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Chapter 311 Looking Down, Questioning

Liu Mo looked at Lu Yu with a curious expression.

Lu Yu was confused.

“Are you interested in this Bloodline or whatever, it doesnt seem to have anything to do with your profession.”

“True, but Xu Yuan told me that the bloodline you obtained is the bloodline of the Holy Dragon King! Is this true”

He widened his eyes and looked at Lu Yu with excitement, waiting for his answer.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Thats right.

Its the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline.

Is there a problem”

Liu Mo shook his head, “Such a rare bloodline, and you inherited it; what an incredible miracle.

Adding your talent to this bloodline, you will definitely become a great person in the future!”

After he said it excitedly, an array mage beside him couldnt help but speak up.

“Master, you know the rarity of the Holy Dragon King Bloodline.

How could it appear here, and on an ordinary woman at that”

“There must be a mistake.

Its probably a bloodline mistaken for the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline.”

“How could such a precious bloodline appear in an ordinary person Thats kind of impossible just thinking about it.”

“I know, right.

At most, it must be a bloodline of the Shining Python, and its impossible for them to have anything to do with dragons.”

In this world, anything related to dragons was usually rare and ancient.

When the level 5 array mage saw Liu Yi, he assumed that such a precious bloodline couldnt have appeared in an ordinary woman.

Liu Mo nodded when he heard that and sized up Liu Yi.

“Its not unreasonable for you to think that.

I would have believed it if this bloodline had been passed down to Lu Yu from the beginning.”

Both level 5 array mages beside Liu Mo felt he had made a mistake.

The Holy Dragon Kings bloodline couldnt possibly appear here!

At that moment, Lu Yu was not happy.

The two mages before him were clearly looking down on his aunt!

Why cant she, an ordinary woman, inherit the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline

What was the difference between these two and those array mages back then They had the same arrogance!

“Hey, watch your words.

Are you trying to say that its normal for me to have this bloodline, but its abnormal for my aunt to have it”

Lu Yus tone was a little unfriendly.

The long-haired array mage quickly shook his hand and said, “Brother, I was just asking.

What if you really got it wrong Besides, do you really think that your aunt is worthy of this bloodline”

The short-haired array mage continued, “The Holy Dragon King bloodline contains a terrifying amount of energy.

Shes just a frail woman, so theres no way she can withstand such a bloodline, and even if its true, its impossible for her to hold it inside her until now!”

“So, you guys got it wrong.

Just face reality; its just an ordinary light elemental bloodline.”

“Its kind of ridiculous for it to have anything to do with dragons.”

Lu Yu couldnt help but clench his fists at their words.

Even after everything, they still felt Liu Yi wasnt worthy of such a powerful bloodline!

On the other hand, Liu Yi was feeling sad.

What happened when she was 18 seemed to have happened again, with yet another pair of arrogant array mages taking away her awakening rights.

But she was much more mature this time, so she kept silent.

She looked at Lu Yu and said, “Dont mind this.

Just do your thing.”

She was trying to persuade Lu Yu to give up because she didnt want Lu Yu to provoke the military.

He had yet to join them and was at risk of angering two array mages.

If that happened, he would have a tough future ahead of him.

Most importantly, these array mages were powerful, and Lu Yu wasnt their match.

Lu Yu didnt listen to his aunt.

He had to do something about this!

His aunt was mistreated when she was young and too weak to protect herself.

Lu Yu had the ability now, so how could he tolerate his aunt getting the same treatment again

He took a step forward toward the long-haired man and looked him in the eye.

“You two better take back what you just said and apologize to my aunt.

Otherwise, Ill make you pay for what you said!”

Hearing this, the two of them looked at each other and laughed.

The person standing behind them was a level 7 array mage!

Why should the two of them be afraid

“Are you kidding me Were just guessing; whats the harm” The long-haired man asked with a plastered smile.

“Thats right, thats right.

Youre taking things so seriously.

How did you even cultivate to this level”

The two of them continued to mock Lu Yu.

They were both young geniuses, so they had a sense of pride and were tired of Lu Yu being the center of the militarys attention.

At this moment, Liu mo, standing behind them, didnt say anything or intend to step in.

He was curious about how Lu Yu would react in such a situation.

At that moment, Lu Yu clenched his fists and was ready to fight.

As for the consequences, he didnt bother considering that!

Liu Yi anxiously spoke up, “Lu Yu, let them say whatever they want.

Its fine.”

“Youve seen that I couldnt withstand the bloodline.

So, its true that my body is weak.”

“If you had completed your awakening when you were 18, would you be unable to withstand that bloodline” Lu Yu rejected her advice.

“No ordinary person can withstand even an ordinary bloodline inside them for long, not to mention one from the Holy Dragon King!”

“At the end of the day, its these arrogant array mages fault!”

Lu Yu glared at the two array mages.

Liu Yi wouldnt have even suffered if it werent for these arrogant array mages!

The two were a little scared by Lu Yus gaze, but they were confident in their abilities.

If Liu Mo didnt say anything, why should they be afraid

At that moment, Liu Yi didnt know how to persuade Lu Yu.

What Lu Yu said made sense, and she couldnt refute it.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at Lu Yu worriedly, as it was no small matter to offend someone from the military.

Xu Yuan gulped nervously, looking at what was happening.

Although his position in the military wasnt low, with Liu Mo here, it wasnt appropriate for him to stand out and diffuse the situation.

“Apologize to my aunt.

Otherwise, dont blame me for acting rudely!”

Lu Yu coldly threatened.

The two of them looked at each other and laughed disdainfully.

“Hah, in your dreams.”

“Are you joking Shes just an ordinary person with her fate to do odd jobs.

What qualifications does she have to have us apologize ”

Before the long-haired man could finish his sentence, Lu Yu swung out a fist, landing a solid punch on his face.

The next moment, the long-haired man was sent flying.

Immediately after, Lu Yu threw another punch at the short-haired array master.

The same punch landed on his face with pinpoint precision.

With a muffled bang, the two of them were sent flying by Lu Yu!

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