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Chapter 279 Precious Badge

When he heard the wordsupper house, Wan Guliu understood his intentions.

“Ive forgotten about Clanorth University being divided into two houses.

The lower house is just the beginning, and the upper house is where your journey ends.”

“Since you intend to go to the upper house to cultivate, I wont stop you.

The cultivation speed there might be the same as the military.”

“Moreover, you are currently in school and belong to the Ministry of Culture, so I cant directly pull you into the military.”

“Of course, I cant officially award you a military rank then…”

Wan Gulius face was filled with regret.

He wanted Lu Yu to join the military right now, but it didnt seem plausible.

Of course, even if Lu Yu couldnt join the military now, he had to ensure Lu Yu was in his pockets in case something unexpected happened and interrupted Lu Yus process of joining the military.

He reached into his uniform and fumbled for a moment before taking out an exquisite badge.

The badge was pure gold with three dazzling stars in the middle.

The overall workmanship was exquisite, and it was obvious that it wasnt an ordinary badge.

“The Truth Department is a big deal to us, and you have helped us a lot by cleaning up one of their strongholds.”

“We owe you a favor for helping the military.

So, this can be considered as a compensation reward.”

As he spoke, Wan Guliu handed the badge to Lu Yu.

Lu Yu looked at the badge in his hand and accepted it without hesitation.

“This badge is lovely, and it probably looks good on my chest.”

Lu Yu said as he pinned the badge on his chest.

There were already two badges on Lu Yus chest.

One was the Featherwing Clubs badge, and the other was the gold badge he got after he ranked his overall strength.

He clipped the third badge on his chest and wore the three badges side by side.

Wan Guliu nodded with satisfaction.

“Yup, its nice.

It suits you very well.”

“Oh right, you can enter any public security bureau with this badge.

Once inside, you can use this badge to contact me directly.

At the same time, to return this favor to you, you can make a request, and I will do my best to fulfill it.”

Hearing this, Lu Yu couldnt help but get excited.

He had a chance to make a request from Wan Guliu; this was a rare opportunity.

“Thank you for your badge.

I will cherish it.

If there is a need, I will look for you.”

“My personal contact information can not be given out, or else you can call me anytime.

For now, just take this badge.”

Wan Guliu looked around and said, “This is your newly expanded stronghold, huh It looks pretty good, so develop it well.

Your club will be renowned soon in Ixdale!”

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thank you for the compliment…”

Everyone saw their exchange.

They were all astounded when they saw Wan Guliu giving Lu Yu a badge.

“This… this is impossible!”

Liu Ye stammered in disbelief.

He widened his eyes and stared at the badge on Lu Yus chest.

“Impossible! Wan Guliu personally gave Lu Yu a badge.

Whats going on”

“This shouldnt be happening.

What did Lu Yu do to warrant that badge Didnt he just have better grades, be born with a stronger talent, and seize a few strongholds”

“I dont understand how a badge could be given so easily.

This isnt a good precedent.”

“What are you talking about How can a badge that was personally given by Wan Guliu be bad”

For a moment, everyone was debating as they didnt know that Lu Yu had destroyed a stronghold of the Truth Department last night.

Therefore, they didnt understand why Lu Yu could get a badge.

“Its strange.

Wan Guliu didnt come here to punish Lu Yu even though he killed someone and seized our strongholds.

Shouldnt he be punished”

The presidents were unhappy, but they only dared whisper and didnt raise their voices.

The audience watching the live broadcast also saw Wan Guliu giving Lu Yu a badge, which once again hastened the chat of the live broadcast room.

“Heyo, the famous Wan Guliu personally gave Lu Yu a badge!”

“What did Lu Yu exactly do Its rare for Wan Guliu to personally give out a badge, to begin with.”

“At Clanorth University, theres not a single student who received such treatment!”

“Come on, isnt he just a little more outstanding than the others At most, he managed to take down a few strongholds.”

“Hey, his strength isnt justa little bit outstanding.

I feel that its worth it for him to be able to get this award.”

“I can tell Wan Guliu is planning to invite Lu Yu into the military!”

“Thats possible.

Lu Yu will agree to it, right”

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