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Chapter 316 The Militarys Patissier

Yun Zirou stood up and said something that stunned the manager.

He turned around stiffly and looked at Yun Zirou.

“What nonsense are you talking about A patissier who can join the military wants to be an apprentice”

Yun Zirou pointed behind her and said, “She is the patissier who was specially recruited by the military and is here to learn some dessert-making techniques so that she can better develop in the military.”

The manager looked at Liu Yi, who showed an embarrassed smile.

“She looks like shes forty, right Youre only at the level of an apprentice, and you say you are going to join the military If youre here to fool me, you should at least devise a better lie.”

Yun Zirous sharp eyes met the managers.

“Im the daughter of the Yun family in Cloud City, Yun Zirou! I swear on my familys reputation that she already has a spot to join the military!”

The manager was intimidated by Yun Zirous words; he looked at her carefully and nodded.

‘I know you.

Youre indeed from the Yun family, but you must have been deceived too.

She cant be the patissier the military has set its eyes on, she must be a con artist!”

He still refused to believe it, and the situation was awkward.

Liu Yi pulled on Lu Yus arm and said, “Forget it.

Ill go back and find some online tutorials.”

Lu Yu looked at the manager and asked weakly, “Are you sure about rejecting us Youre not the only top confectionery in Ixdale.”

The manager chuckled.

“Are you threatening me Forget it! I wont send you off, so go off to some other places for your shenanigans!”

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou.

“Lets go; were not welcome here.”

Yun Zirou glared at the manager.

“Why dont you believe me I already said I would stake my familys reputation as a guarantee!”

She felt helpless as she couldnt prove that Liu Mo had invited Liu Yi to join the military.

“Miss Yun, if she has the qualifications to join the military, I would be more than happy to have her join me.

But obviously, this is impossible as shes an apprentice.”

“The military only needs developed talents, not rookies!”

The five didnt know what else they could say to convince him and turned around to leave.

The others in the shop saw this and treated it as a joke.

At that moment, a shop assistant suddenly ran to the managers side and whispered, “Manager, that person doesnt seem like an ordinary person.”

“Of course,” the manager said unhappily.

“How can they be ordinary when they are con artists”

Then, another shop assistant quickly ran over.

“Manager, I thought that person looked familiar.

I finally remember who he is!”

He rushed over, took out his phone, and played a video.

The video was the live broadcast of the day Wan Guliu met up with Lu Yu.

The manager frowned and looked at the phone.

“Whats this What do you want me to see here”

His eyes looked at the video, and his eyes widened, revealing an expression of disbelief when he saw Wan Guliu.

He rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

The person standing on the other side of the screen was Lu Yu, who had just been here!

The manager fast-forwarded to the scene of the badge being awarded.

Wasnt that badge the one that Lu Yu was wearing

His breathing quickened when he realized Wan Guliu had awarded this young man a third-class merit badge!

He knew this merit would allow Lu Yu to join the military as a first lieutenant, at the very least!

He had shooed away a future first lieutenant!

He instantly panicked.

Seeing that Lu Yu and the others had not gone far, he sprinted over as hard as he could.

He quickly rushed out the entrance, stopping Lu Yu and the others.

“Im sorry about what happened just now.

I havent been paying much attention to the news recently, so I didnt recognize you!”

“Didnt you want her to join our confectionery as an apprentice I agree wholeheartedly!”

“From now on, she will be our confectionerys apprentice! Ill send in the most knowledgeable master patissier here to teach her!”


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