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Chapter 269 End Of The Road, Counterattack

Lu Yu, who had undergone a round of recovery, could not return to his peak condition.

On the other hand, Chen Long recovered to his peak condition after drinking the truth serum, lively and vigorous!

After being heavily struck by Chen Longs tail, Lu Yu backed up, and both of his hands quivered.

Lu Yu had to be careful.

All his other skills couldnt kill Chen Long in one blow, and his Dragon Fist was his last chance.

But if his Dragon Fist missed, Lu Yu would be dead for sure, and he wouldnt have even the chance to escape.

The members of the Featherwing Club fighting behind him, the demi-humans imprisoned in the warehouse, and avenging his dead Violent Bear all depended on Lu Yu.

If Lu Yu loses, they lose.

If Lu Yu wins, they win…

“Youre quite strong, you bastard.

This is the first time Ive met such a troublesome opponent!”

Chen Long walked toward Lu Yu and revealed a cold smile.

“Despite the scum you are, you do have the strength and talent, but its a pity that you have come here and become my stepping stone!”

“But its a good thing.

When you die, I will become a true dragon, and there will be one less competitor in this world.”

Chen Long raised his right claw.

“Let me stab your heart and end your pitiful, short life.”

He suddenly stretched out his right claw and reached toward Lu Yus chest.

That sharp claw could pierce through Lu Yus chest and go through Lu Yus body!

Lu Yu quickly released his skill, Golden Wall!

A golden shield appeared and enveloped Lu Yu.

“Its useless.

Its just a layer of shield, and you want that to stop me Ridiculous!”

His right claw slashed over, and the sharp tips instantly pierced into the golden barrier, creating several cracks.

“It seems this shield is thick enough to block one of my attacks!”

Chen Long retracted his right claw, and his left claw stabbed out.

The tip of his claws once again slices through the Golden Wall.

This attack caused the cracks on the golden shield to expand more!

The densely packed cracks looked as if the Golden Wall would shatter at any moment.

Lu Yu hurriedly swiped his claw, striking back at Chen Long.

Chen Long dodged to the side, easily dodging Lu Yus attack.

“Your speed is slow, and it seems you are already at your limit.

But I have just started mine!” Chen Long smiled proudly.

Then, he swung his claws again.

With two cracking sounds, the golden barrier that enveloped Lu Yu exploded!

The shield was broken, and Lu Yu was once again exposed to danger.

Chen Long continuously bombarded Lu Yu with his claws.

“Come, let me see what other trump cards you have.

Show me!”

Lu Yu deflected Chen Longs attack, and he was waiting for an opportunity to unleash the full force of his Dragon Fist.

Chen Long continued to attack, while Lu Yu took two steps back to dodge Chen Longs claws.

In terms of speed, Lu Yu was clearly unable to match up to Chen Long.

While dodging, it was very easy for Lu Yu to get injured.

Yun Zirou, standing at the side, was trying to release her Eye of Illusion again.

She knew that Lu Yu still had an ultimate skill that he could use, and she also knew why Lu Yu hadnt used it yet.

From the instant Chen Long sprinted, she knew his speed was extraordinary.

Therefore, landing an attack like the Dragon Fist that needed to gather strength was difficult.

However, no matter how hard she tried, Chen Long would not make eye contact.

In that instant, Chen Long had seen through Yun Zirous crowd control skill and knew she relied on her eyes to activate it.

Chen Longs rich battle experience meant he would not be at a disadvantage twice.

Suddenly, Chen Long struck out with his claws, with one of his claws aimed at Lu Yus chest while the other was aimed at Lu Yus neck.

This sudden attack was meant to end Lu Yus life and not give him another chance!

Lu Yu did not dodge Chen Longs aggressive attacks anymore, as these attacks were getting increasingly dangerous.

If he kept dodging, he would only end up dead.

Moreover, the continuous exchange allowed Chen Long to understand Lu Yus movements and rhythm of dodging.

If Lu Yu continued this way, he would be caught off guard sooner or later.

Lu Yu switched to his Explosive Dragon Claws and planned to face Chen Long head-on.

His pair of Explosive Dragon Claws rose in extremely high-temperature flames!

Lu Yu stretched out his two claws and clashed them against Chen Longs two claws!

The claws of both parties collided and crossed!

After their claws were crossed, Lu Yu clenched his fists tightly, wanting to use his sharp claws to pierce through Chen Longs palms.

Clearly, Chen Long had the same thought, and he also began to clench his fists tightly.

However, Chen Long was far inferior to Lu Yu in terms of their claws sharpness.

As soon as Lu Yu grasped his fists, the tip of his claws pierced into the back of Chen Longs hand and his flesh!

Chen Long clenched his teeth tightly as he felt the piercing and burning pain from Lu Yus claws.

He also gripped his fists tightly, and the tip of his claws pierced the back of Lu Yus hand.

However, the sharpness of his claws was too weak and could only pierce through a layer of scales.

“See This is the difference between a real dragons claw and a fake dragons claw!”

Chen Long shouted angrily, “Bull**! Theres only one pair of real dragons claws in this world, and thats mine!”

“After I kill you, Ill drink the truth serum and evolve into a real dragon.

At that time, Ill be the only true dragon!”

He clenched his teeth and fingers, trying to pierce Lu Yus arms with the tip of his claw.

In the end, Chen Longs hand kept bleeding, while Lu Yus was fine.

Chen Long suddenly raised his leg and kicked Lu Yus chest!

His fierce kick forced Lu Yu to retreat.

At the same time, Lu Yu let go of his claws and pushed him away.

Chen Long retreated and stood on his feet while panting.

He finally understood that his claws were nothing compared to Lu Yus!

It was like a battle between a whole product and a defective product.

However, in other aspects, Lu Yu was no match for Chen Long.

For example, Chen Longs legs, muscles, strength, and speed were in the same class as his arms.

As for Lu Yus legs, they were still human legs and had not completed their evolution.

Therefore, Lu Yu was definitely weaker overall than Chen Long.

Of course, there was also that thick tail, which had caught Lu Yu off guard many times.

The pros and cons were obvious.

Thus, Chen Long began to use his advantages well and no longer planned to use his claws to fight head-on with Lu Yu.

He sprinted again and wanted to continue attacking Lu Yu!

After clarifying his advantages and disadvantages, he became more confident, and his speed increased!

However, just as he took his first step, he suddenly felt a pain in his thigh.

He suddenly looked down and discovered that Violent Bear had bitten his knee, and its canine teeth were embedded into his bones.

At the same time, Violent Bears claws grabbed his thigh and calf tightly, not letting go.

Chen Long was furious.

Wasnt this thing already dead

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