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Chapter 319 The Grand Scale Of The Upper House

The gate opened, and Lu Yu walked in.

What greeted his eyes was peace and tranquility.

In front of him was a straight road with villas on both sides.

Each had a garden, a swimming pool, and a basketball court.

Everything one could think of was here.

Lu Yu had just walked in when someone stopped him.

“That student over there, come over and register.”

He looked over and saw a middle-aged woman holding a registration form.

“How do I register” Lu Yu walked over and asked.

“Just fill in the form here.

This is a classified place where entering and exiting are strictly monitored.

Those who are not qualified cant enter here.”

“Today is the day of the admission trial test, and you should be here for the test.

So, I will assign you a temporary residence.”

Her expression was serious, cold, and meticulous.

Lu Yu noted the difference compared to the lower house.

Although most of them were students, outsiders could also enter freely.

Furthermore, some students who chose to stay in the university to work after graduation would call their friends from the outside over from time to time.

The lower house was a little rowdier, while the upper house strictly qualified personnel.

There were only students and no one else, and they had to leave here after completing their studies.

The reason was simple.

Those who could come to the upper house would be pillars of the Freedom Federation, taking on the responsibilities of the various departments.

It was different for the students from the lower houses.

Some of them had graduated, and although their strength had been greatly enhanced, they could still be inferior to the powerhouses in the outside world.

They would be better off staying inside the university and cultivating.

In other words, anyone who entered the upper house was destined to have an extraordinary future.

Very quickly, Lu Yu completed the registration and returned the form.

After the middle-aged woman received Lu Yus form, she took out a key.

“This is the residence assigned to you.

Go ahead and take a rest.”

Lu Yu took the key and started to walk along the road.

The buildings on both sides of the road attracted Lu Yus attention, as the style of these buildings differed from that of the lower house.

They were all white in color, and the design was minimalistic with a hint of futuristic style.

Lu Yu continued to walk and saw a few young people of similar age.

Slowly, more people were walking around than previously.

Very quickly, Lu Yu found his residence, a detached villa.

Lu Yu was surprised as he didnt expect his temporary residence to be another luxurious villa.

The lower house definitely couldnt compare to this extravagance.

The quality of these buildings was on par with the high-end villas in Ixdale Central!

Every student in the upper house had a villa like this.

Lu Yu couldnt help but sigh at the astronomical wealth of Clanorth University, as expected of the number one institution of the Freedom Federation!

He followed the cobblestone path to the door and walked into his residence.

He took out his keys, unlocked the door, and walked into the villa.

All the lights in the villa were turned on automatically.

“Welcome home.

Im your home assistant.”

Lu Yu had just walked in when he heard a robotic voice.

He was pleasantly surprised by the high-tech inside this villa.

The decoration of the living room was simple yet luxurious.

Lu Yu peered through the floor-to-ceiling window and saw a swimming pool, a basketball court, a golf course, and others in the backyard.

Just these alone took up land equal to a few villas.

Its no wonder the campus area was so large.

Lu Yu sat down on the soft white sofa in the living room, and the home voice assistant spoke again, “Student Lu Yu, welcome.

If you need anything, please wake me up at any time.”

“What time does the trial start”

Lu Yu asked.

“It starts at three in the afternoon.

You can take a break before that.”

“The sofa has a massage heating function.

Would you like to turn it on”

Lu Yu didnt reply to that and continued to ask, “Where is the test being conducted”

There were only a few staff in the upper house, so Lu Yu needed help finding someone to ask for more information.

But getting information from his voice assistant wasnt bad, as he wouldnt need to deal with more people.

“In the martial arts dojo of the upper house.”

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