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Chapter 301 Xu Yuans Self-Doubt

Xu Yuan sat on the ground and told Lu Yu about his past under the influence of alcohol.

Lu Yu heard them and finally understood Xu Yuans previous attitude.

“I know you have always been stuck in the past and cannot truly free yourself from it.

But in reality, you are a qualified doctor, a medical genius, and you shouldnt bury your abilities just because of this.”

Although Lu Yu didnt know much about him, the fact that the military and the Lionheart Empire so highly valued him proved his importance to the point of an assassination attempt.

These two points alone prove that his medical skills were not ordinary!

“I have been studying medical skills all these years.

Of course, Im confident in my medical skills.”

“But you dont understand.

Over the years, Ive often been woken up from my sleep, afraid of causing another tragedy.”

“If its just a small surgery, theres never a problem.

I can guarantee that itll be done perfectly!”

“But, in such a life-threatening surgery, the slightest mistake can kill someone.

I cant help but think of my master…”

He looked at Lu Yu, his eyes filled with shame.

“Just as you said, I have something in common with you.

Your only family member is now in a life-threatening situation, and you need me to treat her.”

“Im just afraid my masters tragedy will happen to your aunt again.”

Lu Yu sighed when he heard that.

Xu Yuan was afraid that his patient would die under him, which was why he was so hesitant and didnt dare agree to the surgery readily.

Lu Yu took a deep breath and looked at him earnestly.

He said slowly, “I believe in you.

You can definitely cure my aunt!”

“Now, Im putting my only family members life in your hands.

I believe that you can do it!”

Lu Yu expressed absolute trust in Xu Yuan.

In his opinion, Xu Yuan had the ability but was just in a bad head space.

If he steadied his mind, this surgery would not fail.

Moreover, Lu Yu had no other choice.

He could only hand it over to Xu Yuan and believe that Xu Yuan could give it his all.

Therefore, Lu Yu said these words to stabilize Xu Yuans state of mind.

He assured Xu Yuan that he had the ability.

At that moment, Xu Yuan was stunned when he heard Lu Yus words and sat in a daze.

He never expected Lu Yu was willing to hand over his only family member to him and let him carry out the operation.

Lu Yus trust in him made him see his masters shadow in Lu Yu.

His master had also trusted him in the same way.

Back then, he messed up everything.

But this time, he gritted his teeth and silently swore to do his best to complete this surgery!

He stood up and looked at Lu Yu.

He promised, “Lu Yu, since you trust me so much, just leave this surgery to me! I promise you that I will handle this operation successfully!”

“I will definitely, definitely cure your family!”

His tears began to flow uncontrollably as he promised.

“I will never let the tragedy that happened to my master happen to your aunt!”

Lu Yu stood up and patted Xu Yuan on the shoulder, “Alright, you go back and rest well.

The surgery tomorrow all depends on you.”

Xu Yuan nodded heavily and fainted on the ground the next moment.

He was so drunk that he passed out on the spot.

Lu Yu looked at Xu Yuan, lying on the ground, and shook his head helplessly.

Xu Yuan was so drunk that Lu Yu wasnt sure if he could recover for the better tomorrow.

Lu Yu grabbed Xu Yuans arm and put it over his neck, supporting and walking him back to the hospital.

As he returned to the hospital, Xu Yuans bodyguard quickly rushed over and asked with a hardened look, “Whats going on Why did he pass out”

“He drank too much and got drunk.”

“Seriously The surgery is going to be carried out tomorrow, and he still drank.”

The bodyguard sighed helplessly.

He also felt uncomfortable about Xu Yuans drinking.

It was indeed irresponsible of him to do this.

How could he be this childish when a persons life was on the line

“How did he even have the heart to drink till he was drunk How is he going to perform the surgery tomorrow in his current state”

The bodyguard looked at Lu Yu uneasily, feeling a little guilty.

Lu Yu waved his hand and replied, “Its fine.

He needed to get drunk this time, and it might even be beneficial for the surgery.”

The bodyguard was dumbfounded after hearing Lu Yus words.

He didnt understand why being drunk would be helpful for the surgery, but he just nodded in response.

“Let me send him up.

There are rooms prepared in the hospital, and he can go straight to the surgery tomorrow morning.”

Lu Yu nodded and passed Xu Yuan to him.

The bodyguard picked up Xu Yuan and helped him into the hospital.

Lu Yu stood at the hospital entrance and let out a long sigh.

He picked up his phone, found Yun Zirous number, and called her.

“Hows it going on your side”

Lu Yu asked.

“Everything is going well with the club on the right track.

The various strongholds are back to their normal operations, and we have gained a lot from them.”

“Oh right, I heard that you are at the hospital and that your aunts condition has worsened.

How are things on your end”

“Oh right, if you need money, the club has already accumulated plenty.

If you need it, I can transfer it to you now.”

Lu Yu could tell that Yun Zirou was anxious by listening to how she spoke, and he knew she was also concerned about Liu Yis condition.

“Theres no need.

I can settle the medical fees myself.”

“Im calling to tell you that my aunts surgery will be carried out tomorrow morning.

Ive already found a qualified doctor.”

When Yun Zirou heard this, she was excited and sincerely happy for Lu Yu.

“Really Thats great.

Your aunts illness will finally be cured tomorrow! We believe in her!”

Yun Zirou excitedly wished for Liu Yis well-being.

She knew Lu Yus hard work along the way was because he wanted to treat his aunts illness.

He was finally going to succeed, and Lu Yus hard work was about to pay off.

“By the way, whats the situation like with the doctor you found You better not get swindled,” Yun Zirou asked with a grave tone.

At this point, there mustnt be any more problems.

Lu Yu smiled.

“You dont have to worry about that.

The doctor I invited is from the military, so his abilities are guaranteed.”

“Furthermore, I believe in him that he will be able to successfully complete this surgery.

He will definitely be able to do it!”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou beamed with excitement.

“You managed to get a doctor from the military This is amazing!”

“Since you believe he has the ability, then I can rest assured…”

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