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Chapter 287 The Only Doctor Who Can Perform The Surgery

Doctor Zhao told him he knew a doctor who could perform the surgery, but that doctor was in the military.

This was not a problem for Lu Yu.

After all, Lu Yu had just received his third-class merit award from Wan Guliu.

With this badge, he could contact Wan Guliu at any time.

Although Doctor Zhao didnt know how Lu Yu would contact the doctors in the military, he still introduced the doctor who could do this surgery.

“The only person who can complete this bloodline stripping surgery is probably the doctor in the military known as the Snake Staff Poison Doctor, Xu Yuan!”

“Hes a military doctor and the real deal.”

Lu Yu frowned slightly.

“That persons name is Xu Yuan, and you are telling me his nickname is Snake Staff Poison Doctor”

“Are you serious about your recommendation A doctor who is famous for poison”

Doctor Zhao quickly explained with a smile.

“Lu Yu, you misunderstood me.

Although his nickname is Snake Staff Poison Doctor, his medical skills are superb.”

“This person is not just a normal doctor; his medical skills are so otherworldly that it overturns peoples perceptions.”

“Although he is a doctor, the people he has killed are many times more than the people he has saved!”

“Back then, when he wasnt a military doctor, he was a soldier in the military.”

“He once participated in a battle against an evil organization and managed to poison more than 300 people!”

“That scene, that miserable scene, can only be described as hell on earth!”

Lu Yu interrupted him, “Stop, are you recommending him to kill or save my aunt”

Doctor Zhao smiled awkwardly.

“Im just making a simple introduction to him.

Although hes good at killing people, hes also an expert at saving people.”

“In the military, he has a high prestige.”

“In other words, are you certain the guy named Xu Yuan can perform this surgery” Lu Yu asked while tilting his head.

“Im sure about that.”

Then, Lu Yu continued, “Can you contact that person”

Doctor Zhao frowned and said helplessly, “Im sorry, I dont have the qualifications to contact him.

The only thing I can do is to tell you the way.”

This guy blabbed for a long time and couldnt even get Xu Yuan on a phone call.

If Lu Yu didnt have his military channel, he would have wasted his time listening to nonsense.

Initially, Lu Yu thought that if Doctor Zhao could find a way to contact that person, he wouldnt have to bother Wan Guliu.

Ultimately, Lu Yu had to contact Wan Guliu himself.

“Lu Yu, do you… have a way to contact that person”

Doctor Zhao asked tentatively, as he would never expect Lu Yu to have any contacts in the military.

After all, how could a young man who had just entered university have such connections with the military

“Why dont we think of another way You shouldnt keep yourself tethered to a single pole.”


There must be other doctors who can do this too!”

The two doctors next to Doctor Zhao started to persuade Lu Yu.

The three doctors assumed Lu Yu had no contacts in the military, so it was useless for Doctor Zhao to tell him about Xu Yuan.

Lu Yu shook his head calmly.

“I can contact this Xu Yuan fellow.

You guys just continue to take care of my aunt.”

After Lu Yu said this, the three doctors were stunned.

“You say you can contact Xu Yuan That person is not a normal military officer, and not anybody can contact him!”

“Thats right.

It is hard to contact him, even for the big shots in Ixdale City.

You havent even entered the military, so can you really do it”

“Dont try to punch above your weight; lets just continue looking for other ways.”

Lu Yu glared at the three of them unhappily.

“Not only are the three of you useless, youre even hindering me!”

“Just leave the task of contacting Xu Yuan to me.

Dont ask too much, talk nonsense, and just believe I can contact him.”

As Lu Yu said that, the three doctors looked at each other and were speechless for a moment.

Then, Lu Yu walked out of the ward.

The three doctors looked at Lu Yus back and fell into deep thought.

“Can this young man really contact a big shot from the military”

“The Snake Staff Poison Doctor is a recognized doctor in the military.

Can Lu Yu really get in touch with him”

“Im not sure, but seeing how confident he is, he should have a way.

Lets just continue to take good care of the patient…”

At that moment, Lu Yu walked out of the hospital and stood near the entrance.

Then, he took out his phone and opened his navigation map, searching for the nearest police station.

Lu Yu planned to go to the police station and use his badge to contact Wan Guliu.

This Snake Staff Poison Doctors status wouldnt be ordinary as he was a specialized military doctor, and it was impossible for ordinary people to even get in contact with him.

However, Lu Yu believed that if he reached out to Wan Guliu, he could summon this person.

After Lu Yu took note of the police stations address, he didnt even bother to hail a taxi.

He walked along the streets and began to sprint toward the police station.

Very soon, Lu Yu arrived in front of the main entrance of a police station.

Through the glass entrance, Lu Yu could see quite a few citizens conversing with the police in the main lobby.

Lu Yu hurriedly pushed the door inward and walked in.

Soon, a man in uniform walked over.

“Hello, sir.

Whats the matter”

Lu Yu looked at him and said, “I have something to do.

I need to use your facilities to contact Mr.

Wan Guliu.”

Hearing that, the officer froze.

“Sir, what are you talking about Wan Guliu is from the military, so would we have the facilities to contact him”

Lu Yu looked around, then pulled the police officer to a corner.

“Do you see the badge on my chest”

The officer looked down and realized that there was a third-class merit badge on Lu Yus chest!

His eyes widened instantly.

“I understand.

Please follow me…”

This was the unspoken rule between the military and the police.

A third-class merit holder could contact a superior in either department to seek help.

Lu Yu followed the officer and soon arrived at a room hidden in a corner.

The moment Lu Yu walked into the room, his surroundings instantly became silent.

Even the slightest bit of noise was gone.

It was as if Lu Yu had entered a completely silent place.

“This place is absolutely soundproof, and theres no way for the outside world to hear the conversation here.

There is a special phone there, so pick it up to connect it directly to Mr.

Wan Guliu.”

Lu Yu looked down at the old-fashioned phone on the table and nodded.

“I understand…”

Then, the policeman left the room.

Lu Yu sat in front of the table and picked up the phone.

As soon as he picked it up, a voice came from the other side of the phone.

It was a female voice.

“Im the Secretary to Officer Wan Guliu.

May I know why youre calling”

“My name is Lu Yu.

I hope Mr.

Wan Guliu can personally answer the phone.”

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