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Chapter 282 Forgery Of Military Rank, Felony


Lu Yu had just reached the entrance when he heard an unfriendly yell.

He stopped and looked toward the source of the sound.

A man in a dark green uniform walked toward Lu Yu.

From his appearance, he was a middle-aged man with a strong build and a stern expression, and he was not a civilian.

When he got closer, Lu Yu saw a staff sergeants epaulette on his shoulder!

This man was a staff sergeant in the military, and he was just a gatekeeper here.

It could be seen that many people indeed valued the safety of this place.

“Whats the matter that you stopped me”

Lu Yu asked in confusion.

He had passed by here many times, but he had never realized there was a place with a guard inside.

The military officer walked over and approached Lu Yu.

He leaned forward and carefully looked at the badge on Lu Yus chest.

“How did you get this thing”

Lu Yu lowered his head and looked at the badges on his chest.

The person before him wasnt looking at the other two badges, just the one that Wan Guliu had given him.

“Someone from the military gave it to me.

Is there a problem”

“Of course theres a problem.

Youre faking your military rank!”

“You brat, where did you get the guts to fake the military rank of a captain The audacity of kids these days!”

“Hmph, I wont be letting you go scot-free today.

I will bring you back to the military and thoroughly investigate!”

As he said that, he walked toward Lu Yu and was about to apprehend Lu Yu.

At that moment, the passersby gathered around and watched curiously.

“Whats going on”

“From what he said, it seems like Lu Yu faked his military rank.”

“What He faked his military rank”

“Thats bold even for him, provoking the military, and hes sure brave to risk his life to do that.”

“Hes just arrogant.

I never thought he would dare to fake a military rank, and a captains too!”

“Oh… I understand now.

He must have forged a military rank to scare off the five presidents.

What a sneaky guy.”

“Shit, so thats how it is.

I knew it! Its impossible for him to be a match for the five presidents.”

“The truth is out now, and we can take him in.

He has talent, but he clearly went down the wrong path.”

The discussions around him made Lu Yu speechless.

These people thought they had seen through everything.

Although Lu Yu wasnt sure why he had become a captain, it must have had something to do with the badge on his chest.

But thats weird, as this badge wasnt a captains.

Moreover, he never got the news that he was a captain, nor did he have an epaulette stating that.

“You must be mistaken; theres no way Im a captain.

Dont try to trick me.”

However, the guard snorted coldly.

“Stop your nonsense.

You have committed a great crime, so I will bring you back and give you a trial!”

As he said this, he stretched out his right hand, about to grab Lu Yus arm.

At the same time, his other hand had already prepared the handcuffs.

However, just as he stretched out his hand, a thick and sturdy arm suddenly reached out from the side and grabbed his right wrist.

“Who dares meddle in my business!”

The guard shouted angrily and turned his head to look.

He froze on the spot when he saw who it was.

A big, muscular man stood beside him while grabbing onto his right hand, and his physique was much stronger than his!

The person was Wang Meng.

He originally came here to see all the commotion and immediately rushed over when he saw Lu Yu.

“Wang Meng, why are you here” Lu Yu was surprised as he did not expect to meet Wang Meng here.

Wang Meng looked at Lu Yu and revealed a simple, honest smile.

“Brother, have you forgotten You appointed me as the captain of the dojos stronghold, and Im heading there to take up my post.”

Lu Yu nodded.

“I just remembered that I did assign you that, but I didnt expect you to make your move so quickly.”

Wang Meng chuckled.

“Of course.

Why wouldnt I rush over for such a wonderful thing, being a captain of a stronghold I wouldve been stupid not to.”

At that moment, the guard interrupted their conversation.

“Where did you come from, and does this have anything to do with you Did you also participate in forging his military rank”

Wang Meng looked at him in confusion.

“What are you talking about Who faked his military rank”


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