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Chapter 307 Surgery Done, Complete Recovery

The surgery of transplanting Lu Yus stem cells was complete, and he quickly recovered with the powerful healing ability of his Light Dragon Claw.

Liu Yi had also completed her side of the surgery, and both of them were done.

Xu Yuan stood before the operating bed, looked at the two of them, and couldnt help but reveal a gratified smile.

The other doctors walked over and offered their congratulations.

“Congratulations on successfully completing the surgery.”

“As expected of an expert from the military.

Your medical skills are brilliant.”

“Today is eye-opening, and I didnt come in vain.”


Xu Yuans medical skills are superb.

Im impressed.”

Xu Yuan smiled modestly.

“Everyone, youre flattering me.

Im just doing my job.”

He looked at the operation table and continued, “I wonder what new changes Lu Yu will have after this operation.”

The doctors and nurses all looked at Lu Yu.

They were all equally surprised during the bloodline transplantation and wondered what would happen when the shining bloodline was transplanted into Lu Yus body.

Doctor Zhao quipped in, “The pair of dragon claws he just showed seems like one that has never appeared before.”

Xu Yuan nodded.

“Thats right.

Ive seen many of his videos, and theyre all interesting, but none contained those dragon claws.”

“So it seems that pair of dragon claws just now was a new one.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“What a surprise.

We sure didnt expect Lu Yu to evolve further after completing his bloodline transplantation.

What a lucky man.”

“Every path of evolution is difficult, and its almost unprecedented for someone to evolve after transplant surgery.

Its his luck helping him out.”

The doctors were all envious.

At this moment, Xu Yuan sighed, “Thats a bloodline their family inherited, and it just happened to awaken in his generation.

This belongs in his family, and whats there to be envious of”

“Indeed, this is his from the beginning…”

“It looks like Lu Yus strength will rise to another level soon.

What a bright future.”

“The military picked up a stellar talent, and hes sure to be a big shot in the military…”

At that moment, Lu Yu slowly sat up on the operating table.

Once the anesthetic wore off, he could sit straight and walk off the bed.

Liu Yi was still asleep and would need some more time to wake up.

Lu Yu walked off the bed, and Xu Yuan quickly reached over to help him.

Lu Yu gently pushed him away and shook his head.

“Theres no need for that.”

Xu Yuan retreated to the side and didnt say anything else.

Lu Yu walked to his aunts bed and carefully looked at her face.

Her face, originally pale and without any color, was much rosier and more alive-looking.

Her various vitals were gradually recovering.

It seemed that she would soon return to normal.

Lu Yu let out a long sigh of relief.

The surgery was finally over and was a success.

His aunt, whom he cared about the most, was finally out of danger.

Lu Yu sat by the bed, looked at Xu Yuan, and said, “Thank you for completing this surgery.

I knew you would definitely be able to do it.”

Xu Yuan nodded slightly.

“Its all thanks to you.

Otherwise, I wouldnt be able to do it so perfectly.

Your encouragement is my motivation.”

Lu Yu smiled faintly and went silent.

He took out his phone to send a text message to Yun Zirou and Su Qing.

These two were his most trustworthy and best friends.

Lin Kang was also a good friend, of course.

He had always been loyal and didnt have any other ulterior motives.

Thus, Lu Yu first sent a text message to Yun Zirou and Su Qing to inform them that his aunt had recovered.

He then forwarded this message to Lin Kang.

The three replied with sincere blessings as soon as they received the message.

They even proposed to come visit personally.

Even if Lu Yu didnt think it was necessary, they decided they would come over soon.

Lu Yu realized that, as the president, it was good if his club members came over and visited him.

Moreover, they could use this opportunity to improve their relationship with each other.

Therefore, Lu Yu agreed to let the three come over.

After waiting for about half an hour, there was a knock on the wards entrance.

“Its me, Lin Kang.

President, were here to visit you.”

Lin Kangs voice sounded outside the door, and Lu Yu shouted, “Come in.”

The ward door was pushed open, and the three quickly walked to Lu Yus side; each had a bright smile.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing were dressed in plain white dresses that complemented their figures.

Lin Kang was dressed in a black suit and looked particularly formal.

“Big Brother, Congratulations! “Your aunts illness has finally been cured!”

He walked over with an excited expression and held Lu Yus hand.

“Why are you so excited” Lu Yu asked.

“Of course, Im excited.

Its your family member who just recovered from a serious illness.

This is a joyous occasion, and I am happy as a club member.”

“Bro, now that you have nothing to worry about, you can let loose your talents without restraint in the future!”

“Thats true.

From now on, my attention can be centered around the club.” Lu Yu nodded in agreement.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing walked to the side of the bed and looked at Liu Yi carefully.

“Lu Yu, your aunt is so pretty.

I would be grateful if I could still be this beautiful at her age.” Yun Zirou sighed aloud.

Lin Kang coughed twice.

“Miss Yun, you should have more confidence in yourself.”

Yun Zirou rolled her eyes at him and continued to admire Liu Yis beautiful face.

Su Qing looked at Liu Yi lying on the hospital bed.

Her eyes were still filled with worry.

“Did the surgery go smoothly It would be best if you double-confirmed, or else there might be an accident.

By the way, how are the surgeons skills”

Seeing how worried Su Qing was, Lu Yu only smiled slightly.

“Dont worry about that.

The surgery went smoothly.”

Xu Yuan added unhappily, “Little girl, its better to keep quiet if you dont know your stuff.

Do you know who I am Do you doubt my medical skills”

Seeing how confident he was, Su Qing just shrugged helplessly.

“Im just asking…”

Lin Kang scratched his head and smiled awkwardly.

“Brother, maybe you can introduce yourself if you dont mind, as we really dont know who you are.”

Before Xu Yuan could say anything, Yun Zirou interrupted, “This person is a military doctor, specially invited by Lu Yu.”

Hearing this, Lin Kang went silent.

If Xu Yuan were in the military, his skills would definitely be unquestionable.

At that moment, Lu Yu suddenly noticed that the bedsheets had moved.

He quickly turned around and saw Liu Yis arms move as her eyes opened slightly.

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