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Chapter 314 The Opportunity To Join The Military, Discharged From Hospital

Everyone was surprised upon hearing Liu Mos words.

“Is it true My aunt can join the military and be a patissier there”

Lu Yu was shocked, as he didnt expect his aunt, who had just awakened her talent but wasnt even the slightest bit qualified, could join the military.

Many people had worked hard for most of their lives but were still not qualified to join the military.

There was always a stringent standard!

Liu Yi was also astonished, as she knew what kind of place the military was.

She also knew that she was far from qualified to join it.

Liu Mo explained, “Of course, you can.

The military is currently short of patissiers as there arent many people in this profession.

Moreover, the military is strict about recruiting people from outside, so this position has always been vacant.”

What he meant was that he wasnt recruiting Liu Yi because of her talent but because of Lu Yu.

His purpose was to give Liu Yi a safe environment so Lu Yu wouldnt have to worry about his familys safety in the future.

This way, Lu Yu could put all his concentration into cultivation.

From Liu Mos point of view, Lu Yus talent was something they hadnt seen before.

If Lu Yu could cultivate properly, his strength would improve like a rocket.

It would be a great loss to be delayed by any trifle.

“Relax; theres no problem, and dont worry.

I do have quite the position in the military, or at the very least, I can decide on the recruitment of a patissier.”

“She can head to the military now, or she can make her preparations and go there in a few days.”

“Aunt, what do you think” Lu Yu looked at Liu Yi and asked.

Liu Yi immediately shook her head and refused.

“Although it is tempting to join the military as a patissier right now, I have been in a coma for so long.

I have just recovered from this serious illness, and I would like to have a chat with Lu Yu first.”

Liu Mo nodded.

“I understand.

If thats the case, Ill take my leave.”

With that said, he looked at Xu Yuan and asked, “Do you plan to go back now You can hitch a ride with us.”

Xu Yuan walked over to him.”Yeah, its time to head back, as Ive been out for so long.

The assassin from the Lionheart Empire is dead, so I need to go back and report this.”

He turned around and looked at Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu, were friends from now, and I think of you as a younger brother.

If you need anything, just give me a call.”

Lu Yu waved his hand at him.

“No worries, you go on ahead to return to the military.

Ill look for you when I enter.”

The two of them bade each other farewell.

Xu Yuan, Liu Mo, and his two disciples boarded the helicopter together.

The cabin door closed, and the helicopter took off, heading back in the direction it had come from.

Watching the helicopter return, Lu Yu couldnt help but sigh, “There are so many capable people in the military.

They easily solved our two major problems.”

Liu Yi looked at Lu Yu with a gratified expression.

“You sure gave me a shock, having such a high position in the military.”

“Its a pity that my health wasnt well, and I didnt get to witness your rise.”

Speaking of this, Liu Yis face was full of regret.

Yun Zirou walked over and reminded her with a smile, “Auntie, Lu Yu is popular now, and you can find his videos on the internet.

So, you can take your time to watch all of them.”

Liu Yi smiled happily.

“Thats great!”

Lu Yu shrugged his shoulders helplessly.

“Alright, lets head back downstairs and get you discharged.”

Lu Yu took the lead and walked to the elevator, soon arriving at the lobby on the first floor.

Just as Lu Yu and the others were about to leave, an old man in a suit hurriedly walked over to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu recognized him at a glance, and he was the director of this hospital.

“Hello, director.

My aunt will be discharged from the hospital, and thank you for taking care of us all this time.” Lu Yu greeted him with a smile.

The hospital director, too, had a bright smile on his face.

He had roughly guessed who the guests on the rooftop were.

He also knew that Lu Yu had a third-class merit and would join the military in the future.

Therefore, when he learned that Liu Yi had been cured in their very hospital, he was elated.

He had good judgement and could tell Lu Yu would be a big shot soon, just like Liu Mo and Xu Yuan!

Therefore, now that the hospital had cured Lu Yus aunt, it was equivalent to Lu Yu owing them a favor.

“Thats great! I always knew your aunt would recover, and Im here to congratulate her on her discharge!”

“Oh right, if you need anything in the future, just come to me.

As the best hospital in Freedom Federation, we will always provide you with the best service available.”

The directors attitude made the surrounding peoples eyes widen, and they looked at Lu Yu curiously.

The passersby couldnt help but wonder who this young man was.

Some knew Lu Yu and understood why he was so important.

Lu Yu only smiled at the directors attitude.

“Thank you, director.

Ill remember it.

If I need anything in the future, Ill come here immediately.”

“Can I also receive VIP treatment” Yun Zirou asked.

Su Qing looked over curiously, and the offer also tempted Lin Kang.

The director revealed a kind smile and said, “Of course, of course.

You all are Lu Yus good friends, so you are naturally our hospitals distinguished guests.

If you want to see a doctor, feel free to come over.

I promise to provide the most distinguished service we can!”

For a hospitals director to say such was enough to show how much he valued Lu Yu.

Yun Zirou was born into the upper class of society, so she naturally knew how influential the director was.

She was thrilled when she saw the directors attitude toward Lu Yu.

Lin Kang was also so happy that his entire body was trembling, nervous beyond belief, that such an important figure was talking to him with such a polite attitude.

Su Qing was also excited, but she was more about admiring Lu Yu and didnt care much about the director.

After all, she had seen Lu Yus progress since his awakening and always thought that the changes in Lu Yus body were nothing short of a miracle.

The surrounding passersby looked at them with envy.

They were all envious of Yun Zirou and the others who could be friends with Lu Yu.

Lu Yu nodded with a smile.

“Youre too kind, director.

Well take our leave first.

If theres anything you need, Ill come as soon as possible.”

The director slightly tilted his body forward and nodded at Lu Yu.

Then, he stood and watched as Lu Yu left and waved goodbye.

Lu Yu took the lead and walked out, and Liu Yi couldnt help but praise, “Now that you have the strength, your status has changed too.

The difficult days of the past seem to be gone forever.”

“Of course.

One of the reasons I want to get stronger is to give us a better life.

Aunt, you have to study hard when you enter the military.

The competition there is fierce.”

Hearing that, Liu Yi started sweating as she realized the military was not a place for average people.

“I think I need to make desserts now for practice.

Otherwise, how would I adapt to the militarys environment”

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