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Chapter 313 Awakened Profession, Patissier

Everyone was standing on the roof of the hospital building, and Lu Yu looked at Liu Mo.

“Where do you plan to set up the reawakening array”

Liu Mo looked around and stated, “We can do it here.”

“Do we start straight” Xu Yuan asked.

“This formation only has requirements for the array mages and no environmental requirements.

Lets start here and finish it as soon as possible so we can go back quickly.”

“This small matter is not worth wasting more of our time.”

Liu Mo, a level 7 array mage coming all the way here to set up a reawakening formation, was making a mountain out of a molehill.

Under normal circumstances, he wouldnt be willing to come, even if the other party had high status and power.

He was here mainly because he heard that Lu Yu possessed the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline.

Liu Mo brought his two disciples and walked toward an empty space.

Lu Yu and the others followed him.

On the way, Liu Mo suddenly thought of something.

He looked at Lu Yu and instructed, “Dont tell anyone about the Holy Dragon King bloodline in your body.

Its best to keep it a secret as if others find out, Im afraid theyll have bad intentions.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yuan took the lead and nodded, expressing their agreement.

“Thats right, the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline is precious beyond belief.

Moreover, if outsiders find out that I helped you complete the transplant operation, both of us will be in trouble!”

Hearing this, Lu Yu nodded his head gravely.

He knew the consequences, as he had just dealt with an assassin from the Lionheart Empire yesterday.

Even within the Freedom Federation, all sorts of forces surged in the dark.

If some underground force targeted them, Lu Yu and Xu Yuan wouldnt be in a good spot.

“This bloodline can only be passed down in our family, right ”

Liu Mo nodded.

“Of course.

But even so, there will still be people who covet this bloodline.

So, you should be more careful.”

Then he looked at the three people behind Lu Yu and asked, “Are these three trustworthy”

Yun Zirou and the others were awkward, but they didnt know what to say.

“They can be trusted,” said Lu Yu immediately.

“Its fine if they know.”

“Thats good then…”

“But I might need to use my Light Dragon Claws in battle.

Wont I be exposed” Lu Yu expressed his concerns as it was impossible that he awakened the Light Dragon Claw but didnt use it.

Liu Mo shrugged his shoulders.

“The Holy Dragon King is of an ancient bloodline.

Not many people know about it, and even if they do, they will have forgotten about it.”

“Youll be strong enough to deal with the trouble by the time your Light Dragon Claws are found to be related to the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline.”

As he finished his sentence, everyone arrived at the empty field.

Under Liu Mos instruction, Liu Yi stood in the center of the field while he and his disciples formed a triangle and surrounded her.

Liu Yi was excited.

She clenched her fists and bit her lips from time to time.

She looked at Lu Yu and smiled.

Lu Yu reassured her, “Dont be nervous, aunt.

Youll have your talent soon.”

Liu Yi nodded excitedly, “Yes, I will have one soon…”

Lu Yu and the others began to observe the ritual.

At that moment, Liu Mo raised his hands and released mana from his palms.

Then, a light spot appeared under Liu Yis feet.

Following that, his other two disciples also extended their hands, releasing energy and inscribing a formation.

The spots of light started to spread out under Liu Yis feet.

They turned into countless lines, forming all kinds of wonderful patterns.

The formation under Liu Yis feet was so complicated and exquisite that Lu Yu had never seen anything like it.

It was evident that this array was complex.

A level 5 array mage alone would definitely not be able to complete it.

Although a level 5 array mage was rare, there were still many in society.

It was just that they didnt stand out.

If a level 5 array mage could activate a reawakening formation array by themselves, the rules of awakening in this world would have changed long ago.

Moreover, the reawakening formation array was unique to the military and shouldnt be spread to the outside world.

The formation was carved bit by bit, and soon a six-meter-wide formation appeared.

The dazzling lines of the formation shone on Liu Yis body.

These light beams carried powerful energies as they rushed into Liu Yis body.

At that moment, Liu Yi felt her body was full of strength and vitality.

She seemed to be able to feel that a certain box in her body was being opened.

Liu Mos face remained indifferent as if this formation were a piece of cake to him.

As for his two disciples, their expressions didnt look good.

The two had been injured before this and looked extremely weak when they had to release almost all their mana.

Lu Yu and the others looked at Liu Yi and were nervous.

All the light beams of the formation emerged and rushed into Liu Yis body.

Powerful and boundless energy gushed into her body, giving Liu Yi the feeling of power she had never felt before.

The energy slowly condensed.

Soon, a line of glowing text appeared before her eyes.

[ Congratulations on awakening: Patissier, C-Level ]

Patissier, C-Level: Activate the patissier profession.

The learning progress of pastry and desserts, efficiency, and quality double.

After reading the notifications, Liu Yi was elated.

“Ive successfully and finally completed my awakening!”

Lu Yu quickly stepped forward and asked, “What kind of talent is it “Is it the same as the one you had back then”

Liu Mo shook his head.

“She was maybe able to awaken her talent as a Light Elemental Mage because of the bloodline.

Now that the bloodline is gone, she cant be a Light Elemental Mage anymore.”

Hearing that, Liu Yi nodded in agreement.

“Thats right.

I didnt awaken the Light Elemental Mage and instead have the talent to be a dessert and pastry chef.”

The patissier talent was common, as many young girls would awaken this talent.

This talent wasnt too bad.

Although it wouldnt provide a mainstream profession, it could still give Liu Yi a decent social status.

Just like those professional chefs, desserts made by a patissier could also temporarily increase a cultivators attributes.

The desserts made by a higher-level patissier master would have stronger attributes!

Liu Yi walked out of the formation and returned to Lu Yus side.

“Im quite satisfied with this talent, as I can make desserts for you.”

Lu Yu nodded with a smile.

“Aunt, with your cooking skills, youll be a first-class chef in no time!”

At that moment, Liu Mo suddenly thought of something.

He looked at Liu Yi and asked, “Since youve awakened this talent, you would need a job related to this talent.”

Liu Yi nodded and said, “Thats right.

Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to use my talent to its fullest.”

Liu Mo thought for a moment and suggested, “Why not you come to join the military and be a patissier there”

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