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Chapter 299 More Preparation Before The Surgery

Xu Yuan walked out of the operating theater, took the elevator, and went down.

He walked out of the hospital exit.

By then, the driver who drove him here quickly came over.

“Xu Yuan, are you okay”

“I just heard that there was an assassin in the hospital, and it seemed to be a big deal.”

Xu Yuan said unhappily, “Youre technically my bodyguard; cant you be somewhat smarter”

“But this is the citys central hospital, so I thought there wouldnt be any accidents, and I got relaxed.”

“Whats the situation with the assassin now”

Xu Yuan leaned against the car and replied, “The assassin is dead.

Lu Yu killed him.”

The driver nodded and suggested, “Why dont I become your personal bodyguard and follow you for now”

Even in such a big hospital in Ixdale, there was no guarantee of absolute safety.

This made Xu Yuans driver worried.

However, Xu Yuan, who had just escaped death, shook his head.

“Theres no need.

That assassin, Li Yin, has been tracking me all this time.

He wanted to make a move a few times but just couldnt find the right opportunity.”

“Now that hes dead, Im not that worried as I can confirm hes the only assassin trying to assassinate me.”

“Moreover, I have an even more powerful cultivator by my side now.

I dont need to worry about my safety for now.”

Xu Yuan smiled confidently.

He wouldnt need to be afraid of enemies ambushing him with Lu Yu here.

The driver looked at him in surprise and astonishment.

He had been by Xu Yuans side for a long time and understood that Xu Yuan was a person who lacked a sense of security.

If Xu Yuan were to go to a particularly unsafe place, the driver would always be Xu Yuans bodyguard.

So when Xu Yuan said he didnt need it this time, the driver was amazed.

“I plan to go out for dinner.

You dont have to follow me, as I can go alone.”

When he said this, the driver was shocked.

“Is it really okay for you to go by yourself What if…”

“Theres nowhat if.

I wont be in danger.”

As he said this, Xu Yuan took off his bird-beak mask, revealing a rather handsome face under it.

He looked quite young, being a man in his early twenties.

It was rare to have such exceptional medical skills at such a young age.

So, he was naturally valued by the military.

He put the mask in the car and walked out of the hospital.

It was inconvenient to go out with this scary-looking mask.

He walked along the street for an unknown distance, saw a small restaurant, and walked in.

After ordering a few dishes, he sat down and started to drink.

He finished one bottle, but he still wasnt satisfied, so he took out three more.

Four bottles of white wine were on the table, and everyone in the restaurant was dumbfounded.

Was this guy crazy, drinking four bottles of white wine

It would be fine if more people were here, but he drank all of them alone—what a crazy bloke.

Before the dishes were served, he opened the bottle cap and drank one whole bottle in one go.

In the blink of an eye, he finished a bottle of white wine.

This scene stunned everyone, surprised and shocked by Xu Yuans insanity.

Even after he finished a bottle of white wine, he didnt enjoy himself enough.

Stuffing himself with a few mouthfuls of appetizers, he opened another bottle.

Ever since he walked out of the operating theater, he felt anxious.

He could not dissipate this weird, rushed feeling from the bottom of his heart.

He knew that if he continued to maintain this anxious mindset, he wouldnt be able to complete the surgery.

Therefore, he decided to use alcohol to strengthen his courage!

He hadnt utilized his medical skills for a long time, as he had poisoned more enemies in the military than saved one.

He couldnt trust himself.

At the same time, his past was a dark cloud over his inner mind.

He opened another bottle of white wine!

“No, I cant let him down.

I have to adjust my condition!”

He raised the bottle and gulped it down.

He finished the second bottle, emptying it quickly.

He put down the bottle and was drunk, and his stomach churned.

The customers beside him looked at him and gave him a thumbs up.

Drinking two bottles of white wine in a row quickly wasnt something an ordinary person could do.

However, when Xu Yuan reached out to open the third bottle, his hands began to shake, and he couldnt get a firm grip on the bottle of wine.

His view began to blur.

Xu Yuan stood up as he realized he shouldnt get drunk here, it would be too dangerous, and he had to return quickly.

Perhaps it had been too long since he last drank that he overestimated his alcohol tolerance.

He ordered four bottles of wine and couldnt finish them all.

He stood up unsteadily and staggered out of the restaurant.

The customers in the restaurant couldnt help but laugh.

“Hey, I thought he was a heavy drinker, but he stopped drinking after just two bottles.”

“I thought he could finish them all for a moment.”

“Even I can finish two bottles in a row by risking my health…”

At that moment, Xu Yuans mind was in a blur.

The world in front of him kept spinning, making him dizzy.

He walked forward while his body swayed.

With every step he took, it was as if he was going to fall, but he was always just one step away.

He relied on his blurry memories to walk to the hospital entrance.

At that moment, Lu Yu was also at the hospital entrance.

The sky was already dark, but the surroundings were brightly lit.

It was also time for dinner.

Lu Yu came downstairs and planned to have dinner before returning to accompany his aunt.

The street lamps at the hospitals main entrance were lit, and Lu Yu had just walked out of the main entrance when he suddenly smelled a strong waft of alcohol.

He turned his head and saw the person staggering toward him.

Although he wasnt wearing a mask, Lu Yu could tell from his clothes that he was Xu Yuan.

“You… you went to drink Why is there such a strong smell of alcohol”

Lu Yu was enraged.

Tomorrow was the day of the surgery, and this guy went drinking till he was completely drunk!

How was he going to perform the surgery tomorrow How was he going to perform such delicate surgery

“Are you even a doctor You are absolutely irresponsible to your patients!”

“You dont care about this surgery at all!”

Lu Yu clenched his fists, furious, and wanted to teach him a lesson right now.

However, the only person who could perform the surgery was the drunkard in front of him.

Xu Yuan raised his head and looked at Lu Yu.

In a very uncomfortable manner, he said, “Lu Yu, I dont want to drink either, but I have to.

Im anxious, and Im getting the jitters!”

Lu Yus head was full of question marks.

“Youre a famous doctor in the military, right Youre telling me youre anxious before a surgery”

“What the hell are you talking about”

Xu Yuan replied with a pained expression, “I… Im afraid Ill make another mistake and cause another tragedy…”

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