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Chapter 293 Li Yins Trump Card

Li Yin tried to dash away but was unexpectedly grabbed on tightly by Lu Yus two claws.

This enormous force made it impossible for Li Yin to break free unless he abandoned his swords.

Lu Yu looked at him and declared in a deep voice, “In terms of strength, youre no match for me!”

An assassin wasnt usually strong in strength anyway since they cared about their attack and speed.

Therefore, when the two swords were tightly held by Lu Yu, other than being surprised, Li Yin didnt panic and stayed calm.

A ball of black smoke snaked out of his chest.

Lu Yu noticed the situation and couldnt help but frown.

Suddenly, the black fog condensed into a long spear!


The long spear was immediately launched toward Lu Yu.

The sharp tip of the spear had such momentum that it was seemingly able to pierce through everything!

This was Li Yins talent!

Crack! Crack!

The long spear stabbed into Lu Yus barrier, piercing it.

In an instant, the shield value of his Golden Wall decreased by 640 points, leaving only 360 points of shield value.

The spear immediately retracted and was prepared for its next attack!

Lu Yu immediately got wary, as his shield mustnt be broken this quickly!

He suddenly exerted force with both his hands.

With a cracking sound, the longswords in Li Yins hands were shattered into countless pieces.

Li Yin retracted his hands as his eyes widened.

He was surprised that Lu Yus bare hands crushed his swords!

He retreated and put some distance between himself and Lu Yu.

At that moment, he realized that Lu Yus strength wasnt to be underestimated!

He was immediately on high alert and started to take this seriously!

He stretched his right hand to his chest and pulled out a saber from the black fog.

He held the saber in his right hand and pointed it at Lu Yu.

“I didnt expect to meet a match today.

It looks like my preparation wasnt for nothing, and I can finally have an enjoyable fight!”

The next moment, he stepped forward and swung his saber at Lu Yu!

Lu Yu quickly ducked, trying to dodge the saber.

A wisp of black fog suddenly appeared in Li Yins left palm, and a dart emerged from his hand.

He raised his left arm and shot the dart at Lu Yu while he was dodging.


The dart flew toward Lu Yus neck.

At that moment, a black shadow flashed past!

Li Yins dart disappeared into thin air as if it had never been there before.

Li Yins eyes widened, turning his head to look at Xu Yuan.

Xu Yuans right arm had a cobra wrapped around it, and the cobras jaw was biting onto the dart Li Yin had just shot out.

“You piece of **, how dare you interfere Youre supposed to be a lamb waiting obediently to be slaughtered!”

Li Yin roared.

Xu Yuan looked straight at him and said, in a tone that was neither servile nor overbearing, “The injuries on my body have already recovered.

Why would I sit still and wait for death Dont think that Im some weakling who doesnt dare to fight to the death!”

Li Yin sneered, “If thats the case, then you two attack me together since I havent exercised my muscles and bones for a long time.

If the two of you attack together, Ill be able to warm up properly.”

“Warm up Maybe you will cool down forever after this!”

Lu Yu quickly stepped forward and clawed at Li Yins arms.

Li Yin dashed back, but there was no way for him to retreat further.

He raised his saber and counterattacked Lu Yus claws.

This slash hit Lu Yus Golden Wall.

There was a crisp cracking sound followed by the sound of glass shattering.

Lu Yus shield had been shattered, but he was already before Li Yin.

His claws grabbed Li Yins shoulders with great strength and forcefully pushed him against the wall.

Li Yin slammed into the wall with a dull thud, creating dense cracks like a spider web.

Li Yin coughed up two mouthfuls of blood.

As an assassin, although he had decent defense and health stats, he had few defensive skills.

He was different than Lu Yu, who had blocked two of his attacks with a golden shield.

Just as Lu Yu was about to switch his claws to his Exploding Dragon Claws and crush his shoulders, a black fog again condensed on his chest.

A crossbow arrow slowly formed from the black fog!

With a whistling sound, the crossbow shot an arrow at Lu Yus neck.

Lu Yu reacted quickly, releasing his grip on Li Yins shoulders and dodging to the side.

At that moment, Xu Yuan found an opportunity.

“Next is my turn!”

He raised his right arm, and the cobra opened its jaws wide to aim at Li Yin.


The cobras venomous fangs shot out two balls of venom glob at Li Yin.

Li Yin didnt dodge when he saw this, as he knew there wasnt time to do that.

He knew that his combat strength would be reduced by at least half once he was poisoned, and once that happened, it would be his imminent death!

He hurriedly stretched out his right arm as a cloud of black fog rose and condensed into a round shield that adhered to his forearm.

The two globs of venom splashed onto the shield, producing sizzling sounds as white smoke rose!

Li Yins heart tightened.

Fortunately, he reacted fast enough.

Lu Yu rushed over again and didnt allow him to catch his breath!

“Youre courting death!”

Li Yin cursed angrily and swung his saber again at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu stepped forward and lowered his body.

Immediately after, his right Diamond Dragon Claw tightly clenched into a fist as it smashed into Li Yins chest.

Before Li Yins saber could swing down, Lu Yus fist had already slammed into his chest!


With a muffled bang, Lu Yus fist smashed Li Yin into the wall behind him, and Li Yins ribs were dented.

With two cracking sounds, Li Yins ribs were broken.

He spat out a large mouthful of blood, indicating that he was seriously injured.

Just as Lu Yu was about to finish him with another punch.

A huge amount of black fog suddenly rose from Li Yins entire body, covering his whole body and wrapping him up.

Upon seeing this, Xu Yuan hurriedly shouted, “Mr.

Lu Yu, please stay away from him.

Its going to get dangerous!”

Although Lu Yu didnt know what would happen, he took two steps back as Xu Yuan understood this guy better.

The black fog on the surface of Li Yins body surged and gathered around him.

Soon, the black fog turned into a solid and stuck to the surface of Li Yins body.

The chaotic black fog slowly cleared up.

Lu Yu and Xu Yuan saw that the black fog around his body had condensed into solid silver armor!

His entire body had bulked up a size!

“Do you really have to force me to take out my trump card Cant you guys just die already”

Li Yins voice was cold and sinister through the helmet that covered his entire head, and this helmet hid his face completely.

Lu Yu hurriedly activated his Eye of the Dragon God and looked at Li Yins attributes.

To his surprise, he discovered that Li Yins defense had reached an extraordinary value of 1,000 points!

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