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Chapter 312 The Price Of Arrogance


The two array mages fell to the ground.

One had lost two teeth, and the others chin was crooked.

The two lay on the ground, wailing in pain.

At that moment, everyone looked at Lu Yu in shock, including Liu Mo.

They didnt expect Lu Yu to make a move so decisively and get physical!

Moreover, the strength with which he hit them wasnt light, injuring them.

Liu Yi panicked.

She hurried over and wanted to pull Lu Yus ear out of habit before coming to her senses and realizing that he wasnt the little boy he was back then.

So, she retracted her hand.

“Lu Yu, why did you hit him ” She could only ask helplessly, “Moreover, someone from the military!

“Youre going to join the military, which will affect your chances.”

She looked at Lu Yu with heartache.

Lu Yu had already given up a lot to cure her illness and was now even punching someone from the military, making her feel bad.

“Aunt, I wouldnt have hit them if they didnt say those derogatory words.

They asked for it!”

“If I cant join the military because of this, then I wont!”

Lu Yu said stubbornly.

He wouldnt be softhearted if they dared continue to discriminate against his aunt!

Liu Yi sighed helplessly, knowing Lu Yus temper.

He would never change his mind.

Therefore, even if she tried persuading him, it would be to no avail.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing were both anxious.

If these array mages were to escalate this, it wouldnt end well for Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu, Ill always be on your side.

They deserve this!” Su Qing clenched her fists and cheered for Lu Yu.

Yun Zirou hesitated for a moment.

She had a family behind her, and it would affect her family if she offended the military.

She hesitated for a moment before saying, “I believe in you!”

Lin Kang put his hand on Lu Yus shoulder and sighed, “As expected of the brother I acknowledged; I didnt follow the wrong person!”

At that moment, the array mages hurriedly stood up and glared at Lu Yu angrily!

“You bastard, how dare you hit us.

Dont think that youre untouchable!”

“You want to go against the two of us Youll be dead soon!”

The two shouted angrily.

Immediately after, they gestured with their hands and silently chanted an incantation.

A dazzling array appeared in the air!

This was the most common attack array formation used by the two of them.

It was capable of releasing powerful energy waves to assault the enemy!

The two quickly set up their arrays, causing the people behind Lu Yu to panic.

With both level 5 array mages getting serious, Lu Yu might not even be able to hold on.

However, just as their formations took shape, Liu Mo waved his hand.

The array formations instantly scattered, turning into a gust of wind and disappearing.

The two stood rooted to the ground, looking at Liu Mo in confusion.

“Master, why are you doing this”

“Master, this brat attacked us first.

Cant we fight back”

The two looked at Liu Mo pitifully.

However, Liu Mo only said indifferently, “Its you two that are being unreasonable.

Just forget it; if you two fight him, you cant win anyway.

At that time, you two will be embarrassed, and you will also embarrass me!

The two looked at each other and said incredulously, “Master, what are you talking about How can we be weaker than him”

“Yes, his talent is impressive, but were both level 5 array mages.

Hes only a gold rank at most, right He cant be our match!”

Liu Mo turned around and glared at them.

“Are you doubting my judgment”

“We wouldnt dare!” The two men quickly lowered their heads.

“Apologize!” Liu Mo chided.

The two hesitated for a moment before helplessly doing so.

“Im sorry.

We shouldnt have said that.”

They both bowed their heads and apologized to Liu Yi and Lu Yu.

Before the pain on their faces was gone, they were hit with a mental blow, and it sure didnt feel good.

Everyone was surprised, as they didnt expect this to be Liu Mos answer.

They thought that with such a disciple, their master wouldnt be any better.

It seemed like they were wrong.

Liu Mo looked at Lu Yu again and said, “Im really sorry, boy.

My two disciples are bad with words and have offended you.”

Lu Yu waved his hand.

“Its fine since theyve apologized, and I wouldnt take this to heart.”

“I hope you wont get too emotional over such a small matter.

A talented individual whom Wan Guliu values personally shouldnt stop joining the military because of a small spat, as that would be such a pity.”

“No, I will still join the military.

After all, its a large group with all kinds of people.”

The people behind Lu Yu were surprised, as they didnt expect this farce to be over quickly with Liu Mos mediation.

However, they also noticed something.

Liu Mo could destroy the array set up by both level 5 array mages with a wave of his hand; what terrifying prowess!

I believe youve transplanted the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline,” Liu Mo suddenly added.

“However, such a powerful bloodline must have changed your insides.”

“Can you let me see what the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline brought you”

Lu Yu could tell he was just curious and wanted to see it.

After all, the Holy Dragon King was an ancient true dragon, one of the strongest dragons back then, even more powerful than the four elemental dragons!

Liu Mo wasnt the only one curious; his two disciples were too.

Lu Yu raised his hands and transformed them into his dragon claws.

Then, glowing armor appeared and covered his dragon claws.

The smooth, glowing lines looked clean and elegant.

They connected from his five fingers to his arm, straight and minimalistic.

Lu Yus claws were sharper than usual in his Light Dragon Claw form, as if they could cut through anything!

Liu Mos eyes widened when he saw the dazzling dragon claws.

“This… is indeed the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline.

This is the Holy Dragon Kings dragon claws!”

He exclaimed in shock.

He had studied ancient mythical beasts, so he was naturally more shocked than others!

The two disciples beside him couldnt help but widen their eyes.

“No way, its actually true!”

“The Holy Dragon Kings bloodline is really in their family!”

At this moment, Xu Yuan finally stepped forward to clarity, “It is the real Holy Dragon King bloodline.

So, stop doubting him, as the truth is right here!”

At this moment, Liu Mo took two deep breaths.

“I cant wait to see your future achievements.

Wan Guliu sure has a good eye to find you so quickly and rope you in, he has done a good job in this matter.”

“Next, let the three of us set up an array to complete the reawakening.”

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