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Chapter 285 Medicinal Bath Effects

Lu Yu drove back to his villa quickly.

He walked into the villa after parking his car in the garage.

At that moment, the villa was empty as no one was in it.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing, who were originally living with Lu Yu, were busy with matters in the club.

He went to his bedroom, opened the bathroom door, and began to fill the bath.

The water flowed as Lu Yu took out the various herbs from his pocket watch.

Soon, Lu Yus bed was filled with a variety of medicinal herbs.

Some were bright-looking flowers, some were dried branches, and some had crisp and tender leaves.

Lu Yu crushed these herbs into powder and sprinkled them into the bath.

He took out a few bottles of high-level ferocious beast blood essence and poured them all into the bath.

As long as he continued to mix the medicinal bath according to his formula, he could ready his body for his transplant surgery.

Lu Yu needed to take a medicinal bath daily to prep himself for the dragon arm bone.

Previously, he couldnt continue his medicinal bath because of stronghold matters, and now would be a fresh start.

After Lu Yu poured all the ingredients in, he sat in his bathtub.

Soon, the pool of dark red liquid began to flow.

The medicinal liquid surged crazily near Lu Yus body.

Soon, the essence of the medicinal liquid gathered on the surface of Lu Yus body and slowly got sucked in.

Lu Yu could feel the pain in his body the last time he took a medicinal bath.

But this time, Lu Yu no longer felt pain.

His body began to adapt slowly as the essence entered Lu Yus body, sweeping a wave of comfort all over his body.

His muscles were bursting with strength and full of vitality.

Lu Yu closed his eyes and slowly enjoyed his medicinal bath.

Unknowingly, Lu Yu fell into a deep sleep.

After an unknown period, Lu Yu opened his eyes and saw that the medicinal essence in his bath had been completely absorbed.

The water in the bathtub had become clear and transparent.

Lu Yu slowly stood up and opened his system.

[ Blood essence medicinal bath successfully completed.

Increase 20 health and 10 attack ]

Lu Yu switched to his personal interface after reading this notification.

[ Lu Yu ]

[ Personal attributes ]

[ Attack: 530 ]

[ Speed: 380 ]

[ Health: 570 ]

[ Mana: 220 ]

[ Defense: 340 ]

This medicinal bath only increased his attributes by 30 points.

Compared to the last time, it was a lot less.

As he continued to take this medicinal bath, the effects gradually decreased.

Lu Yu couldnt forecast how effective the next medicinal bath would be.

He drained the water in the bath and changed into his pajamas, lay on his bed, and quickly fell asleep.

The night passed quickly.

The morning light rose and shone on Lu Yus bed from his window.

Lu Yu opened his eyes and immediately felt refreshed.

Last nights medicinal bath allowed Lu Yus body to recover fully.

His mental state and muscles were in peak condition.

Lu Yu sighed in comfort.

The benefits of this medicinal bath were sure splendid.

He put on his clothes and walked downstairs to the living room.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing had already returned.

The two girls were cooking in the kitchen, playing around and letting out soft laughter from time to time.

“Oh, youre awake.

Weve already made breakfast.” Yun Zirou raised her head and looked at Lu Yu coming down the stairs.

Lu Yu walked down and sat down at the dining table.

“What did you make for breakfast” Lu Yu asked.

“Hmm, fried bacon, eggs, and a bowl of congee.”

“For someone like you who works your body this much, you have to eat more protein.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

Although eating this heavily so early in the morning wasnt the best, he wasnt one to turn down such an offer.

Soon, breakfast was served.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing also sat at the dining table as the three began to enjoy breakfast together.

“Hows the situation at the clubs strongholds” Lu Yu asked after taking a mouthful of congee.

“Its going smoothly.

The stronghold started operating normally, and our income will gradually increase.”

Lu Yu nodded with satisfaction.

“Good; after youre done with those, you can continue your cultivation, as theres no need to keep watching them constantly.”

Yun Zirou and Su Qing both nodded.

They both knew this.

Although they were the captains of their strongholds, it was impossible for them to stay there all the time.

After all, they also had other things to do.

Staying there all the time would affect their cultivation.

Generally speaking, the captain of a stronghold would appoint a second-in-command.

Typically, the captain made the final decision while their vice-captain completed all miscellaneous tasks.

It wasnt just the strongholds that were managed this way.

Many other departments were the same, whether in the university or outside the world.

The three continued to eat breakfast as Yun Zirou and Su Qing chatted excitedly.

“By the way, your light element skills should be useful in growing the plants in the herb garden.” Yun Zirou suddenly asked.

Hearing this, Su Qing nodded repeatedly.

“Yup, the plants are all friendly to my light element.”

“Thats simply perfect.

It was a suitable decision for you to manage the herb garden.”

Su Qing shrugged.

“Of course.

After all, my light element can accelerate the plants growth and also improve their quality.”


The two of them continued to chat, and suddenly Lu Yus phone rang.

Yun Zirou and Su Qing immediately fell silent.

Lu Yu took out his phone and took a closer look.

It was a call from Ixdale Central Hospital.

There was no need to hesitate as it must be related to his aunt!

Lu Yu quickly picked up the call.

“Hello, doctor.

Is there anything wrong” Lu Yu quickly asked.

“Your aunt is in trouble.

From the looks of it, its bad news, so youd better hurry to the hospital.”

Lu Yu frowned as a cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

“Whats wrong Isnt your hospital able to ensure my aunts safety”

“The situation has exceeded our expectations.

So, youd better hurry over.”

After hearing his reply, Lu Yu was very unhappy, but he still hung up immediately and got up to leave.

When Yun Zirou and Su Qing heard it was about Lu Yus aunt, they stood up and looked at Lu Yu.

“Isnt your aunt in the hospital How is there a problem”

Yun Zirou asked anxiously.

Su Qing also asked, “Is the problem serious Do you want us to go together”

Lu Yu turned around to look at the two girls.

“You two can stay here for now, and I can go by myself.”

“Manage the Featherwing Club well, and I shouldnt be gone for too long.”

The two of them bobbed their heads quickly.

“Dont worry.

We will definitely take good care of the club.

So, you dont have to be worried.”

Lu Yu said his goodbyes and then quickly walked toward the garage.

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