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Chapter 270 Earth-Shattering Dragon Fist, Destruction Of Everything

Lu Yu and Chen Long exchanged blows, and both sides were forced to retreat.

This allowed Chen Long to retreat to Violent Bears side.

At that moment, Violent Bear suddenly sprung up, shocking Lu Yu and Yun Zirou.

It had suffered severe injuries, lost consciousness, and was in a pool of blood.

They all thought that Violent Bear was done for.

However, it propped itself up and bit Chen Longs thigh!

“Isnt this thing dead Why is it moving again Damn it!”

Chen Long cursed while raising his hand to end Violent Bear once and for all.

Yun Zirou, standing in the distance, knew that Violent Bear had not recovered and was just burning its last bit of life.

When she squatted beside Violent Bear to heal it, she was sure that Violent Bear was doomed.

The last bit of life left in it wasnt enough to survive any longer.

It wasnt just the strong willpower that made this happen, but also the sudden surge of adrenaline.

Violent Bear held its last breath, got up, and bit Chen Longs thigh.

This time, the bite force was stronger than anything it had ever done!

As it bit down on Chen Longs knee, it let out a whimper, reminding Lu Yu that this was an opportunity!

At that moment, Lu Yus heart tightened when he saw his bear suddenly stand up.

He didnt expect that Violent Bear would still choose to fight for him even at the last moment of his life.

He mustnt waste this opportunity.

Otherwise, this would be the greatest insult to his Violent Bear!

He raised his right fist, and the muscles in his right arm expanded several times their size!

A terrifying power gathered on Lu Yus arm.

Rays of golden light gathered, with each beam of light adding to the terrifying and destructive power in his arm.

At that moment, Chen Long clawed down and tore half of Violent Bears face apart.

Fresh blood and fur splattered out, but it didnt affect Violent Bears bite strength.

Violent Bear had given up everything to create an opportunity for its master, Lu Yu, to kill the enemy and obtain victory.

Seeing that his one claw didnt have much effect, Chen Long hurriedly attacked again and clawed at Violent Bears neck.

This claw pierced through Violent Bears carotid artery, and fresh blood flowed.

However, he was still unable to free himself from Violent Bear.

“Damn it! Im going to tear you into pieces!” Chen Long roared angrily.

Suddenly, his body stiffened, and he slowly raised his head to look at Lu Yu.

He felt an unprecedented, terrifying source of power.

This wave of power washed a terrifying aura of death over him.

“Death” appeared in his mind!

He could feel that he would be dead if he took this punch head-on!

“No!! I cant die! I want to evolve! I want to abandon this broken body!”

Chen Long shouted, his voice filled with grief.

He had spent his entire life preparing for this moment and didnt want to die…

He dragged his legs and tried to escape from Lu Yu.

However, he couldnt free his leg from Violent Bear, as Violent Bears weight made it difficult for him even to move an inch.

“I dont want to die.

I want to live.

I want to evolve…”

He dragged himself as he retreated, mumbling to himself.

At that moment, his heart was filled with despair and fear.

Many regrets made him fear death.

He hurriedly backed off, but it was useless.

At that moment, Lu Yu was already charged and could swing his Dragon Fist anytime.

Finally, he looked at the badly mutilated Violent Bear.

He hesitated for a moment…

“Thank you, although we met briefly…”

The next moment, Lu Yu swung his right fist out!


This punch poured out energy that destroyed everything in front of him!

The whole place surged with a violent wind, blowing from the direction of Lu Yus punch.

The terrifying energy overturned a large area of land in front of him.

Chen Long looked at the incoming punch and shouted in horror, “I dont want to die!!! Lu Yu, spare me!”

“I cannot die here, I need to become a true dragon!!”


Amidst Chen Longs screams, the overwhelming energy released by Lu Yus Dragon Fist swept over and instantly destroyed Chen Longs body.

Finally, Chen Long exploded and turned into a cloud of blood mist.


The ground trembled after Lu Yu threw out this punch.

Countless cracks formed in the ground as if it had just experienced an earthquake.

The rumbling sound gradually disappeared, and the crazy energy fluctuations gradually dissipated.

Dust fell from the sky, and the surroundings were covered in a thick fog.

The entire place was silent for a moment, like the calm after a storm.

The members of the Featherwing Club and the Battle Pets Club were all dumbfounded.

This was the first time they had seen such a spectacular scene.

The energy released by a single punch was equivalent to a small earthquake.

Any enemy would probably be reduced to dust under this frightening punch.

With a thud, Lu Yu knelt on the ground and panted heavily.

His entire right arm lost its feeling as it drooped by his side.

The release of this punch caused Lu Yus body to weaken further.

His entire body was sore, and he did not even have the strength to stand up.

He looked at the blood mist in front of him, mixed with the Violent Bears flesh and blood.

His heart was filled with mixed emotions.

This single punch had utterly destroyed the warehouses backyard.

Yun Zirou quickly went to Lu Yus side and squatted beside him.

“We won.

Chen Long is dead.”

Lu Yu nodded slightly, “Thats right, we won.

This stronghold is ours now, and the imprisoned demi-humans are freed.

The number of missing demi-humans in the university will also decrease.”

Yun Zirou quickly stood up, “Ill go and rescue the demi-humans now.”

She quickly walked into the warehouse.

Lu Yu stood up with difficulty and began to walk forward.

After taking two steps, he saw the bones mixed in the soil on the ground.

The thickness of these bones indicated that it wasnt Chen Longs but Violent Bears.

After searching for a while, he found a skull and placed it into his spatial pocket watch.

Lu Yu buried the rest of the bones on the spot, burying his Violent Bear here…

At that moment, the members of the Featherwing Club rushed over and surrounded Lu Yu.

“President, you are really almighty! You killed that guy with one punch!”

“Boss is just fearsome with his earth-shattering punch!”

“Our boss is awesome.

This stronghold will be ours from now on!”

“That punch just now was reality-bending.

I dont think I can pull off something like that even if I cultivate for my entire life!”

Lu Yu swept his gaze over everyone and realized they were only injured, and no one had died.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

“Now, we can take over this stronghold.”

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