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Chapter 318 Headed To The Upper House

After drinking the truth serum, Lu Yus stomach churned.

The enormous amount of energy released from the truth serum made Lu Yu uncomfortable, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

This energy was so intense that even he couldnt absorb it quickly.

He even felt it would be hard to finish absorbing it within a few days.

Moreover, this energy seemed to be aggressive.

After it entered Lu Yus body, it started to wreak havoc everywhere.

Lu Yu quickly suppressed the powerful energy in his body and felt much better.

He let out a long breath and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

He lay on the bed weakly and quickly fell asleep.

The bright sunlight hit Lu Yus eyes the next morning, making him open his eyes slightly and sit up.

As soon as he got out of bed, he felt discomfort in his body again.

He was still absorbing the energy contained in the truth serum he had drunk yesterday.

Lu Yu didnt bother and washed up.

Just as he got dressed, a member of the university staff contacted Lu Yu.

Lu Yu sat at the dining table and answered the call.


“Are you Lu Yu The upper houses trial will be held in a months time.

Before the start of the trial, you will have to go through a month of training.

During this period, you are allowed to train in the upper house.”

Lu Yu was excited by the news.

He didnt expect hed be able to cultivate in the upper house for a whole month just by getting the trials qualification.

This was already worth it to most people, even if they didnt pass the trials.

“Thats great.

Can I go over today”

“Thats right.

If you can get here today, we can arrange for your accommodation immediately.”

“Alright, Ill be there soon.”

With that, Lu Yu hung up the phone.

At that moment, Su Qing looked at Lu Yu and asked, “Who were you on the phone with”

“Someone from the upper house told me that I can go over today.”

“No way.

The trial is starting today” Yun Zirou was shocked.

“Of course not.

Im heading there for a month of training before the trial starts.”

Upon hearing this, the two of them revealed envious looks.

“Im so envious of you.

I cant believe you have the chance of cultivating in the upper house.

You better work hard for this month.”

Seeing the two of them looking at him eagerly, Lu Yu nodded.

“Of course, Ill work hard.

You two should also work hard in your cultivation and strive to enter the upper house as soon as possible.”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at each other and affirmed with confidence.

“We will definitely work hard!”

“I believe that with the Featherwing Clubs resources, we will be able to enhance our strength in no time.

Sooner or later, we will qualify to enter the upper house!”

The two girls became more confident with Lu Yu as a role model.

Very quickly, Lu Yu finished his breakfast.

He got up, went to the garage, and drove to the campus center.

The way to the upper house was through teleportation.

Also, the actual location of the upper house was unknown, and the only way to get there was by teleportation.

As for the portal to the upper house, it wasnt placed at the common teleportation node or with the other portals.

The address that Lu Yu was given led him to a magnificent church in the center of the campus.

He drove past several streets and finally saw the magnificent church.

The churchs outer walls were of a dazzling golden color, making it look as if it were made of gold.

The glass windows shone with dazzling amber, and countless flowers bloomed by the church.

Looking at it, one could tell this wasnt an ordinary place.

Lu Yu parked the car at the entrance of the church.

After getting out, he walked into the church.

A guard was standing at the entrance.

When he saw Lu Yu, he said respectfully, “Welcome to the teleportation point of the upper house!”

He pushed the entrance open and walked in.

There should have been a vast hall and many seats in the church, but it was empty.

There was only a mysterious and complicated-looking array on the ground.

The church had at least a thousand years of history, but it looked new because of the well-protected care it was given.

Lu Yu stood in the center of the array formation, and an old man in a gray robe walked out.

“Young man, are you ready”

“Im ready.

You can activate the teleportation portal anytime.”

“You have to pay more attention in your following battles.

Youre in the limelight now.”

Lu Yu looked at him with a smile.

“I didnt expect you to know me, old sir.”

“Nonsense, who doesnt know who you are”

“Alright, Im going to activate the teleportation portal!”

Lu Yu nodded and knew he would be constantly targeted for being too much in the center of attention.

However, this wasnt Lu Yus concern, as he planned to focus on his cultivation.

The array mage raised his hands, releasing mana and injecting it into the array.

Immediately after, a holographic screen floated above the formation.

“Youll reach the upper house after passing through this curtain of light.

Good luck, young man.”

The array mage smiled at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu stepped forward and passed through the light curtain.

When he opened his eyes again, a dazzling ray of sunlight beamed on him.

In front of him was a marble path that led straight to a gate.

The gate was made from special diamonds, and the walls on both sides were erected from cold white stone bricks.

He was surrounded by green grass and flowers, blooming in the wind with vitality.

Lu Yu looked back and saw that he had walked out of a half-ring portal.

Behind him was a dense forest stretching as far as the eye could see.

It was like a green ocean with no end in sight.

Lu Yu started to walk along the path toward the main gate.

After a few steps, Lu Yu saw a stand with a map of the entire upper house.

He took a closer look, carefully observing the map.

He was shocked that the upper house was much larger than the lower one.

The entire area here was about the size of a mid-tier city!

However, even though it covered a large area, there were no high-rise buildings, only low-rise.

Almost every cultivator here had a villa, and there were various facilities and services around each villa.

The perfect living environment!

Lu Yu began to get excited after seeing the introduction to the place.

There must be countless surprises for him here!

He quickly walked toward the main entrance.

There were two fully armed guards standing at the gate.

After seeing Lu Yu, they said, “Please show me your student ID.”

Lu Yu walked forward and took out his student ID.

After verifying his identity, the gate slowly opened.

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