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Chapter 324: Chapter 324 Friend Of A Big Shot

Chapter 324 Friend Of A Big Shot

The invigilators sudden declaration stunned everyone.

“Why would he stop the trial”

“Thats right.

Isnt it going well”

“Didnt he just destroy a robot Its not like there hasnt been one of them in history, is there a need to make such a fuss”

“Theres really no need for this…”

There was a lot of discussion in the audience, all of which suggested to the invigilator not to waste time and quickly continue the trial.

However, the invigilator had to report the situation in front of him as soon as possible!

“I will stop the trial for now.

Im going to report this to the dean!”

After that, he strode toward the lounge at the side and took out his phone.

The trial was suspended.

Everyone looked at Lu Yu with mixed feelings.

Although the outsiders felt that Lu Yus strength was extraordinary, they werent happy about the temporary suspension of the trial.

On the other hand, the lower house students looked at Lu Yu with admiration and even some jealousy.

Lu Yu walked to the resting area at the side and found a chair to sit in.

The crowd started to move around, and a few people couldnt help but walk toward Lu Yu.

One of them walked up to Lu Yu and immediately handed him his business card.

“Lu Yu, Im your head instructor.

Do you remember me” A middle-aged man showed a bright smile.

Lu Yu nodded.

“I do have an impression of you.

Youre looking for me because of…”

“I dont have any other intentions than just wanting to be friends.

Do take my business card, and you can contact me anytime.”

Lu Yu didnt mind his offer and placed the teachers business card into his pocket.

When the other universities instructors saw this, they quickly surrounded Lu Yu and gave him their name cards.

It wasnt just them.

Students from the lower house who were taking the trial gathered around as well.

Seeing this large group of people surrounding him, Lu Yu felt like ants were crawling all over his body, as he never liked being surrounded.

These people surrounded Lu Yu, phasing through Lu Yus body when they reached out to hand over their business cards.

They then realized Lu Yu had used his teleportation skill to escape, leaving only an afterimage behind.

Everyone stood in place with blank looks on their faces.

They looked around for Lu Yu, still not giving up.

At this moment, many students walked out of the martial arts gym.

They didnt know when the trial would continue, so they went for some fresh air.

Wang Meng had just walked out of the main entrance when someone suddenly patted his shoulder.

“Wang Meng, its me.

Do you still remember me”

Wang Meng turned around and saw an unfamiliar face.

“Oh, youre Wang Song.

We used to be friends.

Its a pity that you went to a Frozen University and didnt come to Clanorth with me.”

Wang Song laughed awkwardly.

“Theres no choice.

My strength isnt as strong as yours, so I had to go to a university with more or less the same standard as me.

“Your performance earlier was excellent; I saw you pass the trial easily.”

Wang Meng scratched his head and said humbly, “Not at all.

Im still far from it and need more training.”

“By the way, theres a pretty good restaurant nearby.

Lets go have a meal.

I dont know when this suspension will end, but weve finished our test anyway.”

Wang Song said with a chuckle.

Wang Meng shook his head.

“Sorry, I dont think I can.”

“Come on.

The food in that restaurant is seriously good.

If you dont have money, Ill treat you.”

Wang Meng shook his head awkwardly.

“This isnt about money; Im looking for my friend.”

“Your friend should be out by now, as those who have completed the trial should be here.”

Wang Meng looked left and right but didnt see Lu Yu in the crowd.

“He passed the test, but there was a crowd around him, which could explain why he isnt here yet.”

Wang Song fell into deep thought.

“Who is your friend” He couldnt help but ask.

Wang Meng immediately blurted, “Lu Yu, who destroyed the robot with one claw.

Hes my brother!”

Hearing these words, Wang Song was stunned and then burst into laughter.

“Wang Meng, how did you get into the bad habit of bragging “Its not a good thing.”

Wang Meng didnt know what to say to that.

“Hey, why do you think Im bragging”

“Isnt it That Lu Yu guy is obviously on another level and way out of your league.

So its impossible for you two to have any interaction.”

“Moreover, even the head instructor went to find him and wanted to be friends with Lu Yu.

He escaped from that, proving that he is a cold and loner type.”

“You said hes your friend, and I dont believe you.”

Wang Meng was speechless and didnt know how to explain his friendship with Lu Yu.

When some passersby heard this, they couldnt help but stop and quipped in.

“Stop bragging.

That kind of person is usually a lone wolf.”

“Its not appropriate for you to brag that youre his friend, even if youre really his underling.”

“Do you think I need a little brother like him The difference in power is too great.”

“You should just focus on your cultivation.

Dont even think about trying to relate yourself to a big shot.”

The passerbys words left Wang Meng dumbfounded.

What the hell were they saying

He was Lu Yus friend.

Why would he need proof himself of that

“Wang Song, you really dont believe me You know I dont brag.”

He laughed.

“If you want me to believe you, you must stop lying.

Can you do it”

Wang Meng was a little tired of this interaction and didnt even want to refute his words.

At that moment, Lu Yu walked out of the main entrance.

Wang Meng was overjoyed and quickly waved at Lu Yu.

“Boss, Im here!”

Hearing Wang Mengs shout, Lu Yu looked over and quickly walked over.

Wang Song turned his head to look.

The moment he saw Lu Yu, he instantly got nervous!

Lu Yu was actually walking toward them.

He looked at Wang Meng, who was waving his hand with a smile on his face.

Wang Meng was stunned.

Wang Meng was really friends with a big shot like Lu Yu!

Lu Yu walked over and stood beside Wang Meng.

“Who is this Do you know him”

Wang Meng quickly introduced him, “This is Wang Song, and hes my old friend.

He doesnt believe I know you, so we argued about that.”

Lu Yu looked at Wang Song, immediately making Wang Song quiver in fear.

Lu Yus claw attack earlier had been deeply engraved in his heart, making him terrified of Lu Yus strength.

After a moment of silence, Wang Song immediately revealed a flattering smile.

“Brother Lu Yu, you look so handsome, confident, and powerful.

Youre simply the perfect man in the world!”

His praise gave Lu Yu goosebumps.

Seeing that Lu Yu was ignoring him, Wang Song quickly turned his head to look at Wang Meng and said, “Brother Wang Meng, although we havent met for a long time, Ive always treated you as my brother.

We are basically brothers from different mothers!”

Wang Meng was stunned.

Wang Songs way of sucking up to him made Wang Meng feel uncomfortable.

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