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Chapter 268 Fatal Pursuit, Life Hanging By A Thread

Lu Yu, lying on the ground, was gradually losing consciousness.

Fortunately, Yun Zirou came to his side in time and cast a healing spell, and only then did Lu Yu slowly regain consciousness.

At this moment, there was only one thought in Lu Yus mind.

He had to release the Dragon Fist to end Cheng Long!

In the previous battle, Lu Yu had assumed his combo would be able to kill him.

But in the end, Lu Yu underestimated him.

He didnt expect Cheng Longs physical body to be this strong, withstand the high voltage electric current, the continuous attacks, and even have the strength to fight back.

Moreover, at the last moment, he found the location of the hidden truth serums and recovered to full health after drinking one of them.

Lu Yu coughed twice, and blood seeped from the corner of his mouth.

He sat up with great difficulty.

He saw Yu Zirou squatting by his side with her palms facing him and emitting green light.

“Im healing you.

A single healing spell can restore 200 health points, while healing major wounds and fractures simultaneously.”

She frowned and nervously stated.

“Is that guy that strong This is the first time Ive seen you in such a disadvantageous position.”

Lu Yu let out a long sigh and said helplessly, “That guy is very strong.

Moreover, he knows the terrain here better than I do.

I had already defeated him once, but at the last moment, he got hold of a truth serum.”

“Oh, so this person is a member of the Truth Department The members of this organization are always pathologically obsessed with something, and they are all a terrifying group of people.”

Yun Zirou exclaimed in surprise.

Lu Yu nodded.

“Thats right.

They set up a slaughterhouse here and killed countless demi-humans.

I have to stop him from continuing this act!”

As he said that, Lu Yu supported his body and tried to get up, but the pain made him suck in cold air.

He turned his head and saw Violent Bear lying motionless in a pool of blood.

“Even if its not for those demi-humans, Ill kill that bastard to avenge my little bear!”

Yun Zirou sighed softly.

“Ive already tried treating it, but theres nothing I can do.

It seems like its already exhausted…”

Lu Yu turned his head and looked in Chen Longs direction.

To his surprise, Chen Long had already started charging toward the two of them at a fast speed!

“Quickly dodge, that guy is coming!”

Lu Yu hurriedly shouted!

Yun Zirou turned her head and looked over.

When she saw Chen Long rushing over, she suddenly stood up and glared at him!

While sprinting not far ahead, Chen Long saw Yun Zirou didnt dodge and instead glared at him.

This immediately piqued his interest.

“Interesting, she actually dared to face me head-on and not run.

Then you two will die together!”

He raised his right claw and prepared to attack.

Lu Yu looked at Yun Zi Rous back and was anxious.

But the next moment, he recalled Yun Zi Rous crowd control skills.

Yun Zirous eyes widened, and her pupils turned into brilliant colors that surged attractively.

Chen Long stared at Yun Zirou, ready to rush over and swipe his claws.

However, when he met Yun Zirous brilliant gaze, he suddenly froze.

The next moment, his sprinting stopped as if time had stopped.

He was frozen in place!

Seeing this, Yun Zirou closed her eyes and took a long breath.


Ive controlled him, but I dont know how long I can control him for.

Hurry up and get ready.”

Lu Yu hurriedly stood up.

He had just over 300 health after Yun Zirous healing spell.

He opened a bottle of advanced life potion and recovered another 150 health points.

Soon, Lu Yus health returned to its peak, at around 500 in total.

However, the wounds on his body were still there.

His defense had been broken, and he had no way of recovering that for the time being.

It would be too late even if he used more life potions.

He could only try his best to avoid getting attacked by this fellow.

Lu Yu raised his fist and charged at Chen Long.

As long as he used the Dragon Fist, he would definitely be able to smash this fellow into pieces!

Before Lu Yu could even take two steps forward, he suddenly saw Chen Longs body twitching twice.

Lu Yu was shocked.

Was he going to break through Yu Zirous control so quickly

In the next moment, Chen Long started to move again.

After blinking a few times, he recovered and continued to charge toward Lu Yu.

“A mere control skill, thats all it is!”

Chen Long shouted, “You will be dead today! Everyone in your Featherwing Club must die!”

He quickly rushed over and was about to reach Lu Yu with his claws.

Yun Zirou, standing in the distance, got nervous when she saw this.

She was calculating how many seconds she had managed to control Chen Long.

It seemed like less than five seconds had passed!

The difference was too great compared to the previous battle with the Amethyst Toxic Dragon.

Most importantly, Chen Long was the one who broke through control this time.

It wasnt because he was hit, and the skill was interrupted.

Yun Zirou couldnt help but sigh as she knew Chen Longs spiritual energy was powerful…

At that moment, Lu Yu and Chen Long exchanged more blows.

Both were attacking each other with their claws, and their momentum was quick!

Chen Long gave Lu Yu the feeling that he had returned to the state when they first met.

Whether it was strength, speed, or other aspects, it was almost the same as at the beginning of the battle.

As for Lu Yu, although he had recovered his stamina and mana, in reality, the exhaustion of his physical strength, muscle soreness, and fatigue were all affecting Lu Yus battle.

In this state, Lu Yu could only defend himself against Chen Longs attacks and was forced to retreat.

He wanted to release his Dragon Fist, but Chen Long was astonishingly fast.

If he rashly released his Dragon Fist, Chen Long would dodge it!

If he could get Chen Long under control again, that would be great…

Unfortunately, Yun Zirous crowd control skills could not do it.

After all, her crowd control required both parties to look at each other.

After Chen Long had been under her control once, getting it to work a second time was difficult.

Lu Yu kept retreating, almost reaching Yun Zirou.

At the same time, new wounds appeared on his arm, and fresh blood kept oozing.

Yun Zirou watched as Lu Yu was continuously pushed back, and her heart began worrying.

The battle between the Featherwing Club and the Battle Pets Club had already peaked, with chaotic fights between dozens of people.

However, with a glance, it could be seen that the Featherwing Club was at a disadvantage.

If Lu Yu couldnt win his fight, the Featherwing Club would also lose.

Chen Long suddenly turned around and whipped over with his thick tail.

Lu Yu raised his arms in front of his body to block this attack.

Being pounded by Chen Longs tail, Lu Yu was forced to take several steps back before stopping.

At the same time, the armor on his Diamond Dragon Claw had been completely shattered, revealing the regular dragon scales below.

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