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Chapter 310 Level 7 Array Mage

Liu Yi was surprised and hadnt expected that she would have the chance to reawaken at her age.

Most people only have one chance to awaken at age 18, and it is an event that determines the future of their lives.

This was common sense shared by everyone.

However, there was a second chance in the military.

This was a secret, and not many people knew about it.

Therefore, when Xu Yuan mentioned that the military could help Liu Yi undergo another awakening, most of them expressed disbelief, including Lu Yu.

Lu Yu looked at Xu Yuan and asked, “So when can we start the awakening ceremony”

Xu Yuan looked down at his phone and replied, “Ive just contacted the array mages, and theyll be here soon.

They just told me that theyd be here today.

Lin Kang, standing next to him, couldnt help but exclaim, “As expected of the military.

Such efficiency.

“Thats great!” Yun Zirou laughed happily.

“If Aunty can complete her awakening, her life will be much easier.”

Hearing that, Liu Yi nodded heavily.

“Youre right.

Ordinary people without talent are useless in this world, and I dont want to be a burden to Yu.”

“Aunt, dont say that.

Even if you dont have a talent, I will take good care of you.

Besides, I am strong enough, and no one will dare bully you!”

Lu Yu stated this firmly.

Although this world wasnt friendly to normal people and only respected the strong, Lu Yu was strong enough to protect his aunt and give her a dignified life.

Liu Yi just smiled with relief and didnt say anything.

The crowd began to wait for the array mages while Liu Yi changed into her casual clothes.

She changed into a pink sweater and loose white sweatpants.

She looked much younger after changing from her hospital gown to her normal clothes.

Soon, dusk fell, and Xu Yuans phone rang.

He quickly picked up the phone and answered the call.

“Hey, Liu, have you arrived”

“Were here, were here.

We are on the roof of the hospital.

Come on up.”

Xu Yuan frowned.

“You are on the roof”

“Of course, I came in a helicopter.

Hurry up and get here!”

“Oh, oh, sure…”

Xu Yuan hung up the phone, looked at the rest, and said, “Hes already here on the rooftop.”

“Then lets go up together.” Lu Yu suggested.

The group arrived and waited for the elevator.

“From the call just now, you seem to be afraid of him,” Lu Yu couldnt help but ask.

Xu Yuan smiled awkwardly.

“Of course.

Although Im highly skilled in medicine and have a high status in the military, theres always someone better than me.”

“Brother Liu is a level 7 array mage.

In both status and strength, he is above me.”

Yun Zirou was the first to be surprised after hearing this.

“Really! Hes a level 7 array master!”

Xu Yuan nodded firmly.

Yun Zirou lowered her head and murmured excitedly, “A level 5 array mage is already a highly respected array mage.

The higher you go, the harder it is to advance.

Crossing to a level 6 array mage is an extremely difficult feat, and even a genius with extraordinary talent would need at least five years of cultivation!”

The others seemed to understand the value of this level 5 array master after hearing Yun Zirous explanation.

However, Lu Yu still needed clarification about this.

“Its only two levels.

Is it that difficult”

Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yu and almost facepalmed, “You really dont know much about this, huh My family is the most prominent family in Cloud City, but even with our familys status, we can only invite a level 4 array mage.”

“If its level 5, its possible if we spend a huge amount of my familys resources.

But it would be impossible to go any higher.”

“The reason is simple.

Array mages above level 5 will no longer be attracted to only money.

They no longer lacked money after their journey of reaching above level 5 and would only be attracted to something special.”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Amazingly, even your family couldnt invite a high-level array mage, and Xu Yuan is capable of doing so.”

Everyone looked at Xu Yuan, and he fanned out his hands helplessly.

This matter has little to do with me.

Its mainly because Wan Guliu placed importance on you, and theyre curious about that.”

Lin Kang immediately quipped in, “It would be a pity if they dont meet a genius like brother Lu Yu in person.

That Mr.

Liu guy is smart.”

At that moment, the elevator door opened.

They walked in and pressed the button for the top floor.

As the elevator went up, Lin Kang couldnt help but tell a story with a smile.

“Ive heard a story of a level 7 array mage before, and I heard his powers are so terrifying that he could go up against twenty level 5 array mages all by himself! Whats more amazing was that he had the upper hand in that fight!”

“That battle was exciting, and a level 7 array mage should at least be of diamond rank in terms of strength.”

Xu Yuan added, “Among the array mages who came this time, there is a level 7 array mage and two level 5s; those level 5s are considered his disciples.

The three of them will set up an array together to complete the reawakening.”

Lu Yu nodded as the elevator door opened.

The group walked out of the elevator and headed to the hospitals rooftop.

It was spacious here, with only some mechanical equipment for heating, cooling, ventilation pipes, etc.

A military helicopter was parked not far away, and five people were standing in front of the helicopter.

Xu Yuan took the lead and headed over, and the five people started walking toward them too.

The one leading the pack was an old man with white hair.

Although he looked old, he was energetic and had a straight posture with a veteran-like aura.

He was the level 7 array mage that Xu Yu had mentioned, Liu Mo!

He walked to Xu Yuan and asked, “Everyones here, right”

Xu Yuan hurriedly lowered her head respectfully.

“Yes, shes right here and can start her reawakening anytime.”

Liu Mo looked around and saw their beaming faces, finally setting his eyes on Lu Yu.

Lu Yu met his gaze and felt a little uncomfortable.

“You must be Lu Yu, right”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right.

The person who needs to be reawakened is my aunt.”

Liu Mo didnt seem to care about this.

“The reason Im here is not to help a stranger complete her reawakening but to see you with my own eyes.”

Lu Yu was stunned for a moment.

“Me Why would you want to see me”

“Ive lived for decades, and this is the first time Ive heard of such a genius.

So, of course, I have to see you with my own eyes.

Also, I heard youve just transplanted a bloodline inside you”

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