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Chapter 294 Outstanding Defense

After Li Yins entire body was covered in a layer of black fog, he reappeared with solid armor on him!

When Lu Yu looked at Li Yins stats again, he discovered that his defense had reached an incredible value of 1,000!

1,000 points of defense was a ridiculous number.

Lu Yus attack was only around 500 points.

This meant if he couldnt break through Li Yins armor, he would not be able to cause a single point of damage, and his dragon claws couldnt even scratch Li Yin.

Li Yins black armor was thick and sturdy, like an old knights armor.

He held a long, thin katana, which looked exceptionally sharp in his hands.

He looked at Lu Yu and laughed disdainfully, “Your strength surprised me, as I didnt expect you to force me to use my trump card.”

“To be able to die by my complete form, what an honor it will be for you.”

“Barely anyone could force me to such a state, after all.”

As he spoke, he began to walk toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu didnt expect Li Yin to raise his defense to such a level.

Most tank-type cultivators probably didnt even have such a high defense.

“An assassins defense this high means you arent a qualified assassin.”

Lu Yu smiled faintly.

Li Yin retorted in a proud tone, “You are wrong.

A qualified assassin must be able to kill his target smoothly and accurately!”

“As long as I kill the poison doctor, I will always be a noteworthy assassin!”

Li Yin strode quickly to engage Lu Yu with his katana held tightly in both hands, swinging it down on Lu Yu!


As the katana swept past, a swift, whistling sound could be heard.

The katana passed through Lu Yu, but there was no blood.

At the same time, the katana left a huge gash on the wall.

Before Li Yin was pleased with himself, he immediately realized something was wrong.

Lu Yu had disappeared, and what he slashed was just an afterimage.

“Its useless to dodge my attacks!”

Li Yin yelled as he quickly locked onto Lu Yus new position, realizing Lu Yu was already beside Xu Yuan.

“Prepare to cover me and release a poisonous fog!”

Lu Yu whispered, and Xu Yuan nodded, indicating that he had heard that.

Li Yin brandished his katana and charged again at Lu Yu.

His body had become a little heavier than before, and every step he took caused violent tremors throughout the hospital floor.

He had transformed from an assassin to a warrior!

Lu Yu hunched his body and stood behind Xu Yuan.

His right claw transformed into his Flowing Water Dragon Claw.

A dark blue liquid began to condense in his palm.

The liquid surged like ocean waves and transformed into a long spear.

This was the skill that Lu Yu obtained when he got his Flowing Water Dragon Claw, the Armor-Piercing Water Spear.

The gentle flow of the water could also cause a violent impact.

Lu Yu had mastered the water element, so he was capable of releasing a huge amount of water elemental energy.

This skill, specifically used to break through armor, could reduce the enemys armor by 40% in one go!

One hit could reduce Li Yins defense by 400 points!

Unless Lu Yu hit Li Yin twice with this skill, he couldnt deal any damage unless he had a skill to increase his damage.

At that moment, Li Yin rushed with his katana and slashed at Xu Yuan.

However, before his katana hit him, the cobra on Xu Yuans arm spat out a poisonous fog into Li Yins face!

Seeing the poisonous fog swarming over, Li Yin retreated and put away his katana, quickly putting some distance between himself and Xu Yuan.

Although his defense was high, his poison resistance was still the same.

Therefore, he couldnt risk getting himself poisoned or else he would be in danger.

Even if he could complete his assassination mission, he wouldnt be able to leave this place in a poisoned state.

However, just as he dodged, Lu Yu took advantage of this opportunity to launch an attack.

Lu Yu rushed out, lifting his right palm to point at Li Yin.

Immediately, the water spear condensed and shot out of Lu Yus palm.


The spear made from water streaked across the air and lodged itself in Li Yins body!

Li Yin, who had just dodged the poisonous fog, was unable to react in time to Lu Yus attack.

Moreover, the speed of the water spear was too swift.

Before Li Yin could block it with his arm, the water spear had already hit his chest.

The water spear was like a high-pressure jet shooting him in the chest.

The sharp tip of the spear instantly pierced into his chest armor, and the thrust of the water spear cut into his chest continuously!

Li Yin panicked.

He hurriedly raised his katana and slashed at the water spear that had pierced his chest.

With a gust, the katana slashed down.

The water spear exploded and turned into a cloud of water mist, dissipating on the spot.

However, the effect of the water spear had already been cast.

A hole as thick as a finger had appeared on his breastplate.

Moreover, the armor on his entire body had also softened a little.

His defense had been reduced.

Lu Yu looked over and realized Li Yins defense value was reduced to 600.

But even so, Lu Yu was still unable to cause any damage to him.

Unless, he used Flaming Claw or his lightning bolts to increase his damage.

But after passing through Li Yins defense, the remaining damage was negligible.

He needed to use his Armor-Piercing Water Spear one more time.

At that moment, Li Yin looked at the armor on his body, and his eyes widened.

He looked at Lu Yu in disbelief and said, “Its a surprise your armor-piercing skill is this strong.

It broke through half my armor!”

“My defense is now halved, and I sure didnt expect a mere water spear to produce such a powerful effect.”

He was no longer as calm and collected as before.

If his armor were reduced again, his high defense would be rendered ineffective!

“To have a skill that can reduce my armor by 40% is indeed very impressive.

But, this is nothing new to me.”

As he spoke, his entire body was shrouded in the black fog again, reabsorbing the armor back into his body.

Lu Yu frowned.

This guy was changing his armor and regaining his defense.

All the previous battles Lu Yu was part of showed him that very few people could quickly restore their defense.

A rare ability.

Once the defense of someone was reduced, they had to wait until the end of a battle to restore or change their equipment slowly.

There was no one who Lu Yu fought that could recover their defense in mid-battle.

If this ability were just a little stronger, it would be useless even if the enemy had armor-piercing skills.

That was true despair.

If armor-piercing skills were ineffective and no damage could go through, Li Yin would be unscathed even if he stood still before his enemies.

Lu Yu activated his Eye of the Dragon God again, intending to see how fast Li Yin could recover his defense.

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