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Chapter 283 Third-Class Merit, Captain Rank

The guard started panicking, and his attitude was completely different from before.

He looked at the crowd discussing fervently as his breathing got heavier and heavier, and his heart started to pump.

He had been confident just a moment ago, but that confidence was starting to waver.

The crowd continued to discuss their findings.

“Its true.

Weve all watched the live broadcast, and Lu Yu was given this badge.

Theres even a video clip to prove it.”

“How can so many of us lie to help Lu Yu Its true!”

“Of course, its true.

You can find your superior to confirm it.”

Everyone was so sure of it that the guard started to sweat.

He started to wonder if he had really made a mistake.

But the biggest problem was that he had never heard of such a thing.

At that moment, Wang Meng laughed.

“See Our president is not the kind of person who would cheat.

His strength is real, and theres no need for him to fake a military ranking to deter someone else.”

The guard nodded nervously and looked at Lu Yu with embarrassment.

He picked up his walkie-talkie hanging from his waist.

“Ill contact my superior to ask about this.”

However, just as he picked up the walkie-talkie, a voice came from it.

“Hello, is this Liu Huang Theres an update that I need to inform you about.”

The guard nodded.

“Roger, go ahead.”

His heartbeat quickened as he guessed what the update was about.


A high-level official, Wan Guliu, went to Clanorth University moments before.

He gave a young man named Lu Yu a third-class merit medal, a person from the wild forest secret realm of Clanorth University.”

“The specific reason for that is confidential…”

The guards eyes widened after hearing this, as he didnt expect the badge on Lu Yus chest to be real!

“In other words, the third-class merit badge on his chest is real”

“Thats right, he does have a third-class merit badge.”

The guard was dumbfounded because third-class merit was not something just anyone could obtain.

The criteria for receiving third-class merit were usually based on a person saving a city.

If something threatened the safety of the entire city and a person eliminated the threat, he would be awarded a third-class merit medal!

Of course, this was only a vague classification.

If someones contribution reached this level, they would be automatically awarded a third-class merit badge too.

When the news sounded from the walkie-talkie, everyone was dumbfounded!

“Third… third-class merit badge”

“But, why”

“Lu Yu is a third-class merit holder This is unbelievable!”

“Incredible, a third-class merit badge isnt something that just anyone can obtain!”

“What on earth did he do to actually qualify for a third-class merit”

“No way.

Didnt he just take down a few strongholds and fight a few people”

“A third-class merit badge.

His contribution must be huge, but what contribution did he make”

“I… cant understand…”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu in confusion.

They couldnt understand why Lu Yu could get a third-class merit badge.

Even Wang Meng looked at Lu Yu in bewilderment.

“Brother, when did you receive a third-class merit badge You didnt tell me!”

“If one fewer person knows about this, the better it is!”

Lu Yu gave Wang Meng a sidelong glance, indicating Wang Meng to stop asking questions.

He knew the weight of a third-class merit badge, which could only be obtained by doing something special.

Since Lu Yu had obtained a third-class merit and there was no news about it, it meant that this contribution shouldnt be publicized.

Lu Yu also knew that this matter had to be kept quiet.

Once it was publicized, it would create a wave of negative news.

An evil organization cooperated with one of the top clubs of Clanorth University under their management and harmed countless people…

If such a thing were to be publicized, it would have a huge impact on the university.

“Ive received a third-class merit, and theres no need for you to ask what it is from.

Since it was Sir Wan Guliu who personally awarded me, its enough to prove that theres no problem with my badge.”

The guard hurriedly took off his hat and bowed deeply to Lu Yu.

“Im really sorry, Mr.

Lu Yu.

I sincerely apologize to you here.”

“Next, please let me address you respectfully, Captain Lu.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly and suddenly returned to his senses.

He asked with a puzzled look, “Wait, I still want to know how I became a captain.

Isnt this the badge of third-class merit”

The surrounding onlookers also looked at the guard with confusion.


Didnt he just get a badge How did he become captain”

“Does it mean a third-class merit badge equates to a captain”

“If Lu Yu is a captain, doesnt that mean hes the youngest captain in history”

“No, are you serious Theres no way thats true!”

Wang Meng looked at Lu Yu excitedly.

If Lu Yu joined the military and became a captain, then wouldnt the wings of the Featherwing Club take off

Who would dare provoke a club established by a captain

The guard looked at the crowd and explained patiently, “Right.

So, a third-class merit holder can join the military and instantly be awarded the position of captain.”

“This is why I thought Lu Yu was pretending to be a captain right from the start.

Its because this badge allows him to assume the captains position.”

Everyone was stunned when they heard that.

“Is there such a rule Can a third-class merit award make him a captain”

“A third-class merit is rare, to begin with.

Its no wonder I didnt know about this before…”

“Thats ridiculous.

How old is Lu Yu How is he already qualified to be a captain”

“Damn, hes reached the top in one step.

Why is he still at Clanorth University Shouldnt he be off to be a captain”

“Im so envious.

I also want to get a third-class merit…”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu with envy.

Wang Meng looked at Lu Yu excitedly.

” Brother, youre crazy, becoming a captain just like that.

We cant even catch up to you, man.”

“Then, when do you plan to take up my position”

Everyone looked at Lu Yu curiously.

They initially thought Lu Yus legend on campus had just begun and didnt expect it to end so soon.

However, Lu Yu said calmly, “I temporarily refused the position of captain…”

As soon as he said this, the whole place fell silent, and everyone was at a loss for words.

“You… refused”

“Are you crazy Why did you refuse”

“What a waste!”

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