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Chapter 304 Bloodline Removal, Dazzling Light

Xu Yuan took the tweezers from his nurses hand and carefully examined the thin glowing line.

He had no clue and no idea what kind of bloodline it was.

But when he brought it closer, he could feel that this bloodline contained terrifying energy.

The doctors and nurses watching started to size it up, and this dazzling thin line fascinated them.

They were confused and couldnt figure out what this thing was.

A nurse quickly took out an ice box and placed the bloodline inside it.

Then, they began to finish the surgery, using their professional skills to suture the incision.

At that moment, Lu Yu was changing his clothes under a curtain.

The energy in Liu Yis bloodline was enormous, and Lu Yu knew this bloodline shouldnt be wasted.

It had tortured his aunt for so long, so it had better be put to good use.

Lu Yu put on the surgical gown and was ready to start his operation anytime.

He and his aunt were family members, so the bloodline in his aunts body could be transplanted into Lu Yus.

“Lu Yu, you can come now,” Xu Yuan said.

Lu Yu walked over to the side of the operating bed.

The wound on Liu Yis back had been stitched up, but she was still under anesthetic, so she was still unconscious.

Lu Yu looked at the box next to him and asked, “The extracted bloodline is here, right”

Xu Yuan nodded.

“Thats right.

I cant identify this bloodline, so transplanting it into your body depends on you.”

Lu Yu opened the box slightly and saw the light spilling from the gap.

He was surprised that this bloodline was emitting such a strong light.

He put down the box, looked at his aunt and asked, “So, did the surgery complete smoothly”

The monitors at the side showed Liu Yis vitals improving and stabilizing.

“Thats right; the surgery was a success.

Next will be up to you, as I still have the energy to continue the surgery.”

Xu Yuan spoke with confidence, completely different from yesterday.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“Alright, in that case, Ill prepare myself.”

He opened his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at the box, immediately recognizing the bloodline inside.

[ Holy Dragon King Bloodline ]

Just a simple four words, and he knew what this bloodline was!

Lu Yu got slightly nervous, as he never expected the bloodline to be the bloodline of the Holy Dragon King.

It was an extremely rare bloodline, one in a million.

Lu Yu looked at his aunt, lying on the bed, and sighed inwardly at the fact that she inherited the bloodline of the Holy Dragon King.

What an unbelievable miracle!

Its no wonder she was unable to withstand the bloodline awakening, especially with her weak physical fitness.

Lu Yu recalled that his aunt had once experienced an awakening.

The awakening resulted in her being a rare Holy Mage of S-Level talent!

However, almost everyone didnt think she could awaken such a powerful talent.

They all thought that it was a misjudgment.

Following that, his aunt lived in obscurity as an ordinary person and never cultivated.

Lu Yu felt a little uncomfortable thinking about this.

If it werent for themisjudgment back then, his aunt would be a high-ranking individual and would be capable of looking down on the masses.

After all, she had an S-Level talent.

Coupled with her rare bloodline of the Holy Dragon King, it was supposed to be impossible for her to remain normal.

But she turned out to be an ordinary person, one with extraordinary talent.

The fickle finger of fate is sure a bitch.

Lu Yu considered this momentarily and reassured himself that he could withstand this bloodline.

Lu Yu already possessed the power of the four elements, wind, water, fire, and earth, and his dragon power.

Thus, he was expecting these to withstand the burden of the Holy Dragons bloodline.

However, the Holy Dragon Kings elemental strength was far beyond the four elemental energies inside him.

Therefore, Lu Yu needed to properly prepare himself if he wanted to take in this bloodline.

While he was deep in thought, the doctors walked over and smiled at Lu Yu.


Congratulations, Lu Yu.

Your aunt completed her surgery safely, and you guys can live happily together when she wakes up.”

“Its been hard on you.

Youve sacrificed so much along the way and finally got your hard-earned result.”

“Well hold a celebration dinner tonight to celebrate Miss Liu Yis successful treatment!”

Lu Yu nodded with a smile and said nothing more.

He looked at Xu Yuan and said, “Do the transplant surgery.

I believe I can control this bloodline.”

Xu Yuan looked at Lu Yu solemnly and asked, “Are you sure Even someone as knowledgeable as me cant recognize what kind of bloodline this is.”

“This bloodline is related to light elements and can help my dragon claws complete their evolution.

Believe me, just do it.”

Xu Yuan nodded.

“Since youve said so, then lie down, and Ill perform the surgery for you.”

Lu Yu sat on the operating bed and laid down.

A nurse unzipped the back of Lu Yus gown, revealing his sturdy back.

Before Xu Yuan performed the surgery, he opened the ice box to check the condition of the bloodline.

When he opened it, he discovered that the light emitted by the bloodline was getting more dazzling as time went on!

Xu Yuan frowned slightly at the strangeness of the situation.

He used a pair of tweezers and carefully picked it up, intending to examine it carefully.

But as soon as he picked up the bloodline, the light emitted shone even brighter!

Xu Yuan widened his eyes in surprise.

The bloodline was fine without any changes just moments before.

Why did it suddenly shine this brightly

He suddenly guessed it might have something to do with Lu Yu as the bloodline didnt react before Lu Yu came over.

Once Lu Yu got close, the bloodline pulsated more frequently and intensely.

Xu Yuan carefully picked up the bloodline, bringing it closer to Lu Yu.

As he expected, the light emitted dazzled brighter and brighter.

Xu Yuan took a deep breath, clamped the bloodline tight, and approached Lu Yu.

The nearer he got, the brighter the light shone! It was shining like an intense floodlight!

When he brought the bloodline closer to Lu Yus back, he saw a shocking discovery!

This bloodline elongated to about the same length as Lu Yus upper body, exactly the same length as his spine!

What was even more surprising was that when he got closer, the bloodline started stretching out rows of thin lines of whiskers.

Without exception, these whiskers pointed to Lu Yus spine, and these whiskers couldnt wait any longer to touch Lu Yus back.

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