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Chapter 280 The Three Great Countries Of This World

In the helicopter, a bodyguard sitting next to Wan Guliu looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“Sir, you seem to have placed much importance on that young man called Lu Yu.

Is there anything special about him”

Wan Guliu glanced at him and said helplessly, “Isnt his strength and growth speed special enough”

“His strength and growth speed are indeed quick; some might even say unprecedented.”

“But is it just because of this”

Wan Guliu chuckled, “Just this alone is worth it for me to come over and give him a badge personally.”

“Of course, Im thinking of something else as well.”

“You should know that the Freedom Federations youth training program is about to begin, right”

The bodyguard nodded.

“Are you planning to let him participate in this program”

Wan Gulu snapped his fingers.

“Thats right.

He will be participating in this youth training program.”

“By participating in this program, young elites from all over the world will gather together and exchange pointers.”

“This is definitely a good opportunity.

Not only will it help Lu Yu expand his horizons, but it will also raise his strength quickly.”

“In other words, will we cooperate with the other two countries, Lionheart Empire and Stellaris Autonomous Region”

Wan Guliu nodded.

“Thats right.

This event is held once every five years.

You might not know about it, but thats normal as this event is aimed purely at the young elites.”

The country they were in was the Freedom Federation, and it was a two-ministry presidential system.

The highest-ranked leader of the country was the President, with the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of War below.

There were civil officials and military leaders within the ministries, and the two balanced each other out.

The Freedom Federation was located in the westernmost part of the continent, and it was the country that also occupied the largest land area.

To the east was the Lionheart Empire.

They were of a monarchical system, having an emperor who was in charge of and ruled over everything.

The southernmost region was the Stellaris Autonomous Region.

They were located in the ocean, and their autonomous region was built on islands.

The number of islands was like the stars in the sky, which was why they were called the Stellaris Autonomous Region.

In the Stellaris Autonomous Region, control of everything was loose.

Therefore, business activities here were prosperous yet complicated.

There was no fixed and unified business alliance here, and the trading market was also chaotic.

This was a trading market that many merchants loved.

To the north of these three countries was a massive unknown continent.

The place was permeated with black fog, and no one knew what was inside or where it led.

However, everyone clearly knew one thing.

All sorts of ferocious beasts emerged from the black fog.

These ferocious beasts kept popping out, nibbling away at humans living space.

Therefore, these three countries would send a group of elites for an exchange meeting every five years to exchange battle experiences.

At the same time, they would head inside the black fog to exterminate as many ferocious beasts as possible, dispersing some of the black fog and taking back the territories that belonged to humans.

Wan Guliu looked at his bodyguard and added, “Every five years, we will send people to the north to exterminate the invading ferocious beasts.”

“Depending on the number of people and the number of killed from the three countries, the territory we obtain will also be different.”

“If the number of people we sent and the number of beasts killed is ranked in first place, then we will obtain the largest plot of land area.”

“Expanding the size of a country is something that everyone wants.”

“After many years of ferocious beasts rampage, our living space has been compressed.

If we can take back even a little more land, we can alleviate some of that survival pressure.”

After Wan Guliu finished speaking, the bodyguards in the helicopter couldnt help but nod.

Winning Lu Yu over was indeed an important matter.

“Its still too early to judge this, so lets just slowly wait.

Regardless, I have high hopes for Lu Yu.”

In the Battle Pets Clubs stronghold, many people gathered around Lu Yu.

Yun Zirou took the lead and came to Lu Yu, looking at him with excitement.

“What did Wan Guliu say to you Do share it with us.”

Su Qing looked at Lu Yu curiously, blinking her big eyes.

“Since Wan Guliu came here personally, it must be because of your actions.”

The other members of the Featherwing Club were also looking forward to Lu Yus answer.

“Wan Guliu came over to invite me to join the military.”

Yun Zirou looked at Lu Yu expectantly.

“Then, your answer is…”

“Of course, I agreed.”

Yun Zirou heaved a sigh of relief.

“Its good that you agreed, as I was afraid you wouldnt.

That would be a waste of a precious opportunity, so you must seize it well.”

Su Qings eyes revealed a look of reluctance.

“If thats the case, wouldnt you be joining the military and leaving us”

When the other members of the Featherwing Club heard this, their expressions got tense.

They all knew the Featherwing Club was developing well because of Lu Yu.

If Lu Yu were to leave, it would be difficult for them to continue running this club.

“Dont worry; I didnt say I would go now.

Ive got Wan Gulius permission to first complete the trials arranged by the university before joining the military.”

“The trials arranged by the university are for me to join the upper house!”

Hearing this, the surrounding club members revealed joyful smiles.

They felt much more at ease now that Lu Yu could stay here for some time.

As long as Lu Yu was here until they developed past the initial stages, they could grow further and more independently in the future!

At that time, even if Lu Yu didnt keep watch here, the other clubs wouldnt dare make a move.

“I didnt expect you would have a chance to be promoted to the upper house.

I wonder when we can have a shot at that.”

Yun Zirou let out a long sigh.

Many students from Clanorth University stayed here for five to six years, and even they didnt have the qualifications to enter the upper house.

This wasnt because they failed to qualify to enter the upper house but because they didnt even have the qualifications to participate in the trials.

They didnt even have the chance to try for a chance!

Therefore, Yun Zirou and Su Qing couldnt do anything about this.

For the time being, they didnt even have the chance to participate in the trials for joining the upper house and could only watch as Lu Yu joined by himself.

“I reckon that I need at least five years to have a chance at qualifying for the trials.” Su Qing laughed at herself.

Lu Yu shrugged.

“It doesnt matter, as I still have you two to help me take care of the club matters.

Moreover, once I have advanced to the upper house, its not like I cant come back.

We are just one teleportation away.”

Hearing this, Yun Zirou and Su Qing got a little more comfortable.

Lu Yu continued, “Next, well bring more members to take down all the remaining strongholds of the five major clubs.

Once thats done, well properly digest all the wild forests resources and speed up our clubs development!”

Yun Zirou, Su Qing, and Lin Kang nodded and began to get busy.

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