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Chapter 284 Rejecting The Military, Focus On Cultivation

Lu Yus reply stunned everyone.

If they had been invited to be a captain, they would have already boarded the plane and flown there.

Lu Yus reply was beyond everyones expectations, and he actually rejected the offer!

“You rejected it Why”

Wang Meng asked in confusion.

“Didnt I say it I temporarily rejected it.” Lu Yu repeated himself helplessly.

Wang Meng scratched his head and asked again, “Whats the difference”

Lu Yu explained, “Of course, theres a difference.

I temporarily rejected his offer, but that doesnt mean I wont accept it in the future.”

These words once again shocked Wang Meng.

“What Can you do that Do you mean you will only accept the offer and enter the military when you have the time”

“When you replied to Wan Guliu, what was his reaction”

Everyone was curious too.

A captains position was given to Lu Yu, yet he was picky about the timing and fussy about his timing to enter the military.

With such an attitude, anyone else would be scolded and have their offer taken back.

When the military assigns you a position, you either accept or reject it.

The military wouldnt take such a picky attitude.

“When I told him this, Wan Guliu was quite happy and didnt say anything else.”

Lu Yus words once again astonished the people around him.

Since when did Wan Guliu have such a good nature and become so tolerant

Wang Meng scratched his chin and revealed a confused expression.

“I still dont understand how he didnt berate you for this.

The military arranged for you to be a captain, and you are supposed to accept it directly.”

The crowd nodded, as this was the typical reaction.

If it were any of them, they would immediately accept it without hesitation if they received the title of captain!

Lu Yu shrugged.

“I told him that I hadnt finished my studies yet.

At the very least, I have to be promoted to the upper house and only consider joining the military.”

Hearing this, Wang Meng nodded helplessly.

“Thats true, and joining the upper house is also a good choice.

Moreover, with your strength, you joining the upper houses is only a matter of time!”

“When the time comes, dont forget us who are still in the lower house.”

Lu Yu smiled and nodded.

“Of course.

I can always come back with just a teleportation portal.”

Following that, he looked at the surrounding people and said, “Theres nothing else, just a misunderstanding.

You all can disperse now.”

After Lu Yu finished speaking, the surrounding people slowly dispersed.

However, the voices of discussion were still incessant as Lu Yu once again created a new hot topic for them to talk about.

Lu Yu walked out of the gate and down a path.

He planned to return to his villa and take another medicinal bath.

Wang Meng followed behind Lu Yu and chatted excitedly with him.

“I didnt expect that you have the qualifications to join the military.”

“Joining the military has always been my dream.

Even when Im sleeping, I dream of joining the military.

Unfortunately, my strength is still not up to their standards.”

Lu Yu glanced at him and asked, “Your strength isnt exactly weak, and you should be able to join the military as a soldier, right”

“Sigh, my strength is still a little lacking.

At the very least, I have to reach the final gold rank before I have the qualifications to join.”

Wang Meng let out a long sigh.

Lu Yu nodded slightly.

With his current strength, it was totally possible for him to join the military as a private.

Since he could already wear a militarys combat equipment, it wouldnt be difficult for him to join the military as a soldier.

“The benefits of joining the military are one too many.”

“For example, a diamond-grade skill table can only be found in the military!”

“The skill levels you have come into contact with before are probably just iron, bronze, or silver-grade.

The strongest youve probably got to know is probably just platinum-grade.”

Lu Yu nodded in agreement.

“I dont have a diamond-grade skill yet, and if I could get one after joining the military, that would be for the best.”

“Is there a need for anif Youre already a captain.

How could you not be able to get your hands on a diamond-grade skill tablet after joining the military in this position”

“Dont worry.

Other than those diamond-grade skill tablets, there are all sorts of cool battle equipment, weapons, and stuff in the military…”

“Those are much better than what youre wearing now.”

That was true, as Lu Yus equipment needed to be changed soon.

The flying shuttle battle suit was a piece of decent equipment, and it didnt clash with the equipment he had on him.

The flying shuttle battle suit was more like a cloak that could cover Lu Yus entire body.

The breastplate, bracers, helmet, and rest of Lu Yus equipment wouldnt be a bother to his cloak.

The military, of course, had a complete set of armor equipment.

Wearing it would greatly increase ones strength, and it was the best choice to replace the equipment on Lu Yu.

Of course, the things Lu Yu was thinking about now could only be realized after graduating.

Lu Yus focus was still on the trial to advance to the upper house.

The upper house of Clanorth University was a valuable place.

Those who graduated from this place were not ordinary cultivators, as they eventually grew to be big shots who could dominate a region!

Lu Yu walked quickly to the parking lot and found his car.

“You go to the wild forest, take over the dojo, and manage it well.

The wild forest is now our territory.”

Wang Meng nodded excitedly.

“I will definitely work hard and wont let you down.”

“Oh right, you just said that the wild forest is our territory”

Lu Yu affirmed, “Thats right.

At my request, the five major clubs have all moved out of the wild forest, and all their strongholds there are now ours.”

“Also, its impossible for any club member of the five major clubs to appear in the wild forest!”

“Ill report it to the universitys management and have them ban them from entering the wild forests teleportation node!.”

Wang Mengs jaw dropped when he heard this.

“Boss, you never fail to surprise me! I cant believe you managed to humiliate the five clubs this badly!”

“Alright! Dont worry, as I will use this advantage well and quickly develop our Featherwing Club!”

Wang Meng nodded as he promised excitedly.

Lu Yu waved his hand.

“Then, I will head back first.”

Wang Meng waved him goodbye and turned around, walking toward the teleportation portal.

Lu Yu sat in the drivers seat and drove away.

He headed down the driveway and soon left the bustling campus of Clanorth University.

Lu Yu had to increase his strength as much as possible to advance to the upper house.

It would be best to transplant the dragons arm bone onto him before he entered the trial.

That would definitely help Lu Yu to improve his strength by a great deal!

All Lu Yu needed was to take a few more medicinal baths to prepare for his surgery…

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