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Chapter 308 The Plan After Recovery

Liu Yi slowly opened her eyes in her hospital ward.

She had been in a coma for nearly half a month, which was why she still looked tired when she opened her eyes again.

Lu Yu quickly sat beside her and said excitedly, “Aunt, youre awake! The operation went smoothly, your illness is over, and we can return to our everyday lives!

Lu Yu had always wanted to return to his old life and live a simple life with Liu Yi.

Now, he was finally going to get what he wanted.

When Liu Yi opened her eyes, she turned to look at Lu Yu and smiled.

“Yu, I am truly happy to see you again with my eyes.” Liu Yi revealed a pleasant smile and looked at Lu Yu gratifiedly.

Lu Yu held her right hand tightly.

“I already told you I would cure you!”

“Its been hard on you.

Youve put in so much for my illness.” Liu Yi was touched to tears.

Lu Yu quickly shook his head.

“No, this is what I should do.

Youre the one who raised me, so I should at least repay you for that!”

Liu Yi nodded faintly.

“Everything will be better now, and we can return to the good old days and live a normal life again.

Lu Yu also nodded.

“Yes, we can finally go on about our lives again.”

The onlookers kept silent and let Lu Yu chat with Liu Yi.

Suddenly, Liu Yis attention turned to the others.

” Im so touched that so many are waiting for me to wake up.

Yu, please introduce us.”

Lu Yu quickly stood up and gestured at Xu Yuan.

“Aunt, hes the one who operated on you.

Hes famous, capable, and a doctor from the military.”

Xu Yuan flashed a shy smile.

“Oh, you flatter me.

Im just doing my job…”

Liu Yi sat straight, looked at him, and expressed her gratitude, “Thank you for everything you have done.

If it wasnt for you, Im afraid I wouldnt have been able to see my nephew again.”

To Liu Yi, Xu Yuan was her savior.

“Im really grateful.” Liu Yi added.

Xu Yuan scratched her head awkwardly.

“Im friends with Lu Yu, so theres no need to be so formal and polite.


Liu Yi just smiled and didnt say anything.

She looked at the three students on the left side of her bed.

When she saw Yun Zirou and Su Qing, she couldnt help but ask, “Are you Lu Yus friends”

The three nodded while Yun Zirou said, “Aunty, were both Lu Yus friends and members of his club.”

“Thats right.

Lu Yu created a club at our university, and hes very strong!” Su Qing added excitedly.

Liu Yi glanced at Lu Yu and said, “Youre quite lucky to have these two beauties by your side.”

Lu Yu smiled awkwardly.

“Aunt, were just ordinary friends…”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing both smiled happily.

They were happy to hear Liu Yis praise.

At that moment, Dr.

Zhao walked over to Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu, your aunt needs to undergo a final examination.

After that, she can be discharged.”

Lu Yu nodded and stood up.

“Then lets finish up the examination.

Once youre done, well be free.”

Liu Yi also nodded quickly and said, “I have been lying on the bed for so long and can finally be discharged.

Lets hurry up with the checking, then.

Lu Yu and the others left the ward, leaving the doctor to perform a complete body examination on Liu Yi.

Only after confirming that there were no problems could she be discharged.

Lu Yu and the rest sat in the corridor while waiting for Liu Yi.

“Brother Yu, after your aunts illness is cured, why dont we bring her to our stronghold You dont have to worry about her meals, and there are people from the club to protect her.” Lin Kang suggested.

The Featherwings Club was still in a hostile state with other clubs.

Once Liu Yi was successfully discharged and lived in the city, it would be troublesome if she were targeted.

Besides, Liu Yi wasnt strong, and she might not be able to escape any imminent danger.

Lu Yu frowned as he realized the meaning of Lin Kangs suggestion.

After all, he had just dealt with an assassin from another country.

This proved that even in Ixdale, he couldnt take things lightly and ignore the risks here.

“Youre right.

Well see how it goes, as it depends on my aunt.”

Lin Kang nodded and leaned back in his chair.

Suddenly, Yun Zirou thought of something and asked, “By the way, arent you going to join the military in the future Why dont you send your aunt to the military now Its absolutely safe there!”

Lu Yu pondered and realized this was indeed a good idea, and it shouldnt be difficult for the military to take in an ordinary person.

Moreover, it would be a simple process if he asked Wan Guliu about this.

“Both of you are right.

However, I still need to consider her decision, as I cant make it on her behalf.”.

Yun Zirou nodded in agreement.

The ward door was soon pushed open, and Xu Yuan walked out.

“The other doctors will be doing some follow-up examination.”

Xu Yuan then sat down next to Lu Yu.

He looked at Lu Yu and said in a serious tone, “Oh, right.

Do you feel any adverse effects after the light-element bloodline was fused into your body It should be of help to you instead, right”

Once he worded his question, the other three also looked over.

“You fused a bloodline into your body” Yun Xirous eyes widened.

“Boss, youre not joking, are you Is it your aunts”

Su Qing was worried and asked, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere ”

Lu Yu didnt intend to hide this bloodline, so there was no harm in telling him.

“Clam down, everyone.

The bloodline in my aunt is the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline.

Her bloodline wasnt awakened through the proper methods, so it absorbed my aunts life force.

Now that it has been transplanted into my body, I have successfully activated it.”

“Now, I possess the Holy Dragon Kings bloodline and have also completed another evolution at the same time.”

“Evolution” The three opened their eyes wide, and their curiosity was piqued.

“I knew it! The dragon claw you showed in the ward was completely different than the others!” Xu Yuan exclaimed with excitement.

Lu Yu continued, “What I awakened was the Light Dragon Claw.

Logically speaking, the awakening of this dragon claw should be immensely difficult and require a lot of materials.

After taking over my aunts bloodline, I never expected to break through this barrier.”

The three revealed envious gazes, and even Xu Yuan was somewhat yearning.

Why couldnt such a good thing fall on them

Lu Yu raised his right hand and transformed it into his Light Dragon Claw.

The dazzling lines on Lu Yus claw instantly lit up the corridor when the Light Dragon Claw appeared.

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