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Chapter 286 Aunts Condition Worsened, Reaching Her Limit

Lu Yu sat in the car in the garage and floored the accelerator.

The car sped off, accelerating to nearly 100 km/h on the road.

Very soon, Lu Yu was driving to the campus district center.

Lu Yu parked his car and quickly ran to the teleportation array node.

The guard he met yesterday immediately took off his hat and bowed deeply when he passed through the entrance.

However, Lu Yu didnt look at him as he strode in quickly.

He came to the front of the array and said to the array mage, “Open the teleportation gate to Ixdale.

I need to be there.”

The array mage nodded and stretched out his hands toward the sky.

Soon, a portal slowly appeared, and the light from the portal illuminated Lu Yu.

He quickly walked forward and entered the portal.

With a swoosh, the light enveloped Lu Yus surroundings.

The next moment, the light faded, and Lu Yu looked around to find that he was already at the teleportation node in Ixdale City.

All kinds of teleportation arrays surrounded the huge teleportation hub in Ixdale City, and it was a sight to behold.

There was a massive influx of people moving around.

The people coming in and out here were much more bustling than at Clanorth University, and Lu Yu felt the crowd just by being here.

It could be because of the morning rush hour, as there were more people here than usual.

Lu Yu quickly passed through the crowd and came to the side of the road.

He stood by the side of the road and waved at a taxi passing by.

Lu Yu got into the cab and said to the driver hurriedly, “Hurry to Ixdale Central Hospital!”

The driver heard the rush in Lu Yus tone and stepped on the gas pedal as the car headed out.

While driving as fast as he could, the driver glanced at the back seat repeatedly as if he had recognized Lu Yu.

When they reached their destination, Lu Yu got out of the car to pay, but the driver waved his hand.

“You are Lu Yu, right You have been awarded a third-class merit, which means you helped the city.

I cant accept your money, can I”

“Judging by how anxious you are, someone you care about must be in the hospital.

You should hurry over.”

Lu Yu stood rooted to the ground, surprised.

He didnt expect to be so well-known that even a cab driver recognized him.

Moreover, the news of his third-class merit was known to him.

Didnt this mean that the whole of Ixdale knew about it

Lu Yu didnt overthink as he quickly jogged into the hospital.

He entered an elevator and soon arrived at the top floor.

Then, he was before the entrance of his aunts ward.

He didnt knock on the door and just pushed the door open to enter.

After entering the ward, Lu Yu saw three doctors standing in front of the hospital bed.

The three looked at his aunt on the hospital bed with solemn expressions.

When the three saw Lu Yu enter, the tension on their faces eased up a little.

“Lu Yu, youre finally here.”

Doctor Zhao walked over.

He took off his glasses and stood before Lu Yu.

“Your aunt is in a special situation, so youd better come and take a look.”

He guided Lu Yu to the hospital bed.

On the hospital bed, Liu Yi lay there quietly.

However, she would furrow her brows from time to time, or the corners of her mouth would twitch.

Her face was deathly pale, without a trace of life.

Her body was thin and frail, almost to the point of being just skin and bones.

Her health was appalling, and it was not something an average person should be in.

Moreover, the heartbeat monitor showed that the heartbeat of his aunt was also weak and uneven.

“Even an outsider like me can see that her condition is not optimistic.”

“What are you guys doing I paid so much, but you cant even maintain her basic needs in the end”

Doctor Zhao was slightly embarrassed, and his face went pink.

“Im really sorry, but your aunts condition suddenly worsened, and it was beyond our control.

Moreover, our methods couldnt control her condition, so I apologize…”

Lu Yu sighed.

At that moment, he had no energy to argue about this, as the most important thing was his aunts safety.

He walked to the side of the bed and placed one hand on the bed, carefully looking at his aunts face.

Lu Yu opened his Eye of the Dragon God and analyzed his aunts condition.

Previously, Lu Yu used the eye of truth to see his aunts condition.

But now, after an upgrade, Lu Yu had the eye of the Dragon God, and the effect was even more powerful.

Lu Yu stared at Liu Yi on the bed and soon saw some clues.

[ Liu Yi ]

[ Bloodline: 95% ]

The mysterious bloodline he observed before had reached 95%.

This mysterious bloodline would soon be on full display.

Liu Yi had never awakened this bloodline, nor had she cultivated it.

Her body physique wasnt qualified, nor had she the strength to awaken this bloodline.

It was simply impossible for her to bear a powerful bloodline!

In other words, she had reached the point where she needed to get rid of this mysterious bloodline or else something terrible would happen to her!

“The mysterious bloodline in my aunts body is about to awaken, and we must extract this as soon as possible before that happens.

Otherwise, her life will be in danger!”

Doctor Zhao frowned and looked at Liu Yi carefully.

However, no matter how carefully he observed, he failed to come to the same conclusion as Lu Yu.

He looked at Lu Yu curiously as he didnt know how Lu Yu could come to such a decision.

“Since you said so, I guess we have to be ready.

We have to remove this bloodline as soon as possible.”

“The problem is that there isnt a single doctor in this hospital who can perform this surgery.

After all, a bloodline is inborn and goes deep into the bone marrow.

So, not any doctor can do this.”

Lu Yu looked at Doctor Zhao and asked, “You have the best doctors in Ixdale Central Hospital, and you dont have someone who can undertake this task”

Doctor Zhao coughed awkwardly and replied, “We are the best in the whole country, but that isnt the problem here.”

“The thing is that this disease requires someone even more skilled to operate on it.”

“Im afraid that the few of us cant do anything about it.”

Lu Yu was unhappy.

“Then what is the use of all of you What you said you could do hasnt been done at all!”

The three doctors lowered their heads and were quiet.

Lu Yu continued, “Let me ask you another question.

Do you know which doctor can perform this surgery”

Doctor Zhao raised his head and looked at Lu Yu with passionate eyes.

“I know a doctor who can definitely perform this surgery!”

Lu Yu finally had some hope.

“At least youre useful for that.

Tell me, who is it”

Doctor Zhao scratched his head awkwardly.

“Although I know who could, hes in the military.

Its not easy to contact him, let alone ask him to leave his military base to perform surgery here.”

Lu Yu disapprovingly replied, “Just tell me who it is and you dont have to care about anything else.”

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