pointed at a small place with the words “Gravity Room” written on the door plate.

This was a cultivation room that could increase gravitational force.

Cultivators who cultivate inside would burden their bodies with gravity, placing force evenly throughout their bodies.

If a cultivator cultivated in such a room for 10 to 15 days, they would feel that everything had become lighter after coming out.

This room was suitable for training muscles, strength, and speed.

They continued forward, and Wang Meng pointed at another house, saying, “Thats the movement technique room, and we can practice movement techniques there.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Thats great.

Flexibility in body movement is very important for us.”

Taking a few more steps forward, Lu Yu saw a meditation room.

“Theres even a meditation room here.

I heard that if you cultivate inside, you can increase the upper limit of your mana.”

Wang Meng pursed his lips, showing his disinterest.

“The gravity room is more suitable for me.”

The two continued to sightsee and eventually came to a square in the middle of the training camp.

There were already many students who had passed the trials gathered here.

They were all lined up, and a tall instructor with a stern expression stood in front of them.

Lu Yu and Wang Meng walked over and joined the team.

When the other students saw Lu Yu, they couldnt help but turn to look at him.

Lu Yus claw attack left a deep impression on everyone.

Melting a robot with one claw wasnt something that anyone could do.

Lu Yu ignored their gazes and stood in place, waiting for the other students to gather.

After a few minutes, the instructor started to get impatient.

“Even if theres a shortage of people, Ill start the lecture.

Please relay the message to those who arent here.”

The trial suspension this year caused quite a stir.

Only some people had arrived, and they didnt even know the total number of people who passed the trial.

“Ill explain it to you all from the beginning.

Over the next month, youll be training here!”

“This training isnt only to increase your strength.

Its more for the upcoming martial arts tournament!”

The group of students got into a heated discussion when they heard about the upcoming martial arts tournament.

“This so-called martial arts tournament is a chance for new talents, and its a chance for you to display your strength fully.”

“So, all of you have to work and train hard.

The more outstanding your performance at the martial arts tournament, the higher your status here will be and the more resources youll get.

Does everyone understand”

Everyones fighting spirit was ignited upon hearing this.

“Yes! Well definitely work hard!”

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