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Chapter 315 The Top Confectionery In Ixdale

Liu Yi proposed making a few desserts for practice, and Lu Yu felt it wasnt a bad idea.

He nodded and said, “Aunt, do you know anything about making desserts I remember that you dont seem to know much about this.”

In Lu Yus memory, his aunt had never specially made desserts for him.

Furthermore, the desserts that ordinary people ate differed from those that cultivators ate.

The physical fitness of ordinary people wasnt as robust as that of cultivators.

Those desserts that could temporarily increase attributes contained vast amounts of energy, and ordinary people couldnt withstand them.

Therefore, even if Liu Yi had made desserts before, they were just regular desserts.

Liu Yi shook her head.

“Well… I know nothing about it.

But now that I have awakened my talent, I can learn them quickly!”

“Alright then.

Why dont we go to a confectionery now You can study their offerings, and itll be a good time to prepare for joining the military.”

Liu Yi nodded happily.

“Sure! Then lets go find one now!”

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zirou, who knew more about the city than he did.

“Do you know any good confectioneries in Ixdale”

Yun Zirou punched her chin and thought for a moment before saying, “Why dont we go to the largest and most luxurious confectionery in Ixdale Itll be the best place for Auntie.”


In Ixdale, few patissiers were qualified to join the military, and they were all the best.

But since Liu Yi was given a place to join the military, she was worthy of joining the best confectionery here.

Lu Yu agreed, “Then lets go to that place.

After all, my aunt will join the military, so she must learn how to make the best desserts.”

“That confectionery is called Dream Clouds Confectionery.

Its in the city center, and not far from here.

Ill take you there.”

Yun Zirou said as she led the way, with Lu Yu and the rest following behind.

Liu Yi walked to Lu Yus side and whispered, “Ill just find an easier one to join as Im a newbie.

Ill have to learn the basics first, too.”

When she said this, it was obvious that she was not very confident.

After all, she had always lived in a small place, and this was the first time she had come to such a big city.

Moreover, she had little ability as she was a newbie.

It would be difficult for a rookie to go to the top confectionery in the country to learn.

Lu Yu said disapprovingly, “If you want to join one, you should choose the best.

Its not like we dont have the qualifications.

Once they know that you will join the military in the future, they will be eager for you to join them.”

Liu Yi, however, wasnt convinced about that.

“My talent is only C-level.

Are you sure I will be important to them just because I can join the military”

Lin Kang, who was at the side, came over.

“Auntie, you underestimated the military.

The military has the most abundant and concentrated resources in the Freedom Federation!”

“As long as you can join them, even if you have a D or E-Level talent, you can grow quickly and become important.”

“So dont worry.

As long as you join the military, youll eventually be the top patissier sometime in the future.

They will know this and definitely value you.”

Hearing this, Liu Yi was relieved.

She nodded and answered, “Thanks for telling me all that; Ill believe you and give it a go.”

Lin Kang smiled awkwardly when he heard the compliment.

Su Qing reached over and said words of encouragement, “Auntie, you can do it! You will be the top patissier in the Freedom Federation in no time!”

Liu Yi nodded with a smile.

Soon, they arrived at the busiest commercial street in the city center.

Yun Zirou raised her head and saw a huge sign hanging above.

The wordsDream Clouds Confectionery was written on the signboard.

Since it was still regular working hours, there werent many customers in the shop.

The confectionery was about the size of a medium-sized supermarket.

All kinds of desserts were displayed and could be seen clearly through the glass wall.

“This is the place.

Lets go in.”

Yun Zirou led the way and walked into the shop.

Yun Zirou pushed the door open, and the five walked in.

When the service staff at the shop entrance saw that five people had come at once, she immediately revealed a bright smile.

“Welcome to Dream Clouds Confectionery.”

All kinds of exquisite desserts were displayed in the glass display cabinets, instantly attracting their attention.

There were all kinds of special and unique desserts on display, and just one look at them made their mouths salivate.

A custard dessert made from Abyssal Rose and Earth-Shaking Cows milk was deeply appetizing just by looking at it.

Moreover, these two ingredients were quite costly.


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