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Chapter 305 Completed Evolution, Light Dragon Claw

The bloodline in Xu Yuans hand displayed a unique effect.

The closer he got to Lu Yu, the more dazzling the light from the bloodline became.

It started to extend downwards, and tendrils were growing out as they gravitated toward Lu Yus spine.

Xu Yuan quickly analyzed that this was the bloodline craving for Lu Yu!

This bloodline was attracted to Lu Yu; the two had a mutual attraction.

Xu Yuan wanted to try a small test by placing the bloodline directly on Lu Yus spine.

At that moment, Lu Yu couldnt help but ask, “When will you administer the anesthesia Can we start now”

“Dont rush.

I want to try an idea, and perhaps theres no need for surgery.”

Hearing Xu Yuans words, Lu Yu was stunned.

“No need for surgery Then how are you going to transplant it”

“There seems to be an attraction between you and this bloodline.”

Lu Yu was confused yet surprised.

He didnt expect that the bloodline would be attracted to him.

It could be from his ancient dragon body or maybe because of the blood relationship between him and his aunt.

Xu Yuan gripped the tweezers and slowly brought the bloodline closer to Lu Yus back.

The whiskers that extended out of the bloodline grew longer and longer until they touched the surface of Lu Yus skin.

These tendrils accurately positioned themselves on Lu Yus spine, allowing the entire bloodline to be placed perfectly on his spine.

Xu Yuan released the tweezers and saw a shocking scene.

The bloodline of the Holy Dragon King integrated itself into Lu Yus body smoothly, as if they were originally one entity.

The bloodline was incorporated into Lu Yus body in the blink of an eye.

Xu Yuan didnt even need to do anything.

Suddenly, Lu Yu could feel a powerful energy surge in his body and felt his entire body was filled with power.

His body began to heat up as Lu Yu felt the energy and blood energizing.

He tried his best to suppress this ancient bloodline while absorbing its power!

At that moment, Lu Yus spine shone with a dazzling light through his skin.

When the others saw it, they were so amazed that their mouths were wide open.

Lu Yu gritted his teeth and tried his best to control this bloodline.

Suddenly, his hands began to change, morphing into his basic dragon claws.

Immediately after, the light from the back of his spine began to travel through his body.

This strange scene was something Xu Yuan had never seen, even after he had been a doctor for more than a decade!

It was the same for the others.

They had never seen such a strange evolution, and they widened their eyes in curiosity and looked at Lu Yu carefully.

The light shifted around Lu Yus body and soon arrived on his claws.

The light floated to the surface, making Lu Yus dragon claws shine abnormally bright.

It seemed that the light was reshaping Lu Yus claws.

Soon, under the rays of light, Lu Yus already sharp claws got sharper, like a pristine dagger.

However, they were different from Lu Yus previous dragon claws.

Lu Yus new dragon claws were covered with a layer of luminous material, with glowing lines connecting each finger to Lu Yus arm.

[ Light Dragon Claws evolving… ]

This notification appeared in Lu Yus mind, pleasantly surprising him.

The Light Dragon Claws were finally here.

The energy contained in this Light Dragon King bloodline was so tremendous that it helped Lu Yu complete another evolutionary path just by transplanting it!

These Light Dragon Claws were way stronger and harder to evolve than the previous four dragon claws.

Lu Yu never expected that with the help of his aunt, he would complete this evolutionary path.

Light elements were a rarity.

It was hard for even one out of ten thousand cultivators to harness the power of light elements.

Therefore, the strength of his Light Dragon Claws was way above the other four.

Lu Yu couldnt wait to complete his Light Dragon Claws evolution, as he wanted to know what it could do.

[ Light Dragon Claws has successfully completed its evolution! ]

A notification appeared, and Lu Yu quickly sat up to look at his two claws.

His claws were covered with a thin layer of armor, with the bottom curving into a sharp blade.

The entirety of it was made with a material that emitted light constantly.

When the doctors saw it, they started discussing it fervently.

“How are your two claws emitting light Moreover, there seems to be a big gap between them and the previous claws.”

“Are those your new dragon claws Did they evolve again”

“They sure look powerful.

Im envious that you can complete another evolution just by absorbing that bloodline.”

“What a blessing in disguise.

The life-threatening crisis turned into an opportunity for your evolution.”

“These dragon claws look much more sleek, flexible, and lethal than the last few.”

“I didnt expect Lu Yus physique to be this strong, being able to control this bloodline right from the start.

He even absorbed it quickly! Amazing!”

“He absorbed the bloodline that could kill an ordinary person in an instant.


They discussed it animatedly while praising Lu Yus strength and his new pair of claws.

Lu Yu didnt care about these praises and instead lowered his head to look at his new claws.

Lu Yu could only see the outer appearance of his new claws and knew very little about them.

He opened his interface and clicked into his evolution tree.

He then clicked into the Light Dragon Claw and saw its introduction.

[ Light Dragon Claw: Increase 150 speed, 100 attack, and 300 health ]

[ Personal Attributes ]

[ Attack: 630 ]

[ Speed: 530 ]

[ Health: 870 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 340 ]

When Lu Yu saw his attributes panel, he got excited.

His attributes had increased a whole lot more than before!

The increase in his attributes elevated Lu Yus strength to a whole new level!

This speed increase alone was enough to enhance Lu Yus prowess greatly.

His health also increased by 300, allowing Lu Yu more room to maneuver with his newly found long health bar.

Lu Yus health and defense werent up to standard in the past.

If he encountered an especially strong enemy, he might not even be able to withstand one or two attacks.

However, his newly increased health, coupled with his Diamond Dragon Claws, hardened Lu Yu to a new level of toughness.

Increasing this toughness would give Lu Yu a better opportunity in his attacks.

Following this, Lu Yu looked at the Light Dragon Claw introduction and was immediately shocked.

[ Light Dragon Claw Talent: Heal, absorb, dispel ]

[ Heal effect: Switch to Light Dragon Claw and recover 5% of HP every second during battle ]

[ Absorb effect: Increases cultivation effect while being able to target an enemy and absorb 10% of all their attributes ]

[ Dispel effect: Removes all negative magic effects ]

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