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Chapter 317 Drinking The Truth Serum

The taxi drove along the busy streets and soon arrived at the teleportation point in the city center.

The four got out of the car and walked to the center of the intersection.

“Brother Lu Yu, I remember that your upper house trials are about to begin, right” Lin Kang asked as he moved closer to Lu Yu.

“Thats right.

From tomorrow onward, I will head to the upper house.

I dont know the exact time for the trial, but I need to go and prepare in advance.”

Lin Kang showed an envious look.

“Youre sure amazing, boss.

I really want to join the upper house too.”

“The difference between the upper and lower house is huge.

Cultivating in the upper house for one year is equivalent to cultivating in the lower house for five to six years!”

“Is it that huge a difference” Su Qing couldnt help but ask.

“Of course.

Those who can join the upper house are one in a hundred or even one in a thousand.

Theyre the future pillars of the Freedom Federation.

The cultivation resources provided to them are the best, even better than the militarys!”

Lin Kang spoke lively and excitedly as if he had obtained the qualification.

Su Qing was only surprised for a moment, and then she looked at Lu Yu with some regret.

“If you join the upper house, wont we have fewer opportunities to meet”

Lu Yu didnt think much of it.

“Not really, since the teleportation portal makes it convenient for me to come and go.

If you want to see me, just call, and Ill find a teleportation array to pop back in.”

Su Qing was comforted by this fact after hearing this.

The four arrived at the teleportation node and waited for the array mages to open the teleportation portal back to Clanorth University.

They were in a square surrounded by circles of teleportation portals that led to various locations.

Lu Yu and the other three stood there, waiting for their portal to open.

“You need to be more careful in this trial, ” Yun Zirou reminded him.

“Those who are taking this trial are not only strong but also have powerful backgrounds.”

Lu Yu took her advice to heart.

In fact, without Lu Yus dragon power, you would need powerful backing if you wanted to continue cultivating to a new height.

For example, Yun Zirou was the daughter of a prominent family, and they had spent a fortune just for her to get into Clanorth University.

Therefore, those who could join the upper house would have a way stronger background than Yun Zirou.

As for what kind of family they were from, Lu Yu had no idea.

The portal opened, and the four walked through it.

With a flash of light, the four reappeared at the teleportation point in the center of Clanorth University.

After returning, they left the teleportation point and walked out to the campus street.

“Its getting late, so go do what you all must do.

I need to go back and make preparations.”

The three nodded to Lu Yus words.

Lu Yu walked to the side of the road, got into his car, and drove back to his villa.

On the way back, Lu Yu suddenly thought of the dragon arm bone he had obtained.

If he transplanted it, it would increase the progress of his Ancient Dragon Body.

It would be best if he could complete the transplant before the trial.

However, he hadnt completed his medicinal baths, so it would be difficult to adapt if he transplanted it now.

Xu Yuan would be the best candidate to perform this surgery.

After all, this surgery was crucial, more or less the same as bloodline transplantation.

He needed someone he could trust to perform it.

Soon, Lu Yu returned to his villa.

After parking the car in the garage, he headed to his bedroom and prepared another medicinal bath.

He opened his personal attribute panel and took a look at it.

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 630 ]

[ Speed: 530 ]

[ Health: 870 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 340 ]

Lu Yus attributes were pretty stacked after the massive boost in attributes from his Light Dragon Claw.

In his previous few battles, Lu Yus attributes were below average, especially his health points, and he couldnt even take a few attacks from his enemies.

After awakening his Damond Dragon Claw and Light Dragon Claw, Lu Yus survivability improved significantly.

In the past, Lu Yu might get severely injured after taking an attack or two from the enemy if he werent careful.

He always had to be careful not to trigger his equipments passive.

Lu Yu finally had more room for errors.

Following that, he prepared the ingredients needed for his medicinal bath and dumped them into his bathtub.

The bathtub was dyed blood red, and as usual, Lu Yu sat in it.

He then closed his eyes and began absorbing the essence.

After some time, Lu Yu opened his eyes again and found that the water in the bathtub had turned much clearer.

His medicinal bath was completed, and Lu Yu stood up.

This medicinal bath had practically no new effect on him, as he didnt feel any discomfort.

Lu Yu walked out of the bathtub, changed into his pajamas, and prepared to go to bed.

Sitting on his bed, Lu Yu rechecked his attribute panel.

[ Persona Attributes ]

[ Attack: 650 ]

[ Speed: 530 ]

[ Health: 900 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 340 ]

His attributes had increased by 50 points, which wasnt bad.

His attack increased by 20, and his health had risen by another 30.

This might be due to his newly awakened Light Dragon Claw.

After all, one of the Light Dragon Claws skills was to enhance the cultivations absorption effect.

Of course, the medicinal bath also helped.

Otherwise, based on his increasing resistance to the medicinal bath, the strengthening of his attributes should be way lower.

Lu Yu lay on the bed and was about to sleep when he suddenly remembered something.

After defeating the half-dragonman, he kept a bottle of truth serum.

This was the same bottle the demi-human had said drinking it down would turn him into a true dragon.

Lu Yu hurriedly sat up.

If not for the medicinal bath today, he would have forgotten that he still had this truth serum on him.

He quickly took out the truth serum and began to scrutinize it.

Although it looked like an ordinary bottle, when Lu Yu touched it with both hands, he could feel its warmth and energy.

Lu Yu hesitated whether to drink it or not.

He activated his Eye of the Dragon God, planning to analyze what it contained.

When he activated his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at the potion in his hand, he received a series of notifications.

[ Truth Serum (Dragonize): Contains the power of a true dragon.

After drinking it, it will bestow the user the power of a true dragon.


Seeing this notification, Lu Yu got a little excited, although he had initially guessed this was it.

Lu Yu was just worried about the side effects, so he didnt drink it back then.

After reading this notification, Lu Yu felt much more relieved.

He opened the bottle cap, shook it, and drank it in one go.

After a few gulps, Lu Yu finished the bottle of potion.

When the medicine entered his stomach, Lu Yu felt an intense burst of energy erupting in his body!

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