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Chapter 321: Chapter 321 Wang Mengs Turn

Chapter 321 Wang Mengs Turn

The first student on stage was utterly defeated without touching the robots body!

The other waiting students couldnt help but become nervous.

This robot looked sluggish, but in fact, it was flexible.

Its health points and defense werent low, so it would be challenging to deal more than 500 damage, even if they could hit it.

Many students only had an attack power of around 400, and only a few exceeded 500.

If they couldnt pull off their armor-piercing skill, they would have to hit the robot at least four times to reach the passing mark.

They only had 10 seconds, which made it hard to attack the robot four times.

Moreover, the robot was fast, so whether they could hit it was another story.

The waiting students couldnt help but gulp as they watched Ye Neng return to his seat in a daze.

The invigilator announced the next person to take the stage.

The following student was Liu Xun from Raging Fire University!

Under everyones gaze, Liu Xun walked nervously to the martial arts dojo center.

Lu Yu also carefully observed the situation.

The opponent was a test robot.

Since it was a machine, there must be a program that was driving its actions.

It was different from humans, so he should be able to find a pattern.

Just as Lu Yu was focusing on the stage, a muscular figure suddenly blocked his view.

Lu Yu frowned and looked up.

“Hey, dont block my view.”

As soon as he raised his head, Lu Yu saw Wang Mengs silly smile.

“Boss, Im here to take the test too.”

Lu Yu was surprised and looked at him curiously.

“Youve been invited to the upper house to take the trials as well Not bad.”

Wang Meng smiled awkwardly and scratched his head.

“Im one of the top three in the lower house, so Im definitely strong enough to qualify.”

“Is that so Why didnt you tell me before We couldve come together.”

Wang Meng sat beside Lu Yu and quickly explained, “Boss, its not that I didnt want to tell you; its just that Ive been in cultivation in seclusion for a while now, and I forgot about it.”

“After all, the upper houses trial means everything to me.

So, of course, I have to take it seriously.”

Lu Yu only nodded slightly and didnt say much.

“Its true that you have to be prepared for this.

A few students undergo the trials, and all their results are below average.”

“But, the performance of the students from our lower house seems to be even worse.”

As the two chatted, eight or nine students had completed their trials.

Some students were from Raging Fire University, Lightning Thunder University, and Ice Realm University, their results were terrible at the beginning, but they slowly got better.

The few students from the lower house who went up on stage ended up like the first student.

It was sad just looking at them.

Many people in the crowd were discussing animatedly, with mostly sneers mixed in.

“Isnt this the trial for the upper house of Clanorth University Why are the lower house students from their university so weak”

“So embarrassing.

Their own students cant even perform well in their own trials, what a joke.”

“Maybe the dean of the upper house knows that the lower house students are too weak.

Thats why she opened up this trial to the whole country to attract the real geniuses.”

“Sigh, I thought the students who could enter Clanorth University were the best in the country.

What a disappointment.”

“The environment here is too relaxed, and they are used to the luxuries offered.

It isnt surprising that their strength declined.”

“These people are far inferior to those three geniuses…”

Many people from other universities laughed at Clanorth University, even going so far as to assume there wasnt anyone strong in the entire lower house.

Wang Meng looked at the crowd and sighed.

“The arrogance of these people.

Dont they know whose university they are in”

“Judging from our performance, they do have the right to be arrogant.

The results of the other universities students are better than ours.”

“Right now, five students from other universities have passed the test, while only one of ours has passed.”

Wang Meng clenched his fists.

He was a member of the lower house, after all.

Werent these people insulting him, too, if they were stating blatantly that there wasnt anyone strong from the lower house

“This group of people thinks that everyone from the lower house is weak! Boss, give them the shock of their lives when you go up!”

Wang Meng looked disdainfully at the crowd in a heated discussion.

“You came in earlier than me,” Lu Yu said.

“You should go before me.”

Wang Meng nodded.

“Thats fine, too.

Brother, dont worry, as Ill end the humiliation of the lower house!”

At that moment, the invigilator shouted, “This trial is over, and you have failed.

Please send the next student up!”

“Student Wang Meng, please come on stage!”

Under everyones gaze, Wang Meng stood up and walked off the stage imposingly.

The students from other universities looked at Wang Meng and talked amongst themselves.

“This rough and burly guy looks pretty scary, but he most likely couldnt even touch a single scrap of metal on the robot.”

“Hehe, such a cumbersome fellow.

Of course, he couldnt do it.”

“The lower house is strong on the outside but weak on the inside.

It would be over for them sooner or later.”

“Its better to focus our attention on the students of the Raging Fire University.”

Everyone looked down at Wang Meng, assuming that his fate to fail was set.

They were all sure he wouldnt pass the trial.

The students of the lower house were all excited when they saw Wang Meng.

They knew Wang Meng better than these outsiders!

Wang Meng was a powerhouse through and through!

Before Lu Yus arrival, Wang Meng was the most promising one from the lower house.

Now that he had taken over one of the Martial Arts Clubs major strongholds, his cultivation had improved by leaps and bounds, fortifying his strength to an unknown level!

“Good luck, Brother Wang Meng!”

“Brother Meng, prove that the lower house isnt just for show!”

“Teach those other universities a lesson and let them know how powerful we are!”

The crowd cheered him on excitedly.

After experiencing many failures, they all placed their hopes in Wang Meng.

Wang Meng stood in the middle of the stage, facing the test robot.

“The test begins!”

The invigilator started his stopwatch, and the trial began!

When it started, Wang Meng shot out like a bullet.

Although he had a huge body and muscles, the speed he showed wasnt inferior to anyone!

This speed stunned the crowd.

“What a fast speed!”

“I think his speed exceeded 400!”

“A speed of more than 400.

In other words, his speed is faster than the robots.”

“Ho, hes sure quick on his feet, and it sure doesnt match his huge body.”

“Finally, someone decent…”

At that moment, Wang Meng dashed in front of the robot instantly.

The robot had just started to make its move and was planning to escape from where it was.

Wang Meng took out his Silver Jade Divine Spear from his storage ring.

As he held the spear with both hands, he stabbed it into the robots chest.

With a clank, Wang Mengs spear pierced through the robots chest, destroying its chest plate.

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