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Chapter 320: Chapter 320 Start Of The Trial

Chapter 320 Start Of The Trial

Lu Yu heard a few people in the line discussing the students from other schools and was surprised they also had promising students this year.

In the past, the trial test was always done by a machine, and these students had blown up the very thing that was supposed to test their strength.

What a crazy situation they were in.

“Youre bull**ting me, right How can someone be so powerful that they blew up a testing machine”

“You dont believe me either, right Those three are geniuses from Raging Fire University, Lightning Thunder University, and Ice Realm University!”

“With these three here, the top three are basically theirs.

Well be fighting for the fourth or fifth place.”

“I heard that theres a genius named Lu Yu from the lower house.

Hes strong and quite the rising star.

He should be able to achieve this result, right”

“Oh, you sweet ignorant child.

Just watch.

The top three are decided, and no matter how strong Lu Yu is, he will only be contesting for fourth place.”

When he heard someone mention him, Lu Yu lowered his head slightly, not wanting to attract attention.

He didnt expect these students from other schools to have heard about him.

It seemed he had been attracting too much attention lately.

However, the people in front were all discussing the three young geniuses from their university.

Everyone was beaming with joy and excitement as if the top three were already decided.

In their eyes, the people lining up here were all students fighting for fourth place.

Soon, the group of people entered the martial arts dojo.

Everyone sat down in their seats and took the test according to a name list.

Lu Yu followed them in, found a seat, and sat down.

He saw a humanoid robot in the middle of the dojo.

The robot was tall—about 2.3 or 2.4 meters; it had thick metal skin and looked robust.

A muscular man walked to the center of the dojo and stood before the robot.

He looked at the crowd, cleared his throat, and said loudly, “The trial of the upper house of Clanorth University officially begins today!”

“Next, let me introduce the rules!”

“During the trial, the examinee has to hit the robot as much as they can within a specified time frame.

The student who causes the most damage will be in first place!”

“The stipulated time is 10 seconds.

The robot has 1000 health points, 300 defense, and 400 movement speed.

“The passing mark is 500 points of damage.”

Upon hearing this, the audience got slightly rowdy.

1,000 health points were average.

Cultivators who were positioned as tanks had more or less the same amount of health.

The issue was the 300 defense and 400 movement speed.

Everyone here had at least some kind of armor-piercing skill.

However, without exception, none of their armor-piercing rates exceeded 50%.

In 10 seconds, they could, at most, use armor-piercing once and attack the robot twice.

After all, the 400 movement speed of the robot wasnt just for show, as the robot wouldnt just stand there for 10 seconds for them to deal damage.

Some cultivators speed had yet to reach 400, as most relied on their attack and defense stats to get where they were.

Lu Yus speed was only 100 higher than the robots.

Of course, this difference was enough for Lu Yu to keep up with the robots speed.

He wouldnt have to worry about his attacks being dodged when he released his skills.

His Armor-Piercing Water Spear skill could penetrate 40% of the robots armor, shaving off 120 points from its defense.

After that, the robot would only have 180 points in defense left.

If Lu Yu could deal more than 1180 points of damage instantly, he could also destroy this robot.

If he used his Dragon Fist, there was no doubt that Lu Yu could turn this machine into powder and even collapse this martial arts dojo.

However, Lu Yu was still in the process of accumulating one dragon power.

Thus, he had to rely on his Explosive Dragon Claw and the Dragon Gods Breathing Technique to continuously increase the damage of his claw attacks, using this to dish out a burst of damage.

Flaming Claws current amplification was an increase of 20% in his base attack power.

Lu Yus attack stat was 630.

Using one Flaming Claw, his damage would increase by 126 points, allowing him to deal 756 damage.

At the same time, it would give off a burning effect, which caused continuous damage.

If he wanted to deal more than 1180 points of damage, he would need to stack it at least five times.

Lu Yu wasnt sure if his mana was enough for five consecutive Flaming Claw attacks.

However, Lu Yu still had the opportunity to replenish his mana in those 10 seconds.

In the middle of the martial arts dojo, the invigilator looked at the name list in his hand and began to read out the first name.

“Lets welcome the first student to the stage.

Student Ye Neng from the Frozen University.”

A well-built man stood up and walked toward the center of the dojo.

“Are you ready”

The invigilator asked.

“Im ready!” Ye Neng took a deep breath and gulped as he looked at the huge robot in front of him.

“The first round of the test began!”

After the start of the trial was announced, Ye Nengs body shot out like a lightning bolt.

Everyone knew the importance of this test, and they couldnt afford to waste a single second.

They were willing to give up everything to join the upper house!

Ye Neng rushed out.

His body was like an arrow that left the bow, charging toward the robot.

The robot suddenly moved horizontally with a swoosh, appearing five to six meters away!

Its huge and thick iron body wasnt slowing it down at all.

Its movement speed was fast and noble, dodging to the side instantly.

Ye Neng missed and fell headfirst.

After a shriek, he raised his head and found his nose broken.

He immediately stood up again.

Although his first attack had failed, he was unwilling to give up.

The opportunity for todays test was hard to come by, so he couldnt give up just like that!

He pumped up his spirits and charged once again toward the robot.

The robot dodged to the side again, easily, with its 400 points of speed.

Ye Nengs speed was far from being able to reach that.

He missed yet again, but he had gained valuable experience.

After missing this time, he landed steadily and bounced toward the robots chest.

The timer had entered the last three seconds, and if his final attack didnt land, he would be eliminated!

The robot nimbly tilted its body and dodged his charge again.

Ye Neng brushed past the robot and flew past, falling to the ground!

The time was up, as ten seconds had passed.

Ye Neng lay on the ground, panting heavily.

His eyes were wide open, and he had a look of disbelief.

“No way, its over I havent even released my ultimate skill yet!”

The invigilator walked out, looked at the crowd, and announced the results, “Student Ye Nengs score is 0.

He isnt qualified to enter the upper house.”

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