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Chapter 289 Snake Staff Poison Doctor

In the corridor, Doctor Zhao watched the video on Lu Yus phone and revealed a surprised expression.

“Wow, it really is true.

This video sure shows it clearly.”

“What a splendid young man you are to be promoted by the military leaders at your young age.

Your future is looking bright if I say so myself.”

Lu Yu put away his phone and put it into his pocket.

“Now, you trust what I said, right”

“Of course, with the help of a big shot such as Wan Guliu, no matter how unwilling the Snake Staff Poison Doctor is, he would have to listen to orders.”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense and go prepare for the surgery.”

Doctor Zhao nodded, turned around, and walked towards the operating theater.

Lu Yu followed him in as well.

The operating theater was clean and tidy, with not even a speck of dust on it.

The doctors standing inside were wearing tight protective clothing to ensure a sterile environment.

Lu Yu only stood at the entrance and glanced around, noticing their preparations were almost done.

Then, two nurses pushed his aunt from her sickbed into the operating theater.

Liu Yi was still unconscious, and the monitoring system at the head of the bed showed her electrocardiogram, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, and other data.

But, this data indicated that her vitals were far lower than normal.

Her heartbeat was weak, her blood pressure was too low, and her blood oxygen concentration was at its lowest.

This data meant that she was slowly dying.

Lu Yu stood in the corridor and watched the nurse push the bed into the operating theater.

All kinds of large instruments were placed on both sides to monitor Liu Yis various indicators.

Lu Yu stood outside anxiously and waited.

He hoped the poison doctor would rush over as soon as possible.

Doctor Zhao pushed the door open and walked out to Lu Yu.

“All the preparations are ready.

The surgery can start at any time.”

“Now, we just have to wait for Doctor Xu Yuan to come over.”

Lu Yu lowered his head and looked at his phone.

“Lets wait, and it shouldnt take too long.”

The military was very particular about efficiency.

They should be able to rush over today, but it was unknown when they would arrive.

At that moment, Lu Yus phone rang, and he picked it up to see that it was an unknown number.

Lu Yu quickly answered the call.


“Is it Lu Yu”

“Are you… the Snake Staff Poison Doctor”

“No, Im his driver.

He has already arrived downstairs, so you guys can come down.”

“Okay, well head over.”

After hanging up the phone, Lu Yu looked at Doctor Zhao and said, “Hes already here.

Lets go.”

Doctor Zhao nodded and followed behind Lu Yu, taking the elevator down.

The elevator door opened, and the two quickly walked to the entrance.

They saw a black car in the parking space while pushing the entrance door open.

“That car should be the militarys.

Lets go.”

The two of them walked toward the black car.

Before they got close, the car door opened, and the driver got out.

“Youre Lu Yu, right”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right.

Wheres Xu Yuan”

“Hes in the car, and we can start the operation.”

Then, the back cars door opened, and a black figure got out of the vehicle.

He was tall and wore black clothes that looked like a long robe.

He held a slender staff made from a cobras corpse in his hand.

As for the person holding the staff, he looked strange and wore a mask on his head, covering his entire face.

His mask was a birds head, and its slender beak was so long and curved that it reached his chest.

There were two round glass lenses in place of the eyes, and one could see a pair of cold eyes through the lenses.


This mask reminded Lu Yu of the plague doctors in history, as it was the same outfit.

After he got out of the car, he looked in Lu Yus direction.

“You must be Lu Yu.

I didnt expect you to be so young; what an interesting outcome.”

He said it in a low voice, with no emotion in his tone.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

“You must be Xu Yuan.

I didnt expect you to come so quickly.

The operating theater is ready, and the surgery can begin anytime.”

He walked toward Lu Yu.

“Take me up, and the surgery can start.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu finally felt relieved.

His aunts illness could finally be cured.

Lu Yu took the lead and quickly re-entered the hospital.

The three took the elevator and returned to the operating theater.

The three pushed the door open and entered the operating theater, heading toward the hospital bed.

A few lights were shining on the hospital bed.

On both sides of the bed, there were all kinds of monitoring equipment.

Lu Yu walked to the side of the bed and held his aunts hand.

“Youll be able to recover soon, and we can live together like before.”

Xu Yu also walked over and looked at the instruments on both sides of the bed.

When the nurses and doctors saw him, they had weird expressions.

The way this person was dressed didnt look like a proper doctor.

Some were even worried that he was a quack.

Xu Yuan read the outputs of the monitoring instruments and began to operate them.

Then, he closed in on the various data on the devices.

After fiddling with them for some time, Lu Yu was getting a little anxious.

“Can the surgery begin”

Xu Yuan stared at the monitoring system, the electrocardiogram machine, and the ventilator as if he was thinking about something.

“Her blood pressure is below 50 mmHg, her heart rate is 40 beats per minute, and her breathing rate is less than ten times per minute.

All of them are below the lowest level of a normal person.

This problem is a little more serious than I thought.”

“Moreover, I cant see the bloodline inside her.

If I dont know what it is, it would be risky to remove it hastily.”

Lu Yu looked at him and asked, “Do you mean its not easy”

“If you want me to do the surgery, of course, I can do it.

But thats all I can do.”

“What do you mean” Lu Yu was confused.

“I cant guarantee her safety, and I cant guarantee whether she would survive or not.”

“You will make the judgment.

If you want me to do the surgery, then Ill do it.

But the consequences will have to be borne by you.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu was unhappy as it was apparent that Xu Yuan was shirking his responsibility.

As long as Lu Yu made the decision, the responsibility would be all on him.

This doctor wouldnt bear any responsibility even if the surgery failed.

Most importantly, how could Lu Yu refuse After all, this was the only way to treat her, and he had no other choice!

However, if Xu Yuan were to shirk the responsibility, it wouldnt matter if he didnt try his best during the surgery.

After all, he didnt have to take responsibility.

No matter how Lu Yu thought about it, he couldnt accept this.

“If you dodge all responsibility, how can I trust you”

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