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Chapter 303 The Anxiety-Filled Surgery

Xu Yuan looked through Liu Yis files.

On the operating bed, Liu Yi was on her last breath and only had an hour left at most…

Xu Yuan took out a scan of her neck, and he looked at the date to realize that this picture was taken the earliest.

“This is the source, right”

The nurse beside him nodded.

“Thats right.

This bloodline extends from her neck down.”

“If we want to perform this surgery, we must first cut open her back and remove it from the top down.”

Xu Yuan nodded slightly.

“I know.

Next, lets begin the surgery.”

He tidied up his surgical gown and checked the sides for anything he had overlooked.

He slowly walked toward the operating table.

Liu Yi was already under anesthesia while lying on the operating table.

The clothes on her back were cut open, revealing her white and smooth back.

Her entire back was like a soft, smooth piece of white jade.

He stood before the operating table.

The shadowless light shone down, leaving no dark spots on the operating table.

Xu Yuan took a deep breath and slowly picked up the thin scalpel.

The operation officially began at nine oclock in the morning.

Doctor Zhao walked over and volunteered, “Doctor Xu, let me handle the skin incision while you prepare for the removal procedure.”

The skin incision was the first step of a surgical operation.

A perfect opening would only expose the parts that needed surgery.

This was a part that required a lot of experience and skills.

For Doctor Zhao, this wasnt a difficult task as he was skilled at this.

After all, this basic procedure was clockwork for the countrys top doctors.

However, Xu Yuan shook his head.

“This patient is important to me, and I hope that I will be the one to operate the entire surgery.”

Lu Yu trusted that he would personally supervise and operate this surgery.

Thus, he had to work hard to reciprocate Lu Yus trust.

If he handed this over to someone else, what would his promise to Lu Yu be

Seeing that he was determined, Doctor Zhao didnt say anything more.

The other doctors retreated to the side and began to observe carefully.

After all, Xu Yuans medical skills were much better than theirs.

Observing such an essential surgery with their own eyes would be an eye-opener.

Xu Yuan gently held the scalpel.

His arm moved steadily without the slightest bit of tremor.

Starting from the skin, the fatty tissues and muscles were slowly cut open, layer by layer.

His technique was as smooth as a butcher dissecting a cow.

He was met with a surprise when he reached the spine, as a ray of light suddenly bloomed.

Under some flesh and blood, the ray of light emitted a hazy glow.

A shocking scene, for sure!

Xu Yuan was stunned and couldnt help but widen his eyes.

He had never seen someones spine emit light!

This ray of light attracted the attention of the surrounding nurses and doctors.

They looked over it carefully and were surprised, yet curious.

They looked at each other and saw the same disbelief in each others eyes.

“The patients spine is emitting light! Thats unexpected!”

“Ive been a doctor for so many years, but this is the first time Ive seen something like this.”

“Its strange.

Why would there be a ray of light coming from her spine”

“Wheres the light source”


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