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Chapter 300 A Pained Past

Xu Yuan was drenched in the smell of alcohol all over and was obviously drunk from his looks.

However, he started talking more after he got drunk.

Lu Yu looked at him and asked, “What do you mean Did you make a mistake in practicing medicine before”

“I guess so.

In any case, it was my mistake that caused a tragedy.

I dont want to repeat it, so Ive always been very cautious with my medical skills.”

“Now, in the face of such a major surgery, Im doubting whether I can complete it.

Its not that I dont want to save your aunt, but I just…”

He spewed out a series of heartfelt words, and only then did Lu Yu realize Xu Yuan didnt want to take responsibility because he didnt have confidence in himself.

Xu Yuan leaned against the wall and slowly sat down.

Lu Yu walked to his side and squatted beside him.

“Ive said everything I needed to.

I trust you, so I can tell you this.”

Xu Yuans past was something he never wanted to talk about, and very few knew about it…

“Im an orphan who an old pharmacist took in.

He took me in as a disciple and taught me the art of medicine and poison.”

“I have shown amazing talent in these two fields.”

Lu Yu nodded, knowing that mastering poison techniques and medicine simultaneously required a strong talent.

“However, when I was young, I was more interested in poison and always put aside the medical techniques my master taught me.”

“I like to use poison techniques more.

When I had nothing to do, I would use the poison techniques I learned on ants and bees, poisoning their every nest.”

Xu Yuan sat on the ground.

He slowly calmed down as he sank into memory lane.

“Master observed my situation, telling me that my medical skills cannot be neglected, and I need to learn and advance them together.”

At this point, a gentle smile appeared on Xu Yuans face.

“At that time, I was learning from him, and I was living a happy life.

I had already treated him as my father, and he treated me as his son.”

“But the good times didnt last long.

He was infected with a disease and only had half a year to live.

His health was deteriorating day by day.”

Lu Yus expression turned solemn as he had guessed the outcome.

This was a big blow to Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuan never had parents but regained that warmth of human kindness.

Of course, Xu Yuan would cherish his father.

Xu Yuans life was somewhat similar to Lu Yus; the only difference was that Lu Yus aunt was his family by blood.

“My masters health slowly turned worse day by day.

At times, he cant even get out of bed and walk or even eat!”

As Xu Yuan said this, a sad expression appeared on his face, and he let out a long sigh.

He didnt seem willing to say the rest, but after hesitating for a moment, he decided to.

He believed that after Lu Yu heard about his past, he would be able to understand why he acted this way.

“Although my master was ill, his medical skills were still there.

So, he gave me a prescription and told me to pick out some herbs according to it.”

“Then, I went out to do what I was told…”

“The most crucial herb required me to climb over a snowy mountain.

At that time, my physical fitness was just average, and I didnt have any means of transportation.”

“So, I climbed up that mountain with my bare hands.”

As he said that, he raised his right hand and took off his glove.

There were several scars on the back of his hand.

“These scars were left after getting over that snowy mountain.

Some from frostbite, some from scratches, and others from abrasions.”

Lu Yu looked at his scarred hand and knew what he said was true.

He had really climbed over a snow mountain barehanded!

Then, Xu Yuan continued, “I climbed over that mountain and came to a dense forest, as I needed to find a mushroom there.”

“Fortunately, I found what I needed.”

“At that time, I was happy and excited, holding the medicinal herbs tightly in my arms.”

“I immediately used the return scroll and rushed home.”

“I gathered all the herbs and placed them in front of my master, allowing him to eat them.”

He stopped and didnt say anything else as the corners of his mouth twitched.

Lu Yu looked at him and asked, “What happened next He should have recovered after taking the medicine.

Did anything else happen”

Xu Yuan sighed and said, “I gathered all the herbs and let my master eat them.”

“He… he ate them.

Lu Yu was still confused and didnt understand what he was trying to say.

Tears started to appear in the corner of Xu Yuans eyes.

“After my master ate all of them, he passed away that night.”

Lu Yus eyes widened.

“There was something wrong with the herbs!”

He immediately realized what the problem was, and Xu Yuan nodded.

“Thats right.

After the funeral, I found a note that my master left behind.”

“Thats what he told me…”

“Child, I know that I dont have long to live.

Even if I ate what I asked you to get, it would only prolong my life a little further.”

“When I saw you take out that poisonous mushroom, I was shocked.

I wanted to scold you and throw it away.”

“But I saw your bloody hands, saw the excitement on your face, and saw the anticipation in your eyes.”

“So, I ate it even though I knew this poisonous mushroom would take my life…”

“Child, although you didnt save my life this time, you have the heart to do it.

I hope, that in the future, you can save more people!”

“Thats what he said to me on the last note he left.”

Tears streaked across Xu Yuans face and dripped onto his hands.

Whenever he remembered this, he would be hit with remorse and regret for his actions.

“I disappointed him.

He told me to save more people, but I was afraid.

I was always afraid that more people would die!”

Lu Yu patted his shoulder.

“The past hits you hard.

I understand that…”

Lu Yu could imagine what would happen to him if his only family member died.

He wouldnt be much better than Xu Yuan…

Xu Yuan wiped his tears and continued, “It is precisely because of my mistake back then that I still have doubts about my medical skills.

I dont dare perform surgeries that are too risky or complicated.”

“Coincidentally, the military took a liking to my poison skills, so I joined them.”

“In terms of poison, my abilities are decent enough.

I helped the military develop a variety of astonishingly powerful poisons.”

“The more I became famous, the more honor and status I gained by relying on poison, the more I rejected my medical skills.

I didnt want to use my medical skills anymore.”

“I was afraid of creating another tragedy and ruining everything I gained today…”

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