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Chapter 322: Chapter 322 A Powerful Shock Wave

Chapter 322 A Powerful Shock Wave

Wang Meng thrust his spear forward and pierced into the robots chest plate.

This spear alone provided 30% armor penetration.

The robots defense was down to 210 at this point.

If Wang Mengs next attacks damage exceeded 710, he would pass the test.

This swift and fierce spear strike excited everyone, as this powerful performance from Wang Meng surprised many.

The people from other universities were surprised that there was such a strong student in the lower house, and what surprised the students of the lower house was that Wang Mengs strength had become much stronger!

At that moment, the robot retreated and freed itself from the spear.

The robot retreated quickly, putting some distance between it and Wang Meng.

It distanced itself way more than at the start of the battle.

It had calculated that this was the distance needed to dodge Wang Mengs attack.

Wang Meng stood still for a second, and a bright white light appeared at the tip of his spear.

The white light flowed at the spears tip, strengthening the weapon!

“Youre just a block of iron, so let me destroy you!”

Wang Meng sneered as he rushed out again.

The speed with which he rushed out was even faster than the last!

When the robot saw Wang Meng charging, it immediately reacted and dodged to the side.

However, Wang Meng suddenly stopped when he was less than five meters away from the robot.

Seeing this, the audience kept a close eye on Wang Mengs following action and couldnt wait to see what he would do next.

Wang Meng held his spear in both hands and stabbed it in the robots direction with lightning speed.

The spear was clearly not long enough to reach the robot.

However, Wang Mengs stabbing motion caused a powerful shock wave to burst.

The shock wave shot out an arrows head, unusually sharp.

This shock wave was Wang Mengs most powerful ability, as well as his trump card.

After all, this was the upper houses trial.

Everyone wanted to do their best, so they wouldnt hide an ounce of their strength.

The spear thrust out, and the shock wave burst toward the robot.

Although the robot was quick on its feet, it could not avoid such a wide-range shock wave.

The robots entire right arm was blown to pieces with a loud boom, and its right side was also severely damaged.

Its metal armor was torn apart, revealing the components underneath.

Wang Meng finished the test in ten seconds with one armor-piercing strike and one fatal attack!

Wang Mengs score appeared on an electronic display in the center of the field.


“Let us congratulate Wang Meng for passing the test and qualifying for the upper house enrollment!”

The crowd applauded enthusiastically, and many students from the lower house looked at him enviously.

The students from other schools were silent, but they still clapped for him.

690 was Wang Mengs score, and it was also the damage he dealt.

This damage exceeded the passing score of 500.

Not only that, but Wang Meng had also broken the record for the highest score among the lower house students!

Wang Meng returned to the audience as the crowd discussed his battle.

“Theres finally someone from the lower house who has some strength, but thats all.

Compared to our Raging Fire University, hes much weaker.”

“No **.

Is there anyone here who can match the strength of those three”

“He destroyed the robot and turned it into scrap metal! Did Wang Meng do the same”

“The difference in strength is so great that theres no need to compare them.”

“The strongest one from their lower house only amounts to this”

“What a joke.

Look at how happy they are.

Those who dont know better might think that Wang Meng destroyed the robot.”

People from other universities began to discuss with contempt.

To them, Clanorth Universitys lower house was struggling on its deathbed and could no longer compete with the other universities.

Some of the students in the lower house were upset when they heard their mockery.

However, they couldnt refute it.

After all, the geniuses from the other three universities were strong beyond comprehension, and the difference in strength was enough to leave them speechless.

Wang Meng had returned to Lu Yus side.

The invigilator in the center of the field continued with the next student.

“Boss, my performance was okay, right”

“Its not bad, but it still cant shut those peoples mouths,”

Wang Meng was stunned and had indeed heard those peoples words.

However, he couldnt refute them.

The geniuses from the other three universities destroyed the robot and were stronger than him.

In this world, strength was everything.

Wang Mengs strength was weaker than theirs, so he had to shut up.

Wang Mengs eyes were hopeful as he looked up at Lu Yu.

“Boss, if you go up, youll be able to destroy the robot in seconds!”

“These students from the other universities are so noisy, and we need to shut them up.” Lu Yu spoke with an indifferent expression.

The invigilator looked at the crowd and announced, “Now, lets invite the next student to take the trial.

Student Lu Yu from Clanorth Universitys lower house!

As soon as he said that, all the lower house students in the crowd turned their eyes to Lu Yu!

They stared at Lu Yu with solemn expressions, with anxiousness inside them.

Everyone knew about Lu Yus legends, as they had heard of them at least once in the lower house.

Lu Yu was already somewhat of a bigshot to them.

In their eyes, Lu Yus every step carried the aura of someone truly strong!

However, the students from other schools couldnt discern this aura.

“This person looks quite dull.

He shouldnt be someone strong.”

“Hes quite handsome; he must be just a show-off.”

“This persons strength is weak, for sure.

Cant you see how quiet those lower house students are They must not have any confidence in this person.”

“Thats true.

They all look serious, though, I guess theyre afraid he will embarrass them.”

“There should be a good show to watch.

He must have gone through the back door to enter this trial to be able to participate.”

“You dont say.

Before I came, I did hear that there was a person who the lower houses dean personally slotted in, and it was a freshman!”

“Eh Are you serious Is a freshman qualified to take the upper houses test”

“If he doesnt cultivate for four years, what right does he have to be here”

“Its confirmed to be him, as he looks the youngest here.

Hes probably the one who got in through connections.”

“What a joke! If he lacks the strength, dont come here at all.

Its embarrassing!”

They had arrived at Clanorth University not long ago and hadnt paid attention to the hot news here.

Naturally, they didnt know Lu Yus true strength.

At that moment, Lu Yu walked to the center of the field and stood facing the robot.

“The test begins!” The invigilator shouted.

After shouting, he started the stopwatch.

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