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Chapter 290 Lionheart Empires Assassin

When he heard Lu Yus question, he spread his hands out.

“I can understand if you dont trust me.

After all, I dont even trust myself with this surgery.”

He couldnt guarantee the surgerys success, as this was an extremely risky surgery.

Lu Yu looked at him and asked, “If you completely dodge all responsibilities, does it mean even if you kill my aunt, you can still leave like nothing happened”

Xu Yuan nodded.

“Thats right, and thats the case.

I dont want to take any responsibility.”

“As a doctor, why arent you willing to take responsibility for the patient Can you really be considered a doctor”

At that moment, Doctor Zhao stood up.

“Hey bro, youre going too far.

At least give Lu Yu an estimated chance of the surgerys success.

Youre not saying anything, yet youre trying to push your responsibility.

How can he trust you”

Xu Yuan stood where he was and shrugged.

“This is how I do my thing.

Ill always be like this, and never change.”

Hearing his words, everyone was speechless.

Lu Yu let out a long sigh as he had no other choice.

His aunts condition worsened, and time was running out.

Now, it seemed that he could only choose to trust Xu Yuan.

However, Lu Yu had to bear the consequences of the surgerys failure.

He looked at Liu Yi, lying on the hospital bed, and gritted his teeth.

He finally replied, “Alright, youre not responsible if it fails, so go ahead and carry out the surgery.

Dont worry; I wont say anything even if the surgery fails.”

Lu Yu was unhappy and didnt have a good impression of this strange person.

Xu Yuan seemed to have sensed Lu Yus displeasure, but he didnt say anything.

He never explained himself, as he had many experiences saving lives and helping the injured.

That was how he came to this conclusion.

He wouldnt take responsibility for any surgery, especially if it were risky!

“Alright, then Ill start.

But before anything, we need to discuss the surgery process.”

After saying that, the three walked toward the operating theaters entrance.

Pushing the door open, the three of them came to the corridor.

“The situation is not optimistic and I need to carry out the surgery as soon as possible.

I dont need too many people, just two to help me with the procedure,” said Xu Yuan.

Doctor Zhao looked at him and asked, “Just two is enough You do know how complicated it is to remove someones bloodline.”

Xu Yuan shook his head.

“It is complicated, but if there are too many people, it will affect my undertaking…”

Doctor Zhao shrugged helplessly.

“I have nothing to say.

You can ask Lu Yu for his opinion.”

Xu Yuan looked at Lu Yu and stated, “Lu Yu, I want to reduce the number of people inside.”

However, Lu Yu did not respond to him.

“Lu Yu… Give me your opinion, stop looking…”

At that moment, Lu Yu was staring at the end of the corridor.

“Wait, dont make a sound.”

Lu Yu whispered.

The two of them immediately closed their mouths and stopped speaking.

Doctor Zhao poked Lu Yu, wanting to know why he said that.

Lu Yu whispered, “Before entering the operating theater, there were still many people around the corridor.

Now, theres not a single person.”

The two doctors looked down the corridor and realized there was no one there.

It was deserted, unlike moments before.

This was a central hospital.

How could it be deserted

“Doctor Zhao, what is going on Why is there no one here Did they go to a meeting”

Doctor Zhao was stunned, and he didnt know what to say.

“Thats impossible.

If it was a meeting, I should have heard about it.”

At that moment, his body stiffened.

His eyes stared straight at the end of the corridor.

The lights in front of him flickered, and he could vaguely see a figure.

“I… I seem to have seen something.

Somethings wrong!” His breathing quickened.

Lu Yu frowned.

“Could it be that someone has broken in Is it an enemy”

Doctor Zhao quickly retorted, “Impossible.

Our hospitals security is so strong that its impossible for anyone to break in!”

“Be careful.

Ill go to the front to take a look.”

As Lu Yu spoke, he started inching forward.

However, a figure suddenly appeared under the lights in front of them.

That person was only a dozen meters away from Lu Yu and the two doctors!

Lu Yu hurriedly raised his hands and transformed them into Explosive Dragon Claws, getting ready for battle.

That person was wearing black tights with a sturdy body full of muscles.

There were two long swords on his back.

His entire face was covered and could not be seen at all.

However, Xu Yuan, standing behind Lu Yu, instantly recognized him.

“You… you actually chased me all the way here.”

Lu Yu turned around to look at him.

“You know him Who exactly is this guy”

“He is an assassin sent by the Lionheart Empire.

His purpose is to kill me!”

Xu Yuans tone became agitated.

Clearly, this person before him was pressuring him.

“Xu Yuan, you have nowhere to go.

Today, you will die here!”

The person began to move toward the three with a tone filled with confidence.

Doctor Zhao looked at him and yelled, “Where are the other doctors What did you do to them”


They are all tied up by me, and theres only us here.”

“If the two of you dont want to die, then get the hell out of here! Otherwise, dont blame me for killing you!”

He roared as he walked towards the three of them.

Xu Yuan looked at him and said, “I didnt expect you to chase me here.

It seems that you have made a lot of preparations, and I might not be able to escape this if nothing unexpected happens.”

“But before that, I want to say something.

I came here to save a persons life, so can you let me finish the surgery first”

The assassin raised his head and laughed, “Are you kidding me Do you think Im an idiot”

“I know what kind of person you are more than anyone else here.”

“Do you think Ill believe that you really want to save a person before you die Youre just using this as an excuse to stall for time!”

Xu Yuan went silent for a moment as this guy completely saw through his thoughts.

This assassin had been chasing after him for a long time, and if it werent for the militarys protection, he would have died at this assassins hands long ago.

Xu Yuan looked at Lu Yu and said, “You dont want your aunt to die and Im the only one who can save her, so lets defeat this guy together.

Otherwise, it wont benefit either of us!”

The assassin shouted, “Hes an extremely selfish and cold guy.

Do you think he really cares about the lives of your family members What a joke.

Hes just using you, so ** off to the side as this is a grudge between him and me!”

Lu Yu looked at Xu Yuan.

He did not know what kind of expression he had underneath that mask, but from their previous interactions, he was definitely selfish and cold.

Moreover, this was an assassin sent by the Lionheart Empire.

His strength wouldnt be weak, and his fragile aunt was still lying in the operating theater.

Lu Yu hesitated for a moment and finally decided that he had to protect his aunt first.

He couldnt risk her getting hurt!

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