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Chapter 209 The Chance For A Reawakening

The moment Lu Yus Light Dragon Claw appeared, the surrounding area was lit up brightly.

The three students didnt squint their eyes against this bright light.

Instead, they widened their eyes and admired it.

Although this light was dazzling, it wasnt blinding.

Even if they widened their eyes to look straight at it, they didnt feel any pain in their eyes.

Lu Yu continued.

“Im quite familiar with these claws now.

I can change the light intensity and adjust the brightness, tonality, and contrast.”

Only then did the three realize the lights harshness didnt hit them because Lu Yu was controlling it.

Lin Kang shook his head and sighed.

“As expected of Boss, to evolve into such gorgeous and dazzling dragon claws.

Just in terms of their appearance, its way better than the previous dragon claws!

Xu Yuan chimed in, “Looks arent usually equivalent to combat power.

It will be a pity if such handsome dragon claws arent strong.”

“Do you think you get a lot stronger after this evolution” Yun Zirou asked curiously.

Lu Yu looked at his right claw.

” I havent had an actual combat experience with these new claws, so I cant be sure.

However, my attributes have increased a lot.”

Xu Yuan fell into deep thought, looking at Lu Yu, and asked, “Strange.

Since your aunt has this bloodline, she should be able to absorb it slowly.

Why did this problem only appear now”

Lu Yu patiently explained, “When she was 18, she also underwent an awakening.

At that time, her awakened talent was that of a Light-Elemental Mage of S-Level talent.”

“But at that time, the person in charge decided it was a mistake.

They said it was impossible for her to awaken such a talent, so she was dealt with the same way as someone with no talent.”

Hearing Lu Yus words, everyone was furious.

“Those people are bastards.

They werent of S-Level talent, so what right do they have to determine that others werent” Yun Zirou couldnt help but curse.

Lin Kang also spoke up, “There must be a problem with them.

I couldnt believe such an accident could happen.”

Lu Yu shrugged helplessly.

“This talent is a rare one, and she wouldnt be able to awaken this talent if she didnt inherit the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline.”

At that moment, Xu Yuan suddenly thought of something.

“Since she didnt complete the awakening back then, does that mean shes currently in a state of no confirmed talent”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right; shes currently in a state of no talent.”

“If thats the case, we can let her undergo the awakening again.

She may awaken a good talent that can help her live a better life in the future.”

Upon hearing this, everyone was dumbfounded.

“Youre a doctor.

Dont you know that people can only be awakened at 18” Yun Zirou sized him up and said.

“Thats right,” Lin Kang agreed.

“Ive never heard of anyone who can undergo an awakening after the age limit.”

“Could it be you guys have such a method” Su Qing looked at him curiously.

Xu Yuan looked at Su Qing and nodded.

“Thats right.

Someone in the military has the skill to allow someone to undergo a second awakening.”

“However, this is only limited to the military.

The outside world doesnt know or could use it.”

With that, he looked at Lu Yu.

“However, if its Lu Yu, his family should be able to undergo it once.

After all, he has a third-class merit, which should be enough.”

Upon hearing this, the other three looked at Lu Yu happily.

“If its possible, it would be great.

Its still difficult for an ordinary person to survive in this world as their physical fitness is much worse than those who have awakened.”

“If she can be an awakener too, your aunts life will be much easier.” Lin Kang exclaimed excitedly.

Lu Yu looked at Xu Yuan and asked, “If I want that, what are the requirements”

“Its the same as your awakening.

You just need to find a few high-level array mages from the military to complete it.” Xu Yuan thought for a moment and answered.

“Thats great.

If you can, please arrange this as soon as possible.”

Xu Yuan quickly took out his phone and sent a few text messages.

“You can trust in my connections.

Theyll be here as soon as possible, and it wouldnt take many—just four array mages.

Lu Yu nodded, and they continued waiting.

After a while, Dr.

Zhao walked out and smiled at Lu Yu.

“The examination is over, and everything is fine.

She can be discharged at any time.”

“However, her body is weak and needs to recuperate properly after returning home.”

Lu Yu stood up, walked to Dr.

Zhao, and took the report from him.

“I know.

We will be careful in the future.”

Then, Liu Yi pushed the door open and walked out.

Her steps were slow and unsteady.

After all, she had been lying on the bed for a long time.

A few nurses followed behind her.

They all wanted to help her up, but she refused.

She knew that her recovery speed would be much slower if she relied on others.

She knew she had to speed up her recovery.

In her heart, she felt that she had always been a burden to Lu Yu and that he might have become even more outstanding if it werent for her illness.

When Lu Yu saw her coming out, he quickly walked over and held her hands, helping her step forward.

“You dont need to help me.

Im recovering well.”

Lu Yu was near speechless when he heard that.

“You just had an operation; how can you recover so quickly I should take care of you for now.”

“I cant hold you up any longer.

Youre so talented, so you should go and cultivate.

Its such a waste to spend all your time on me.”

Liu Yis heart ached when she said that.

She knew if Lu Yu had spent more time on his cultivation, he wouldve been much stronger!

However, Lu Yu didnt think so.

‘”Aunt, how is it a waste of time for me to take care of you If it werent for you giving me hope, I wouldnt have been able to be where I am today.”

In Lu Yus heart, if it werent for his aunts illness that required expensive treatment, he wouldnt have fought so hard for his cultivation.

By then, he wouldnt have received the attention of Wan Guliu and the military.

“Lets not talk about this.

My friend has found a few array mages who can help you complete your reawakening!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi was shocked and surprised.

“Really Can Iundergo an awakening at my age”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right.

This is a skill that belongs to the military and doesnt exist in the outside world.

However, I will join the military in the future, which is why I got this opportunity for you.”

Liu Yi was excited after hearing that.

She wasnt excited because she could undergo an awakening, but because Lu Yu could join the military!

“Good boy, I knew you would definitely make a name for yourself.

I cant believe you could qualify for the military so soon!”

Lu Yu pointed to the badge on his chest.

“I qualified to enter the military because I obtained a third-class merit.”

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