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Chapter 323: Chapter 323 Melting The Robot With One Claw

Chapter 323 Melting The Robot With One Claw

With the invigilators shout, the trial officially began.

Lu Yu only had ten seconds, so time was of the essence.

However, to everyones surprise, Lu Yu stood in his original spot and didnt move!

In the crowd, someone suddenly stood straight and leaned forward to look closer.

Some widened their eyes in disbelief.

“Is he here to be a joke Why is he just standing there”

“Damn, the lower house is really something else.

They would let just anyone in here.”

“Theyre going to be humiliated this time around.

This is going to make the headlines!”

“Excellent performance from someone who came in through the back door.”

“I thought he would perform badly, but it seems he just wont perform.”

“Look!” Someone suddenly exclaimed, “Hes behind the robot!”

With a blink, everyones gaze moved away from Lu Yus body and looked at the robot.

As stated, Lu Yu was behind the robot!

“What… whats going on When did he reach over”

“Oh, that must be just an afterimage!”

“We were all tricked! “His speed is so fast that it fooled our eyes!”

“Woah, whats up with this guy How is he this fast”

“But pure speed is useless.

Can he deal any meaningful damage”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu and tried to anticipate his next attack.

Lu Yus arms had turned into his dragon claws.

His left claw was the Flowing Water Dragon Claw, while his right claw was the Explosive Dragon Claw.

Lu Yu raised his left claw, condensed an Armor-Piercing Water Spear in his palm, and shot it out.

The robot was still analyzing the afterimage in front of it.

When the afterimage disappeared, it reacted and began to search for a new target.

However, before it could turn around, a sharp water spear shot over like a high-pressure water gun, cutting into the iron armor of the robot.

The Armor-Piercing Water Spear hit its target, successfully reducing the robots armor!

At that moment, Lu Yus right claw had already been stacked with his Flaming Claws.

The Explosive Dragon Claws temperature reached dangerous levels, and the blazing light it emitted illuminated the surroundings.

The high temperature distorted the air, blowing Lu Yus hair and fluttering the corners of his clothes.

“This trial is over!”

Lu Yu exclaimed coldly and quickly stepped forward, slashing down with his claw.

The robot had no time to retreat or dodge, and Lu Yus claw hit its body squarely!

Lu Yus claws easily cut through the robots body, like a hot knife cutting through butter.

The robot was shredded into five pieces with a swipe of Lu Yus claw, and the robot immediately exploded into countless fragments with a loud bang!

Lu Yus attack blew up the robot, and some scattered fragments were melted into molten iron by the high temperature!

This explosion immediately turned the stage into a mess.

There were traces of molten iron on the ground, and fragments of debris had embedded themselves into the ground and walls as thick smoke from the explosion blackened the surrounding area.

Everyone was stunned when they witnessed the scene.

“Its… its over”

“He just waved his claw, and the robot exploded”

“Wait a minute, am I seeing things Isnt he the person who supposedly got in through the back door”

“Isnt he a freshman Whats up with that absurd strength”

“Why does it seem like Ive gone through four years of university for nothing I cant even beat a freshman.”

“Amazing claw attack! The robot exploded into pieces!”


His claws high temperature melted the robots into molten iron, thats terrifying.”

“No one is going to be willing to be his opponent.

I doubt many can withstand this high temperature!”

Amidst the crowd, students from other universities stared wide-eyed at Lu Yu, who was in the middle of the stage.

It was as if they were looking at a God of War, who took care of an undefeatable opponent in just two moves.

Meanwhile, the students of the lower house all cheered loudly when they saw this.

“Lu Yu is awesome!”

“Brother Lu Yu is our pride and Clanorth Universitys lower house representative!”

“Brother Lu Yu is just overwhelmingly powerful, being able to crush the robot with one claw!”


If I were to face that claw, I would be dead within seconds!”

“Im just so envious.

It would be great if I had Brother Lu Yus strength.”

“Fortunately, Lu Yu is here.

Otherwise, we would have been humiliated to the point of no return.”

In the few trials before Lu Yu, the results of Clanorth Universitys lower house students were way behind those from other universities.

Wang Meng did perform well, but those other universities still looked down upon his trial results.

After all, the other three major universities had three top geniuses who were about as strong as Lu Yu, and they were all powerful enough to blow up a robot with one punch.

Therefore, the students in the lower house were all excited when Lu Yu showed his strength.

The heavy feelings in their hearts were finally lifted.

In the crowd, the outsiders still maintained their high and mighty attitude as they watched the students of the lower house cheering excitedly.

“Hes still a little lacking compared to our Lightning Thunder University powerhouse.”

“Thats right.

Although his strength is amazing and has exceeded our expectations, its just a shock factor coming into play.

Hes far inferior in comparison to those three experts.”

“Of course.

The talents of the three major colleges are trained through the efforts of the whole university.

He has only been at Clanorth University for a year so how can he compete with them”

The people from other universities nodded, thinking that what he said made sense.

In their eyes, the three geniuses were like insurmountable mountains.

As for Lu Yu, he was just a greenhorn who was at the start of his journey.

Lu Yu was standing in the middle of the venue, and the robot in front of him had already turned into a puddle of liquid.

The other parts were also destroyed beyond recognition.

Although he also destroyed the robot, Lu Yus destruction was way more impactful to the so-called three geniuses in his eyes.

They had made the robot explode, but Lu Yu turned it into molten liquid!

Unfortunately, the robots maximum health points were only 1000, so it couldnt calculate Lu Yus actual damage.

After all, even Lu Yu couldnt remember how many times he had stacked his Flaming Claws in that instant.

The people from other universities couldnt understand the magnitude of Lu Yus attack, but the invigilator could.

Lu Yus impact was way more impressive than those three geniuses!

This had even exceeded the invigilators knowledge!

He had been the invigilator for this trial for more than ten years, and this was the first time he had seen such a situation.

“The trial will be temporarily suspended.

I must report Lu Yus results to the dean!”

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