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Chapter 272 Rescuing The Demi-Humans

Under the dim light, there was a large area of blood.

The blood mixed with the soil covered the ground, and the air was filled with the stench of blood.

In the corner, more than ten iron cages were empty, and only five were left with trembling demi-humans.

Lu Yu looked at the potion bottle on the workbench and asked, “Is that bottle of truth serum completed”

“Its done.

That bottle is the Dragon Blood Truth Serum and its precious.

It took countless demi-humans lives to create it.

So, please dont waste it…”

Yun Zirou, standing next to him, nodded.

“So many died to create it, and it would be a waste if it were to be thrown away.”

Lu Yu thought for a moment and picked up the potion.

“Ill deal with this bottle of potion.”

Standing behind Lu Yu, Liu Yan looked at the warehouse in shock.

When he saw the bloody scene in the warehouse, he almost vomited his dinner.

Liu Yan shouted angrily, “Whats going on in here What the hell is Zheng Yi part of, cooperating with the Truth Department and killing so many innocent people”

“Cut the crap.

Are you complaining that he didnt bring you along to earn your share” Yun Zirou glanced at him.

Liu Yan was aggrieved.

“What kind of person do you think I am Im not that kind of person with a human face and a beast heart…”

Lu Yu looked at the pigman and asked, “Is this potion wholly made from the soul essences of a demi-human”

“Thats right.

A soul essence is a small crystal in the body of a demi-human.

Generally speaking, only demi-humans have this inside them.”

The pigman revealed an awkward smile and asked, “Now, can you let me go”

Lu Yu immediately rejected that.

“Ive already said it.

You have ended many lives on your hands, so you cant leave!”

The pigmans patience was worn out after hearing Lu Yus firm decision.

His expression began to change, and it was no longer the same gentle smile.

“Hey, do you know what kind of organization the Truth Department is Do you know the strength of our organization Arent you afraid of us getting revenge on you if you dare kill me”

The pigmans tone turned menacing as if he was warning Lu Yu.

Lu Yu chuckled.

“Ive already killed that guy called Chen Long.

Killing another pig shouldnt matter, right”

“You better think more carefully.

Im a top researcher in the Truth Department, and half of the truth serum in the Truth Department was developed by me.

Without me, Chen Long wouldnt have any chance of evolving!”

Lu Yu patted his shoulder.

“Keep bragging.

If you developed half of all truth serums, would Chen Long treat you as badly as he did”

The pigman gulped and didnt know what to say.

Lu Yu seemed determined to kill him.

“Brother, please spare me.

How about this When I join your club in the future, Ill make any amount of truth serum for you and help you on your evolutionary path.

How about that”

The pigmans attitude took a huge turn as he revealed a flattering smile.

He bowed his head and looked up at Lu Yu.

Lu Yu felt a wave of disgust rise in his heart.

If this pigman wanted to join the Featherwing Club to make truth serums, wouldnt that be the same as committing a massacre in the Featherwing Club

Lu Yu would never be able to accept that he would be kidnapping demi-humans and doing inhumane acts to them!

“What rubbish truth serum Could you stop trying to disgust me anymore by offering to join my club and polluting my club Dream on!”

“You will die today!”

The next moment, Lu Yus right claw turned into his Explosive Dragon Claw, and he swung his claw to slash at the pigmans neck.

With a squelching sound, fresh blood spurted out, and he fell to the ground.

The pigman held on to his neck.

His neck was sliced, and he couldnt speak anymore.

With a “Pfft” sound, he fell to the ground and gradually lost his life.

Lu Yu looked at the members of the Featherwing Club beside him and ordered, “Dispose of this guys body!”


He looked at Yun Zirou and said, “Release all the demi-humans in the cage.”

Yun Zirou nodded and quickly walked into the warehouse.

After entering, she frowned, covered her nose, and walked toward the cages.

When the demi-humans in the cage saw Yun Zirou walking over, their fearful aura instantly disappeared.

Their trembling bodies gradually calmed down.

Yun Zirou tried to show a gentle smile to comfort these demi-humans.

“Dont be afraid, dont worry.

Im here to rescue you.”

She said it softly and then opened the iron door of the cage.

After opening the first cage, a cat-eared girl walked out.

She was only 1.5 meters tall and wore a tattered white dress.

After getting out of the cage, she looked at Yun Zirou and cried.

“Thank your, sister.”

“If you want to thank somebody, thank the big brother standing at the door.

He saved you guys while Im just his friend and companion.”

Hearing this, the cat-eared girl hurriedly walked to the door.

When she saw Lu Yu for the first time, she was so scared that she took two steps back.

At that moment, Lu Yus entire body was covered in blood.

His entire right arm was also mixed with the blood of the pigman.

Lu Yus expression was hardened after the brutal battle.

“Thank you, thank you for saving us.”

The cat-eared girl still mustered up her courage and walked toward Lu Yu.

Lu Yu lowered his head to look at the girl.

Seeing that her small body was covered with wounds, he took out a bottle of life potion.

“Drink this to heal your wounds.”

The girl took the bottle and smiled at Lu Yu.

“Thank you…”

She opened the bottle cap and drank it in one gulp.

Soon, the wounds on her body began to heal quickly.

“Are you a student at Clanorth University” Lu Yu asked.

She nodded, “Yes, Im a sophomore at Clanorth University.”

“By the way, I want to join your club.

Can I” The girl looked at Lu Yu with anticipation.

“I heard about the wing club long ago, and I didnt expect it to develop so much under your leadership!”

She looked at Lu Yu excitedly.

Lu Yu thought for a moment and realized The Featherwing Club was indeed a little short-handed.

Taking down five strongholds in a row required a lot of people to keep up.

So, Lu Yu nodded and agreed to the girls request.

“No problem.

Talk to her to register.”

Lu Yu pointed at Su Qing, standing next to him.

When Su Qing heard this, she quickly walked to the girls side.

“Let me know your information, and I will arrange the procedures for you to join the club.”

“Okay, my name is Jiang Lian, and I havent joined a club for the time being.

My admission results are…”

The two girls began to complete the registration procedure.

Yun Zirou soon released all the demi-humans.

After the remaining four got out of their cages, two hurriedly ran away due to the shock they experienced.

Lu Yu walked out of the warehouse and headed towards the villa.

The five clubs would soon launch a counterattack, and he had to devise a plan as soon as possible!

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