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Chapter 292 Fighting The Assassin

The arrogant words of the assassin sank Xu Yuan into deep thought.

“Are you serious Do you know what this place is Do you know how important this place is to Ixdale”

“Youre delusional to think that you can kill me and escape.

Its impossible for you to have the ability to do so!”

“Maybe down here is already surrounded by the military!”

Xu Yuan covered his abdomen and panted heavily.

The assassin looked at him and calmly said, “You dont need to worry about that.”

“Ive already placed enough explosives under this building.

As long as I activate it, Ill blow up the entire hospital!”

Upon hearing these words, Xu Yuans eyes widened.

“What did you say You want to destroy this building”

“Haha, crazy, isnt it” The assassin laughed.

Xu Yuan was terrified.

If what he said was true, then how many people would die

Moreover, the people working here were all top-notch doctors in the Freedom Federation.

The destruction of a building wouldnt be that big of a deal compared to the deaths of all these medical professionals!

Furthermore, Lu Yu and his family were still here.

“You cant do this.

If you blow up this building, many people will die!”

He knew he was talking nonsense after saying these words.

To this assassin who could kill without batting an eyelid, this was simply a small matter not worth mentioning.

Furthermore, he was someone from the Lionheart Empire.

Why would he care about the deaths of other countries citizens

“Hehe, what a joke.

Even if everyone here dies, it has nothing to do with me!”

“Your ability is too crucial to your military.

Once I kill you, my mission will be completed!”

Xu Yuan gulped.

He knew he was being targeted as his position in the military was high, being one of the best military doctors.

He had always been cautious but was finally caught today.

He was always careful about his own life.

After all, he could save more people if he stayed alive.

At the same time, he also felt shame for Lu Yus eventual death.

If Lu Yu could join the military, he would be able to shine in the future and be an ace in the military.

“I will definitely stop you.

I cant let you do that!”

Although Xu Yuan didnt know what he could do to stop him, he still had to give it his all.

“Gah, you sure talk big.

Since thats the case, let me send you on your way now!”

The assassin raised the longswords in his hand and aimed them at Xu Yuans abdomen again.

He flashed forward and, with a swoosh, charged at Xu Yuan once more.

At that moment, Xu Yuan couldnt use his cobra staff to block anymore.

His defense was weak, and he would die here if he tried parrying that attack!

Xu Yuans attack stats, speed, and defense were much weaker than the assassin in front of him.

After all, he was only a doctor…


Suddenly, a loud sound rang out, and the assassin stopped dead in his tracks.

The two looked over at the same time and discovered that the door of the operating theater had been kicked open!

The person who had kicked the door was Lu Yu!

At that moment, Lu Yu glared at the assassin angrily.

“What did you say You planted a bomb in this building and want to blow up this building”

The assassin stood where he was and put away his weapon.

He looked at Lu Yu with a smile.

“What Do you have a problem with that”

“No **! Since you did that, Ill ensure you perish without a corpse left today!”

Lu Yus body emitted a vicious aura, releasing the anger inside him.

This bastard actually dared threaten Liu Yis life.

He was courting death!

Lu Yu would kill this assassin here, no matter how he risked his life!

This assassin felt the vicious aura Lu Yu was emitting from his body and gulped.

What an oppressive aura!

He never expected a young man could release such a terrifying and dark aura.

This wasnt something someone could have done unless they had taken a few lives.


I can tell that you are a young man with real combat experience.

Since you showed yourself, I will kill you along with Xu Yuan!”

He angrily roared and raised his two swords as he engaged Lu Yu.

Xu Yuan, standing at the side, was surprised.

He didnt expect Lu Yu to explode and charge out in anger this abruptly!

Of course, he knew Lu Yu didnt come out to save him but to protect his aunt.

The assassin swung his weapon around while Lu Yu unsheathed his two claws.

The two sides faced each other, and a battle was about to break out.

The assassin lowered his head, looked at Lu Yus hands, and was surprised by them.

The pair of sharp and dangerous-looking dragon claws looked aggressive, and it wouldnt be easy to deal with them.

“Then let me see if you really have the strength to back your words!”

The assassin slashed out using his right longsword, slicing the air and coming at Lu Yu!

The sharp blade drew a cold arc in the air and came down on Lu Yus face.

At that moment, Lu Yu activated his Eye of the Dragon God and scanned the assassin.

He immediately obtained his personal status.

[ Li Yin ]

[ Talent: Heart of All Weapons (S-Level).

The user can fuse the weapon into their body and take it out whenever needed ]


[ Attack: 680 ]

[ Speed: 400 ]

[ Health: 450 ]

[ Mana: 520 ]

[ Defense: 310 ]

Lu Yu dodged Li Yins slash and swiped at him with his claws.

As if sensing the strength of Lu Yus claws, Li Yin backed off and leaned against the corridor wall to avoid Lu Yus attack.

Lu Yu pondered over Li Yins personal interface.

Li Yins attack was as high as 680, while Lu Yus total health was 570.

However, Lu Yus defense could cancel out 340 damage, equivalent to reducing Li Yins damage by half.

Even so, Lu Yu could only take two attacks.

This assassin before him had an extraordinarily high attack stat!

No wonder Xu Yuan was no match for him.

Lu Yu didnt know much about the assassins talent.

Although his talents effect seemed ordinary, his actual combat capabilities were unknown to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu quickly switched to his Diamond Dragon Claws and activated the Golden Wall.

A layer of golden shield appeared and covered Lu Yus body.

This shield alone could help Lu Yu block two attacks from Li Yin.

Lu Yus attack wasnt weak either, and Li Yin couldnt take many hits to his body from Lu Yu.

At that moment, Li Yin suddenly kicked the wall hard and slingshot himself at Lu Yu!

With a swoosh, he was right in front of Lu Yu.

He stretched out his arms and lashed out with his two longswords!

Lu Yu quickly reacted with his pair of dragon claws, using them to grab tightly onto Li Yins pair of longswords!

With this forceful grip, the two longswords were stopped in mid-air, unable to move an inch forward.

Li Yin wanted to pull back his two swords but realized Lu Yus strength was much stronger than he expected.

He couldnt pull back at all!

At that time, a dark cloud of black fog began to release from the center of Li Yins chest.

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