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Chapter 295 Moon Slaying Silver Axe, A Weapon With Astonishing Power

Li Yins innate talent allowed him to continuously draw out new weapons and equipment.

Even if his armor was broken, he could repair it.

His body was like a warehouse of equipment.

Lu Yu could understand why he was the one chosen to come all the way here to carry out an assassination mission.

The weapons and equipment stored on his body allowed him to adapt to all situations.

He could change his weapons in battle at any time and anywhere.

If it were other assassins, once their weapons were destroyed, they wouldnt be able to switch to a new one immediately.

At that moment, Lu Yu used his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at Li Yin again.

He discovered that Li Yin was changing the equipment on his body.

His defense started to increase from the original 600 points rapidly.

The speed of increasing his defense by 5 points in a second meant he was restoring his defense.

Lu Yus right claw once again condensed an Armor-Piercing Water Spear, preparing to break Li Yins armor again.

Li Yin pulled out another katana from his body.

He held two katanas in both hands as he walked toward Lu Yu.

“I dont have the patience to waste any more time with the two of you.

Although I will definitely win if I drag it out, the longer I wait, the greater the risk!”

“I will end your lives here and now!”

Li Yin was confident and suddenly increased his speed as he rushed to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu saw this and raised his left Diamond Dragon Claw to block the oncoming attack.

The diamond armor that came with the Diamond Dragon Claw had a decent defense stat.

There were four pieces of armor on his arm, and each piece of armor could block two slashes from Li Yin.

As long as Lu Yu planned it out well, he could block quite a number of attacks, making it more useful than his Golden Wall.

However, unlike the Golden Walls all-encompassing defense, his diamond arm could only protect a small area.

Li Yin rushed over and swung his two katanas at Lu Yu!

Lu Yu quickly raised his left claw to block them!


Li Yins dual blades landed heavily on Lu Yus forearm.

Cracks appeared on the diamond armor above Lu Yus forearm instantly.

Then, it shattered into countless pieces and fell to the ground.

At the same time, Lu Yus right claw lunged toward Li Yins abdomen.

He stretched out his arm the moment his Armor-Piercing Water Spear finished condensing in his palm, shooting it out and striking Li Yins abdomen.


With a muffled bang, Li Yin was pushed back by the impact of the Armor-Piercing Water Spear.

Right after, several cracks appeared on his abdomen armor, and the cracks spread out to the entire armor.

Blood trickled down the corner of Li Yins mouth, and his hands twitched.

This attack caused him substantial damage.

Moreover, this second Armor-Piercing Water Spear further reduced his defense, dealing him a much more severe blow compared to the last time.

Although the previous Armor-Piercing Water Spear had hit his chest, it didnt cause any damage.

After all, he still had 600 defenses after the first spear struck him, so Lu Yus attacks had no effect.

However, it was different this time, as his slowly recovering value of 600 points in defense had been further reduced to around 370 points.

Hence, Lu Yus attack dealt around 200 damage to him.

Although his health wasnt low, this attack had injured him slightly.

“You are strong, arent you It seems that Ive underestimated you.

Since thats the case, Im not going to go easy on you anymore!”

Li Yin glared at Lu Yu coldly.

After receiving a light injury, his mood became gloomy, and he no longer had the arrogance he had before.

Black fog rose from his arms, condensing into a battle axe in his hands!

The battle axe was almost as tall as a man, but it was just the right size for him to hold with both hands.

One side of the battle axe was an axes edge, while the other was a spear-like spike.

The battle axe was silver-gray in color, and it looked like it was made of some sort of metal.

Lu Yu had to get serious, as Li Yins talent gave him a portable armory.

He must have done plenty of research in the equipment field, so taking this axe out at this time must have given him some sort of advantage.

At the very least, this battle axe must be extraordinarily powerful.

At that moment, Xu Yuan put a hand on Lu Yus shoulder.

“Lu Yu, why dont we run away I think the fight isnt going well,” Xu Yuan panicked.

Lu Yu turned his head and looked at him.

When he saw Xu Yuans panicked look, he couldnt help but sigh.

“Youre so cowardly.

But I guess its normal when you dont even take responsibility for a patients surgery.

Why did I even expect you to have the courage to face a strong opponent”

Xu Yuan glanced at Lu Yu.

He hesitated for a moment and wanted to explain, but he didnt say anything in the end.

“Im serious.

His battle axe is the legendary Moon Slaying Silver Axe, which grants the user insane power.

Lets just run.”

Lu Yu ignored him and took two steps toward Li Yin.

How could he retreat now His only family member was still lying in the operating theater, so how could he escape

“Its impossible for me to escape.

Li Yin, youre dead!”

At that moment, Li Yin was alarmed.

He didnt know how the person before him could call out his real name even though he had not shown his face since the beginning.

Although he was surprised, he remained calm.

He extended his hand and again pointed at Lu Yu with an arrogant tone.

“Youre the dead meat here.

This guy knows whats good for him, as he knows the power of my axe.”

“I have used this battle axe to kill countless powerful enemies.

Anyone who heard the name of this axe would cower, and no one dared to face my battle axe!”

“What a shame you dont know the power of this battle axe.

But dont worry, you will know soon!”

As he said that, he held the axe with both hands and charged at Lu Yu.

Li Yin charged like a warrior headed into battle!

He was a weird breed of assassin, and it seemed like he transformed into a warrior to prevent the assassination from failing.

Lu Yus claws began to morph into his Explosive Dragon Claws.

After that, he began to take a deep breath, and his chest began to release blazing trails of fire elements continuously.

The battle axe in Li Yins hand was a great weapon.

A battle axe that Li Yin treated as a treasure, a trump card, and something unique.

However, Lu Yu didnt think so.

No matter how mighty this battle axe was, it wasnt a match for his pair of dragon claws!

The first ball of fire element surged out and attached itself to Lu Yus arms.

He breathed rapidly.

With each breath, he adjusted the energy in his body.

Immediately after, the second, third, and even fourth balls of fire elements surged out and attached themselves to his Explosive Dragon Claws.

Furthermore, a fifth and last ball of fire element emerged from Lu Yus chest.

This was the first time Lu Yu had stacked five Flaming Claws.

The large amount of energy released required him to adjust his body with his Dragon Gods Breathing Technique.

At the same time, his mana was almost depleted.

This claw attack was destined to be released with tremendous power.

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